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  1. I'm not a dog in this fight. Good night
  2. I love your passion, snow freak. I hope you get your answer someday and I do believe you're on to something being off/different/bogus
  3. Looks to be a another nothing burger here. Will this thread make page 8 before July Last yr only made to a 11 so meh - for another meh season to date.
  4. give me 112 in vegas anytime. over 85/72 110+ we walked the streets as usual and never really felt uncomfortable. I'd be camped out in the AC if it was 85/72
  5. down to 60.. can we get in to the 50's Hopefully done bottoming out at 58 degrees - get this rain out for a beautiful evening of Weber Kettle Grill action.
  6. them 50's just north of me look tasty! 4 more months and that will be the norm past 4 days have really showcased the unsettledness around with beautiful skies. Started this AM at the beach with sun, quickly fall arrived - 10/10 day
  7. Happy Fathers Day 420
  8. escaped this week of weak heat easy.. one of these yrs maybe we'll do a heatwave right again lakeside. Last 3 days really provided a lot of relief a long the lake. cold 60's yesterday - to perfect 75 today.
  9. clouds - 67/62 - good beach day for the dogs.
  10. 70's might feel chilly tomorrow
  11. Sipping tea under the palm tree's.. I'll survive, will you?
  12. nice - we might be able to swim on independence day
  13. 89 yesterday to hoodies and WC factor today
  14. Long stretch of rain and clouds broke to this incredible Blue Bird Day and temps in the lower 60's. Hard to stay indoors today.
  15. AMOUT