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  1. at least 5 slobs passed me not wearing a mask in Restaurant Depot this AM while i shopped. This state rivals the trash down south now and is barely hanging on.
  2. The holidays can be depressing enough for some people and then we have Covid with a barrel to the head of another 100k+ lives lost over the holidays
  3. I guess the white powder is not a vaccine.
  4. This country tortures the poor, the blacks, the elderly, and the disabled. They don't care how people on unemployment will get groceries or pay rent.
  5. This is a nation of C- students at damn near all levels
  6. where were these grandma's supposed to go if not back in the nursing homes? The ship and the center were supposed to be for non-COVID patients so they weren't bombarding the hospitals
  7. Some of these hospitals are begging for volunteer nurses because they don’t have the money to hire extra staff.
  8. Yeah its a bad thing field hospitals went unused? people all around from different states were saying how informative and comforted they were by Gov Cuomos daily briefings.. More than anybody can say about Bozo the Clown and his shit show briefings
  9. This all happened in NYC. people thought they were exaggerating the conditions and numbers, as they continued to live their lives worry free. It was just a matter of time since March that rural areas would get hit hard if they didn't take this seriously..These are the same people protesting because they have to wear a mask and vote against hospitals and health care.
  10. Tragic all around..paying inmates $2 an hour to do this? El Paso posts grim 'help wanted' ad for $27.20-per-hour temporary morgue workers who can lift up to 400lbs to help move bodies of COVID-19 victims The El Paso County Medical Examiner's Office posted a help wanted ad asking for temporary morgue workers Workers would be paid $27.20 per hour and must be able to lift between 100 and 400 pounds with assistance 'Not only is this assignment physically taxing, but it may be emotionally taxing as well,' the ad warned El Paso County has been relying on low-level offender inmates, who are being paid $2 an hour, to help move bodies The Medical Examiner's Office says there are 247 bodies at the morgue and inside nine refrigerated trailers being used as 'mobile morgues.'
  11. did we think the Virus was going to magically disappear by choosing not to follow science, established protocol and social distancing.
  12. Add in Kristi Noem is an anti masker lunatic.. t&p for the natives.
  13. Hope Sturgis was fun for all.