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  1. always the victim. I haven't heard a single person blaming the unvaccinated for where we are at. Y'all are so fragile for big bad freedom fighters.
  2. they dont care.. never will care. they just like to run their privileged freedom asses while diverting the blame on whoever they can get it to stick to.
  3. you and tippy should Co-Author a book.
  4. cults and wage/health insurance slavery is alive and well. Amerika. what a mess. down to maybeee a handful of states even worth a dam.
  5. im sure biden told them to stop tracking. it will be cute when the dirt comes out on the cdc decisions.
  6. deal with it.. cosgrove My brain runs fine on common sense. A skill thats critically lacking in Amerika
  7. whats really causing these restrictions phin
  8. country of chaos and embarrassment. brought to us by whom?
  9. A ****ing free cream puff if you get jabbed at the WI. State fair opening today.
  10. congrats on post 666 in thread.
  11. That's why the GQP started saying vaccine is good!
  12. not sure why people are surprised that businesses are requiring jabs, masks and/or weekly testing. they don’t want to shut down and they don’t want the liability. Though Its entertaining watching phin fling his BS all around
  13. I don't know.. Call them. How can we help you? (262)835-9510
  14. We make our own sausage. For our large cuts of meat we use a local Meat Service/farm Harry Hansens. 9 racks of ribs on now along with 10lbs of chicken for a small dinner cater. Overnight cook for a celebration of life tomorrow. 110lbs pork shoulder and 80lbs of chicken.
  15. we good. you we not so sure.
  16. most would bet Phin was vaxed months ago.
  17. you can just come out the closet that you got stuck in the arm instead of acting like a deranged maniac.
  18. his wife already got to him
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