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  1. This nice cool month will ensure we get a nice cooler by the lake start to summer Hell its almost June even the garbage days are decent. Nobody nailed this month and if you say you did - lol. Ups and downs will continue as long as we keep the low train going and its been going here since last fall and for once have a little surplus of moisture
  2. Just went and looked back on 2002. Dam that sure was a Ugly week up-north... 4 days in a row of highs in the 40's in Milwaukee starting the 17th like you mentioned. 44, 46, 48 and 44 on May 20th Then we torched - lots of 90's in June. What did you have in May of 92? I graduated that May. I remember it being cool. 44 on the 24th and 46 the day after. This is def one of the top if not the ****tiest wx day alive on this date - or any time in may after the first week for that matter And I'm pretty old.
  3. I can't imagine it getting much worse than today at this time of yr. Maybe May of 2002 in my memory. Brutal fishing in Mid-may. High of 44 today at midnight. WC below 35.
  4. Tomorrows below normal temps and rain will feel luxurious
  5. Yeah they will really be looking to latch on until it warms back up. What's it look like next weekend? To bad they can't move the Cub/Crew series to miller park today and tomorrow. 42 at noon. I liked it better when I was the rare warmest a few days back.
  6. impressive total.. Mosquito's in the MW are going to be thick as a GHD Sleet storm this summer What a difference a yr makes. Last summer - Zero Mosquito's and only cut the grass a handful of times after late spring. Cutting the grass every 3 days now. We drought last yr.
  7. 41 degrees. Suck that Mosquito's Tick number 3 found on me already this spring.
  8. We swim in July. Train wreck extended outside sun/mon
  9. spring is the only season I like above avg temps especially living next to a cold LM in spring. Hopefully we can save some cooler days for summer. Less than 5 months and we'll be tracking the 1st winter storms up north
  10. up to 80 at the airport at 11am Very rare for MKE to be one of the warmest spots in the MW in spring. this setup is about the only way
  11. 85/60 with a kickin' SW wind keeping Lake MI. behaved - Not a easy feat to do all day.
  12. I pray we have time to get notice out to the public.. Slow severe times I guess lends itself to questioning the pro's. No different in winter when we disagree with winter watches and such. The severe core is pretty tight and knowledgeable here so I get the questioning.
  13. Nice to be talking abut a feels like temp that's above the actual temp for a couple days. Been all talking chilly windchills this spring. Guess that comes back friday. 75/65 inland at the mke airport. I'll embrace the lake breeze soon Frankie says take relief under the Downtown Bank Clock.
  14. Wet spring, soaking rain today, heat the next two days. I can't wait for the next blood suckers to come out. Already been bit bad by one tick and found another one early. Bring on winter.
  15. Ended up being a nice little wannabe severe storm. That's how MKE does severe. These setups from that far out west normally don't deliver by the time they hit the lake shore. Add in the time of day we're looking at, blah. I will say this held together a little better than I thought. Now to go to sleep to the dripping of the rain through the trees and the low rumbles of the departing "storms"