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  1. you earn respect.. some of you have shown your true asses and deserve every bit of pushback you get
  2. gnats are flying around in a tizzy this AM.
  3. respect my authority/opinion doesn't work on me.
  4. yes I respect her abilities to make you boys cry
  5. were vaccines rolling out the last time cases were 100k and 3k deaths?
  6. rich coming from natedizzy
  7. do you read your children vaxx patrol bedtime stories
  8. terrible thought to utilize a mask during a pandemic though.
  9. first time ever hearing that. tks
  10. do you still wear your rubber gloves to pump gas. im not disappointed.. looking forward to all the hilarious push back content coming to the internets soon.
  11. Early on in pandemic Lowe's near me pulled their blue nitrile gloves off the shelf to donate to the hospitals. Good to see them still looking out for the Hospitals to this date.
  12. reasonable. to anybody without a thick skull.
  13. do you still put rubber gloves on when you pump gas?
  14. I mean here is a super spreader idiot
  15. snowflakes in here melting faster than Dec. 24th 2020 Tolland snow pack.
  16. reading comprehension fails many.
  17. sounds like a good enough reason to leave to me. freeedumbs
  18. plenty of employers out there that will cater to their freedumb cries. hahahaa. yeah right.
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