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  1. WI, Best Climo Yr 2022 winner? WI, Still A deplorable state. Sad
  2. Horrendous state but, best Climo hands down in the MW
  3. Still like to fib about WX Observations 20 yrs later? Is 86 your warmest for 2022?
  4. He has no set. Just another sorry sack of dinosaur thoughts.
  5. snowflakes yr around for you. pathetic man .. move on
  6. Its spring wx. y'all act like you live in Alaska.. Hilarious how insecure you folks get in spring every yr. Carry on
  7. With Russia's economy going 100% belly up by the time the markets open in the morning, these putin soldiers might start defecting to the other team for that paycheck. Tomorrow in front of Poot's crib
  8. ruble will likely be worth less than toilet paper and Phins hot takes
  9. Putin better hope his cyberwar is stronger than his tricking kids into enlisting and his forces folding like a cheap paper towel in a matter of days.
  10. Hopefully this news makes it to
  11. I'd say this is some Wine, Beer, Whiskey shit from, novice. But God hates ugly. We have plenty of ugly mofo's in congress and senate who have run the slaves in to the ground over the last century. Good Luck this winter
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