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  1. No matter what. I have 50 degrees with windy rain at the moment. In 24 hours the forecast is 14 degrees with a wind chill of (0) zero. to me that is a good NC winter.. carry on
  2. around .25" ice here in NW Guilford. Power still on for now. Trees breaking in the distance. Hate that sound!
  3. 31 now. Dew point still 29. In Freezing rain. Car tops and trash cans glazed. No bueno
  4. 32° Over 29° with “rain”. Let’s see where we go...
  5. Yeah. Sleet tried to mix in for a few minutes but back to all snow. CC radar shows sleet line shifted back south of I-40 for now. And that “10 miles north” rule is still in effect hahaa
  6. Just north of the sleet band here. Huge flakes just ripping. Between 13-14” here now
  7. just under 13" and snow continues... 27.6 degrees
  8. Snowing as hard as ever now. Unreal! 12.5” and counting
  9. made it to a foot! 12” and still coming down!
  10. 11.5” and still snowing moderate to heavy 26.8 degrees
  11. A little over 10” now. Snowing heavily. 26 degrees
  12. Just under 7.5” here. 26 degrees in mod/heavy snow. Windy
  13. Pouring snow...1.25" so far...31.9 degrees