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  1. Thankfully WI. lucked its way to 25k miles of trails to choose from so even on lean yrs there's man snow to be found in some corner of the state.
  2. 5 hrs gets me to Land O' Lakes . I'm a trail rider so the UP does nothing for me. No sense leaving 25k miles of trails behind. Now if i want off trail riding and to geek out on snow mounds the UP would be for me. For trail riding I can't beat WI.
  3. Couldn't pay me to trailer 7+ hrs to trail ride in the UP on a weekend in a low snow yr in the MW.
  4. I expected rainsucks to be posting sizzling images like that
  5. Somebody light the torch. I was promised mega warm anomaLIES and golfing wx for days this month With teens for a low I was prepared for a day of it raining down (barely any have come down -shrugs?) leaves.. Not a full day of LES on November 10th.
  6. I'd make sure I had a yardstick if I lived in CMH
  7. One cold night and the fake effect snow is sticking to the roads like its mid-winter.
  8. I don't know how to grade this fall any better so far. It would be a 10 if the foliage show wasn't a pretty much total failure in the MW. You must have a twin sibling in Ill that post here.
  9. rainsucks and my golf clubs would violently like an explanation also. Great time to break a drought also. Nov. can be a rough in between month.
  10. First real snow of the season at 4:20
  11. clouds got us. who knows when the next freeze chance will be.
  12. keep it cold where it actually matters some in early Nov. Love that look
  13. I was surprised to not read about some big totals up there by, Bo in the UP. Are they getting warmed tongued or something New AFD is ramping up totals
  14. I'll pass on that look in winter. Flush it in fall
  15. did you move out of Illinois?