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  1. I believe that's 35 mph sustained winds.
  2. NTriadwx

    The Big One - Observation

    First flakes in Greensboro, NC started around 12:30.
  3. NTriadwx

    SE snow threat 1-15/16?

    Wow, it's completely clear here in GSO.
  4. NTriadwx

    Winter 2013-14 Pattern Discussion II

    I have a question about the -NAO. How many times have we had a -NAO during some of the major, widespread winter events in the SE? The Jan. 88' storm comes to mind, along with some of the other major events. Thanks
  5. NTriadwx

    February Pattern and Storm Discussion

    Yeah, you really shouldn't talk about something that you obviously have no idea about. There's a lot more involved with geography then you apparently realize.
  6. NTriadwx

    February Pattern and Storm Discussion

    I think it was more like 3-4". Mostly rain with a changeover late afternoon with backside moisture. Also, it all melted the next day.
  7. I can definitely relate there. I gave it two tries to get my degree, but it just wasn't meant to be. Having math as your worst subject in school doesn't bode well when trying to get a degree in meteorology. Not all was lost though. I was able to get a minor in meteorology and make A's and B's in every meteorology course I was allowed to take. It's a shame really, because I know I would have made a great meteorolgist, but I know you have to have the math background. Anyway, I 've loved the weather ever since I can remember. Growing up in Charlotte I can remember staying up all night if they were calling for snow. I remember the big snows we use to get back in the late 70's to late 80's. Especially the Jan. 88' snow with temps falling into the teens during the day with 14" on the ground. Waking up early to falling trees during Hurricane Hugo in Sept. 89'. Riding out the western eye wall of Hurricane Ivan in 04' when I lived in Mobile. Great/terrifying memories for sure.
  8. NTriadwx

    Southern snow pictures

    I know it was a long time ago, but does anyone have any pics from the Jan 88' storm?
  9. NTriadwx

    Jan 25th Winter Weather Discussion Thread

    Light sleet falling in Greensboro.