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  1. I'd say this is some Wine, Beer, Whiskey shit from, novice. But God hates ugly. We have plenty of ugly mofo's in congress and senate who have run the slaves in to the ground over the last century. Good Luck this winter
  2. Good times. he snow gunned mountains to unboxing the palms in spring. Always got a kick out of his slant sticked snow totals to the NWS.
  3. Don't you dare. We need you. snow>severe
  4. Caledonia is where you come to tornado tweak
  5. i can't read this thread. y'all trigger my severe wx anxiety.
  6. Sucks man.. still time to make it up to Caledonia.. i have no bbq or booze though.
  7. All of your business will be conducted via chip embedded in the Jab and vaccine card.
  8. lol trixie told no lies.. cry babies
  9. keep believing that's the problem
  10. Americans don't value empathy anymore
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