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  1. UMB WX

    Spring 2019 Discussion

    Sounds like another miserable April IMBY.
  2. UMB WX

    March 2019 Discussion

    Record breaking stuff next week? Normal is 36/22 today. Sunday 8/-10 Monday 6/-7 Tuesday 10/?
  3. UMB WX

    March 2019 Discussion

    Yeah last week I figured we were almost a lock to get another 15"+ this season. Not so sure now sense this week isn't going to pan out as I'd hoped and the week after doesn't hold a good hand ATM.
  4. Agree. I'm always jacked once through, Wausau. Rhinelander and NE, WI have been on a nice run of winters. They are in a nice location it seems to cash in on cutters even ones that hit us good can tickle them.
  5. Back to Wausau. I do like how they can sneak fall and spring events in. But come March and April the staying power of snow even up there sucks and snowmobile trails would more than likely be closed anyways. And they def hold ice on the lakes much longer than us down here but again that's not even a top 15 spot in the state to drill holes in the ice for me. That's area a is drive through county for me. Never get old rolling through there and seeing Rib Mt always snow covered towards Thanksgiving.
  6. Impressive. I would have bet the farm you would have been down to patches at best in full shaded area and MSF piles at the end of that 1st week in Feb. Def a shut the shades period here. Our snow was pure fluff. I'm assuming your pack was loaded with some goodies to help preserve it.
  7. It's horrible. Can't get through that area fast enough to the north woods. Ice Fishing is meh up there. Surely wouldn't drive there to ice fish when most lakes north of Illinois are normally locked in by the New yr anyways. Only thing I dig about that area is the river and Rib Mountain.
  8. Wausau is terrible for a snow weenie. Might as well live in MKE, or SE, MI for even more torture of nukes.
  9. UMB WX

    2018 - 2019 Outdoor sports forum

    Incredibly numbing read. WTF, dudes. Welcome home alive.
  10. UMB WX

    March 2019 Discussion

    Sucks to lose a nice stretch to cold and dry especially as we wind down winter to where it becomes more thread the needle climo time. Models have head faked cold and dry only to have, Ricky tell us to be patient and the look will change. Though this one feels like it has legs. March Sun is better than Jan sun. Enjoy.
  11. Sure hope we have a more relaxed pattern as we enter April. Can't take more months on months of snow and rain and Lake, MI. influences with warm fronts setting up shop at the border.
  12. UMB WX

    February 2019 Discussion

    Few twigs down here and neighbors garbage cans tipped over by the curb. Glad we escaped the wrath.
  13. UMB WX

    February 2019 Discussion

    Mt. MSF help up. I'm shocked how well we kept some ice pack - figured for sure we'd have open spots in the cover. Last evening the fog was legit thick.
  14. UMB WX

    February 23-25th Winter Storm

    Was that it for the winds? Pretty meh. All that snow Up Der is just bananas. Lots of homeowners insurance claims to commence soon.
  15. UMB WX

    February 2019 Discussion

    Two yrs ago we had a record high of 71 on this date.