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  1. let his wife enjoy the road trip in peace. Finally starting to clear out the junk more - up to 85 on the mke runway
  2. 92/59 ORD I'll take that DP. Jet engines scouring out the swamp ass. What a hot box ORD is. We made 80 at MKE Hot Box. MKE likes to shine on the tail end of heatwaves Going forward in to weekend we should Rocket up to close to 90 in the AM and then pray for lake breeze.
  3. drizzle at best
  4. Good luck on the call, Hoosier. Will be fun seeing how high the new ORD record will climb. I can't remember what 95 and humid feels like. or a snow storm for that matter.
  5. TY Lake MI. Mid 70's - Blue Sky - Heavy Breeze with a nice touch of Lake aroma in the air. Shame the days are so much shorter.
  6. Thanks. That must be pushing +20 - impressive. To go on to one of the best winters in history. Sweet stretch of wx we've been in outside the local meh winters of late. That's fixing to change though.
  7. Wonder how high ORD reached back in Oct, 2007 - 5-7th That was a great stretch of sept in to oct wx. Heck - we've had a great run of early falls for awhile now and this fall fits the bill for another. Let this fall behave like Nina's tend to and then let's let the parade of cutters begin.
  8. 71/67 Can't shank the mank. you think its going to clear up and it rolls back in. Leaves frequently falling and littering the lawn every day now. Could be a long raking/mulching season. Good for the VitD
  9. Lake put a hurt on Port Washington today.. Good thing you don't live there.
  10. Relentless easterly wind of summer will continue and meh down the heat once again here. Really can't shake it. East facing windows FTW
  11. Can always adjust up that far out. and like you said there is questions on cloud debris. This is about as good as it gets wx for a mid-month sept weekend. Loving it. Got the dogs to the beach before the wind switchesoff the lake some. Maybe we can repeat this next weekend.
  12. Ouch, Our condolences.
  13. Oh I agree cold springs are the pits. If he lives close to the lake like I do it's always the pits. Get away from the lake and springs are normally pretty spectacular in the midwest if you keep expectations in check.
  14. fair enough. this is silly anyways thanks to nitwit RS. we all know whats capable yet this early in fall and the conditions are ripe to pop off some nice departures. We haven't been able to run a decent stretch of heat up here so I'll believe more of a pattern change instead of YO-YO temps when its really for real. have a safe trip back and thanks for sharing the pictures.
  15. I say we drive down for this weekends game.. Tickets 500 plus?