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  1. his wife already got to him
  2. most would probably bet he's vaccinated
  3. money, wage slavery, and ignorance rule this world.
  4. hopefully not and he's mainlining some wine this evening.
  5. Simone* is amazing and clearly needed a break last minute. She doesn't owe anyone shit
  6. Her professional resume speaks for itself. she good.
  7. we good. thanks for your concern
  8. pretty convinced a part of ending the mandate was used to collect data to see how effective the vaccine was. we good.
  9. Let idiots die. After almost two years of this bullshit, they deserve it if they haven't wised up.
  10. Antivax was always a terrible long term strategy. if they want to die let them die. i'm not seeing the problem tbh
  11. It’s too late to put the genie back in the bottle now. Hilarious watching them try though when its their voting base shrinking. maybe the lunatics can be led to believe that Trump has taken and created an entirely different vaccine for them to take.
  12. They are really running scared now
  13. nobody wants mask back and I hope we never reach that point. But humans remain too stupid for their own good.
  14. Fair assumption but wrong. Time will tell buddy.
  15. mask anxiousness is so lol and weak.. All gut feeling that I hate having will be anxiousness for women who catch this variant/s for more fertility issues. brain fog/memory loss is real. Energy drainage.. attack of respiratory and nervous systems. There are reasons unknown why the hoax folks are now pushing getting the vaccine asap. This feels Karmic. we all know what happened during the final waves of the Spanish Flu
  16. gotta be tough for a control freak like you.
  17. can a variant merge with another variant? Gut says we'll see the delta variant doing that at some point and will create a more powerful variant. shrugs
  18. nope. America wants people to be stressed, poor, unhappy and overweight - it's profitable
  19. If they had this energy back when things were crazy they could have been effective. Who's listening to them now say that these shots need to get in everybody’s arms as rapidly as possible.
  20. Pfizer's bribe money finally hitting their account is all? I mean Covid is just a hoax, and then it will vanish in the summer, and then it's no worse than the common cold, and then just drink bleach, etc.
  21. What’s making Mitch McConnell and all these Republicans about face now then?
  22. Republicans rly must be dropping like flies down south to be changing their tune so quick.
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