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  1. Mimosas morning. We're looking forward to your Daiquiris delusions posting this afternoon.
  2. On the flip side there appears to be a population of all aged student personalities excelling with virtual learning. I have to believe I would have benefited from online learning for many reasons when I was in school during the 80's/early 90's. The social part of school can be very damaging. It just goes to show that education needs to expand its instructional methods so that all students can benefit from the learning style that best suits them.
  3. You try to meet a republican base half way and you get no where but chaos. Just keep bowing down to them numbskulls huh. Not. when will this nightmare end though? What a Greedy bunch we live amongst.. History won't be kind on our yrs to date.
  4. He thinks he's one of the 1%. FFS does it take some folks 10+ yrs to figure him out. This is where we are. Scary.
  5. Greed catches up. Here we are. Lets open it all up like nothing happened. We're so Trash pointing fingers.. One half feeds off this to eat their face.
  6. expected statement from a team who moved the franchise from Atlanta to Cobb County. An embarrassment, Hank Aaron played for them at all.
  7. The Lab wanted nothing to do with walking through the snowpack's softened consistency this early afternoon compared to this AM's powder below. He says bring on Chicago's Storms 60's and 70's next week and nuke this sheet.
  8. It's not like the upper 60's and lows 70's of 2-22-2017 and as much as any snow junkie hates those first annual Feb spring teases it was just an amazing early 8AM with the light wind and blue bird sky. And after yesterday being total trash with the high winds, todays warmest temps of 2021 were much appreciated by the 4 legged members of the family. The dogs were full of smiles finally being able to plow around in the snow without freezing their dinks and paws off. Big big vitamin D haul this afternoon and the dogs will appreciate another romping in the shrinking deep snow to see what new smells are revealed.
  9. Snow mounds. What a sickness. Been shoveling and mounding snow strategically since a little kid to put up the fight back against warm cutters. 3 yrs ago I also finally succumbed to a snow blower for the biggies, but will go to my grave preferring to pick the up the shovel over pulling the chord on the Ariens. I never could have envisioned the turn around most of us would experience after the nearly snowless fall season through after Christmas. Continuous snow pack from just before the New Yr. to through possibly all of Feb seems almost unprecedented in our southern great lakes climate. This winter has to rank among the best ever for me as I'm all about as many continuous snow pack days as one can pull off over the the chase of a big dog. Sad to see winter break and I'm already counting down the days and looking forward to when we all gather again to kick off a new winter season. The sad and inevitable end to the winter appeal commenced quickly after the neat little snow event last night. Could have let the Feb sun do its work in no time on the snow but that would be a sin. So we top off the banks, kill the gas in snow blower and send off deep winter how a snow weenie is supposed to. Do we close the curtains, is this the end of the winter highway for 20/21? I like to think we timed this winter break right, leaving just enough time to legit have a few more chances at reading exciting winter AFD'S out of the LOT office. If not.. so be it and maybe the severe wx weenies can finally transition to an early start to severe tracking.
  10. Detroit Dusters stigma at the offices. crappy winter climo is crappy winter climo for winter storm warnings in far Se , Mi. Is what is is.. Hard to polish.. Lets be real. There is like one single track that crushes se , mi for over 8"<(slight sarcasm but not far off) and its almost as rare as a Columbus Ohio snow dump.. Ohio valley up in to se mi gets left over turds 90% of the time with a little Lake Mi dust and clipper snow diamonds thrown in. Its a battle for every inch of snow we get in the MW/Lower lakes/No snow ohio valley (and good luck building up any sustained snow pack) outside of living up with tree's and nothing in the UP of MI.
  11. Dab? zzz? when you're hot your hot?
  12. How did you settle for a, Traeger? The Pellet Pooper market is so far beyond, Traeger.. O well I'm sure it will suit you fine and add some warmth when it starts on fire.. Kidding.. not kidding.
  13. Best climo.. sorry.. detroit dusters and ohio
  14. forecasted high in Madison has been for around 17-19 for days. Lol at overperforming for hitting the projected high at 3pm. Spring fever hallucinations is real on the forums every Feb.