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  1. Unvisitable yet millions live in the cities. Ok
  2. Yeah there are enough crimes committed in suburban and rural areas to have DL, 20/20, Snapped, American Greed and ID channel marathons on a continuous loop for 3 decades.
  3. Look where we are as a country. Crippled. Is that in thanks to these, Greedy, Racist middle class LIB DITS you speak of?
  4. You fell for that Liberal scare tactic that the poor and POC were coming to live out with them?
  5. Yes. he. does. Hot takes with, Phin. Most here are virtue signaling, Greedy Middle to upper class Liberals that don’t even want to let people from the lower classes live near them. .
  6. Coming to this thread to counter his nonsense rants is way down the list of why I come to enjoy the SNE threads over the yrs.
  7. nah a chance. You can't get rid of him that easy anyways.
  8. Hypocritical of me to ask.. But how does anybody still give Phin the time of day on any platform. Gross
  9. Not on a basketball court.
  10. nothing more satisfying than watching dumb crypto kids get their shit pushed in. right?
  11. 2020 repeat.. saving life's
  12. We all know that it wasn't cooked up on the back burner of Granny's cookstove