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  1. one rain shower and enough wind to bend the tomato plants slightly. victory so far.
  2. ghd 1 takes top spot in my storm experiences. I'm due for a biggie.
  3. Don't reckon ever witnessing some of the winds being outputed for SE, WI. 2020 baby.
  4. If ever there was a time to put up a cheddar curtain wall now is the time. We have enough of our own incompetence in this state to deal with. This blows. Stay safe my friends.
  5. Nice, thanks.. The way the wind was howling I bet they even did a little better than that with qpf. I don't trust in windy events the accuracy of their QPF numbers. I didn't want to go too weenie on my 0.25" estimate but I'd bet my last brisket in the freezer that it rained all of a 0.25" the first 3 hrs IMBY.. Good luck estimating what QPF has fallen as snow now for 3 hrs. I haven't looked at the radar at all so who knows maybe my back yard was in a better spot or vice versa than MKE. Shrugs Another hr straight of mood snow. Its been feeling like it wants to shut off but its still putting out.
  6. Nope not even close to any sticking. The snow intensity has been mostly plenty worthy of accumulation though if it wasn't noon on May, 10th. Have to think this could have been a WWA type event with some good blowing snow. QPF hasn't been lacking. Thinking if I had a rain gauge we'd be over 0.25" Going on 6 hrs now of precip. It was gorgeous out before the rain hit this AM.
  7. Up to over 2 hrs straight of snow and still flying. Wild
  8. Finally injected the air needed to rid us of miserable rain and flip to snow.
  9. Sadly no snow accumulation here just 3 hrs of 30+ mph gust and 30's rain here so far.
  10. when did the Indiana 14-day-decrease happen to qualify for Stage 1? stage 6: repeat.
  11. Detroit has been thru so much, freaking adorable,
  12. precip hasn't been a problem of late in winter. Its the timing thats been all ****ed up for yrs to get what we all come here for, snow We share winter through, MSF scrap winter storms now. Where do we go from here? That magnet and crap winter climo is sure to run out. Helter Skelter winters? I'd love to MAGA believe our climo isn't changing beneath our eyes. Hah. Them 1970's winters made me in to the snow weenie I am. Them days have sailed.
  13. ****ing croakers in the background all night. Whoever thinks rain in april over snow is better needs a brain exam living in my climo. Climo rules in the end. Freeze your balls off, croakers.
  14. Days like today are even hard to come buy in off winter months. Go figure we finally get one now. I'm stoked for the upcoming wx though. Climo is climo and we bbq tons this friday through sunday now.
  15. I've been thinking your same thoughts all day. Haven't seen a storm like this since the good ole days since a decade ago or more. wack shit we living. Glad we living still, homies. Still ripping rain against the house.. This has been a tame storm punch, but in the end there would have been 20-30" amounts of snow.