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  1. Eastern Ohio/West Virginia April 4,1987 but earlier in the year and about 8-10° colder. Crazy to see about 2 feet of snow in early April with temps near 38° the entire time. Started and never stopped for at least 24 hours with little snow sticking until the sun went down then it accumulated quickly. Never witnessed anything like that since then no matter the time of year.
  2. It would be interesting to see this same view later on when the storm gets to your area. Very calm looking right now.
  3. Had a short period of dime sized hail yesterday around 6:00 with huge raindrops. Interesting surprise since the big thunderstorms went north and south of here.
  4. Following up Hoosier with the GRR region
  5. Had 56MPH gust a my house. Missed out on most of the lightning other mentioned though.
  6. That would make any of us want to become Italian. Nice pictures.
  7. They have white pavement in California. While the road is cooler, they say people and cars nearby bake from all the extra heat being radiated back instead of absorbed.
  8. Same here. Picked up 1.75" of rain to go with that.
  9. Maybe the 1 in 1000 year event isn't what they thought it was?
  10. Anyone else notice that after it rained in GRR frostfern has completely disappeared?
  11. Just saw frost warnings in Alaska. Not entirely out of the question this time of the year up there, but made me think about fall coming also.
  12. Last night will probably drive frostfern over the edge. I had 1.4" of rain in 3 separate showers that moved through. GRR reported a trace of rain. Guessing wherever frostfern lives they got whiffed also.
  13. The stats don't tell the whole picture. There were a couple occasions where GRR itself was right in line for a band of thunderstorms while areas very nearby had little or no rain. Also it doesn't indicate the timing of the rains either. There have been long periods with little or no precip followed by decent rains and then another long break. May barely finished above normal and June was very dry. July will be going below normal most likely starting Sunday. I think it really goes back to the spotty nature of rain in West Michigan recently. I went 30 minutes north of my house yesterday and the grass was green while still fairly crispy brown in my back yard. This is what @frostfern is complaining about on a regular basis.
  14. We managed 0.67" this week so that should keep the D0 at bay for another week. Knocking on our doorstep though and it wouldn't take much more dryness to push us over the edge. Lots of IN and OH should go down a level or completely out of any dry conditions after this week's rain.
  15. Would be nice if we could share the wealth a little. Many areas in the have and man areas in the have not categories right now.
  16. 0.53" this morning at GRR. So much for less than 1" of rain in June.
  17. Bottomed out at 48 this morning at GRR. Nice cool morning before the next round of heat. This has certainly been a summer of ups and downs and not one steady dominant temperature regime. Can't say the same for rain so far though. Things are getting quite dry around here. The corn in the fields is looking absolutely awful for this time of the year.
  18. The lake helps in the winter and hurts in the summer. Not something most people would think about until the live it for a few years. The lake shadow is real.
  19. 95 officially at GRR and 94 at my house. If was very windy yesterday and as frostfern already pointed out, it was much less humid yesterday than last week when it was hot out.
  20. 0.32" here. I think it was a general fairly light rain over most of the area. I didn't see or hear of any high totals from Wednesday night's rain in this part of the state.
  21. 93/85/123 IMBY - sounds like I want to stay at work in the AC instead of going outside.
  22. Ranges from about ankle high to just coming out of the ground around here.
  23. Very patch around this area yesterday. I didn't record any rain but watched and heard a thunderstorm about 5 miles west of me.
  24. Central Ohio and Indiana getting soundly beat by Kentucky is quote the anomaly for sure. Overall lots of hits and misses in your guesses, but kudos for taking a shot at it in the first place.
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