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  1. NTriadwx

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    I have a question for someone/anyone. How can you have a -AO, -NAO, +PNA and a -EPO and have the MJO in a warm phase?
  2. I believe that's 35 mph sustained winds.
  3. NTriadwx

    The Big One - Observation

    First flakes in Greensboro, NC started around 12:30.
  4. NTriadwx

    SE snow threat 1-15/16?

    Wow, it's completely clear here in GSO.
  5. NTriadwx

    Winter 2013-14 Pattern Discussion II

    I have a question about the -NAO. How many times have we had a -NAO during some of the major, widespread winter events in the SE? The Jan. 88' storm comes to mind, along with some of the other major events. Thanks