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February 2021 General Discussion


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4 hours ago, Jim Martin said:


I really wish I could live through something like that.  Watching this helps me understand why my dad said it poured rain and stormed in NW Ohio prior to the snow.  I can see the warm tongue do the reach around in this corner of the state the night before.  He seems to remember 2 inches of ice under the snow.  

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22 minutes ago, Cary67 said:

The winter window/favorable pattern Jan.25th-Feb21st has closed

yes. unfortunately, the path to real consistent spring weather is never easy and it will be a grind. I'd be good with 50's and 60's by mid march and nary another snowflake or below freezing day. Pipe dream, of course. 

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ORD up to 40 for the first time since Jan 14th. Models are over saturated in the boundary layer, which means 50 could be in reach tomorrow with the anticipated sun and wind/mixing. Deep snow cover may cap it in the upper 40s. 

Going to be a solid melt day today.

Mild temps/high DP’s/breezy/good amount of sun combo should do work.

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Apparently the bar for what constitutes high dews is low these days.    Will anybody in the metro area even have dews above 35?
Today is pretty much ideal steady but not too rapid melt conditions because of the temps and sun plus dew points only in the lower 30s. Then tonight we'll see that slow down and pick back up tomorrow. This is how you'd draw up the initial melt off from a deep snowpack.

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2 hours ago, madwx said:

up to 41 already at 10 am.  The point forecast high was just bumped from 40 to 44 here.

It's not like the upper 60's and lows 70's of 2-22-2017 and as much as any snow junkie hates those first annual Feb spring teases it was  just an amazing early 8AM with the light wind and blue bird sky. And after yesterday being total trash with the high winds,  todays warmest temps of 2021  were much appreciated by the 4 legged members of the family.   The dogs were full of smiles finally being able to plow around in the snow without freezing their dinks and paws off.   Big big vitamin D haul this afternoon and the dogs will appreciate another romping in the shrinking deep snow to see what new smells are revealed. 












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