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  1. Great afd from the LOT.. What a top shelf crew they have and my go to way before our vanilla office. Our city/state will remain 30 yrs behind the times.
  2. Figured it was a good sign down south when it was mixing here earlier than i expected. GL down there
  3. Seems mostly fine grain snow here. but who knows its dark and not worth stepping outside with the dogs to find out. Wife said the snow is sticking on the roads some downtown
  4. Would be impressive from high up in the TIH&T
  5. Text book white rain out there with a few wet spitballs mixed in.
  6. I've prepped for this exact situation. I'm old and have seen how this can kind of event more than likely plays out. Nice steady rain cleaning up the driveway nicely
  7. of course most know how to interpret the snow maps and take them with a grain of salt in each event situation. The euro paints the picture of 2-5" and the likely areas with the better chance of hitting the higher end.
  8. why would the euro be to high unless you're the 1% along the lake
  9. Mocked for even looking at P&C. MetFan stuff there
  10. he's learning. If its dancing lessons you need he's your man.
  11. it could go either way but I'm favoring you overcome the odds and it pounds long enough to get you at least 2" and possibly several