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  1. We're doomed if you think this press rally was pretty good. ffs the bar is set lower than, barr's corrupt fat ass. Y'all live in some wild sheep grazing forest even up north. I'm ded even without the covid. . Crazy where we're at in time. History books won't be kind. Even, Metfan could decipher this disaster in the making long range.
  2. sad if you're just getting to thinking. wtf has happened in 3 yrs
  3. Wow. Kick ass, cyclone. Anybody that's stuck at home better eat a pile of shit complaining about restrictions. So many hero's fighting this battle for us on the front line. Real thoughts and Prayers.
  4. Those are the stories that enrage me. Take note, I'm bored, assholes
  5. Why would anybody have to stay inside all the time. Nobody believes in that. Just stay far away from human contact as possible. Too bad the economy was more important to this adim early on and STILL is. Good luck trying to find a mask btw.
  6. ^He gets it Wake up America. FFS
  7. this is what we're dealing with folks.. holy ****
  8. easy for me to say as I've followed this from as close to the start as anybody in the real world. and prepped weeks ahead to not having to ever leave the house . we're ****ed as a nation. You have to do you and your loved ones...period....
  9. It only takes one mistake bro.. work on them groceries and never leaving the house if you can.
  10. meh, climo. took me many yrs to figure it out also. Toss out Lake Michigan and spring climo would be a walk in the park. We get porked along the lake every yr.
  11. you're smart enough to figure it out my man.. I'm outraged.
  12. Because we have a Republican legislature that refuses to work with, Evers. WI. where being a republican asshole politician gives you the right to endanger people’s lives.
  13. Did I hear right that the scarf is better than a mask because it's thicker? 18k machines are a lot for 50 f'in states?
  14. my dogs answers my questions more directly than these idiots. supplies are still not going to states - they're going to private companies/highest bidders who are then selling it to hospitals and states on a bidding basis. Everything is seen through a lense of his reelection or profit.