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  1. For some reason I feel pretty good about our chances in the sub for wintry threats as we head towards Christmas. Our Dec track record of late isn't stellar though.
  2. A week ago the back yard pond was covered in 3" of ice. Now the weeklies say santa claus comes in on water ski's.
  3. This is is Bananas. Spreading the wealth snowfall events since Oct, 2019. Stack it up November Tall Y'all. Nice to see what we're capable of pulling off this early, even for us challenged near, Lake Michigan.
  4. Congrats Madison! Possibly pushing a foot of snow before the first week of Nov. is over.
  5. Thought for sure you'd get me this round up by you:(
  6. Just what us weenies need is Oct snow threats now! Welcome to Winter, Weenies - Lets Go!
  7. Nice half hr drink of water last night and all morning today. This month is hauling ass by. Wont be long and we'll being seeing pics of snow from, Bo and Will.
  8. Stuck in the 50's with a decent bite to the NE wind.
  9. Went from sweating the raisins off at 1:30pm to 50's and hoodie and shorts wx with fog rolling in off the pond.
  10. Just had about 15 seconds of hail drop out of nowhere. Few of them larger than pea.
  11. Good ole Wisconsin winter finally put to bed. 5 more months and we'll be searching the models for that first frost and signs of what Ole Man Winter has in store.
  12. Was bummed being out of town but happy to come home to power and a couple three inches only. Was looking forward to catching up in this thread and seeing incredible shots from down south but it looks like Chicago couldn't overcome climo. Dodged a bullet up here as conditions were primed to deliver something even more epic than 2 weeks ago's 7"
  13. Couple snow events and light shows already this early spring. Glad we live here
  14. Last 2 days have been 10's . Lake doing its job here keeping the rain at bay. Chilly up north on the great Lake Superior while we wing ding out on the grilll and 70's.
  15. Nice to see the 4.9" in the climate summary books. The 3.6" total report I criticized just seemed like another inaccurate guesstimate and the same ole raise an eyebrow to the quality and accuracy being put in to the records over the years at the airport.