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  1. A - We don't live in China. What sort of nanny state do you want? B - You cound make the opposite argument just as easy for staying at home.
  2. I'm closer to the lake than you so I am all too familiar with that shadow. Got 0.03" last night and that is it.
  3. 55MPH wind gust here so not too bad. Came down in buckets. My Vantage Pro 2 said 9.00"/hr at one point.
  4. 93° air temp and 74° DP here. It is definitely a hot and muggy day.
  5. Interesting how the stretch of AN snow seems to stop at the Indiana state line and Lake Michigan.
  6. Can't come soon enough. I am covering close to 1000 sq ft every night it gets this cold. Survived a hard freeze last week and fortunately only got down to 36 last night so it was a waste of time. Better safe than sorry though. As you said, tonight should be the last night.
  7. Checking out of this thread. If you aren't for status quo and bow before the government, you aren't really welcome here other than the be told you are an idiot or your point doesn't matter. Every once in a while I see a glimmer of hope that maybe there can be more than one side of the debate only to see that dashed over the next 47 posts. Have a great day and I will see you when there is some weather to talk about.
  8. Too many posts to quote over the last couple pages, but why is it the federal government's responsibility to make sure each state is looked after? What about each state's governor taking some heat for not being prepared instead of all 50 pointing to Washington? We have a central federal government, but each state is also managed by there own governmental system. Seems to me like this is the pot calling the kettle black blaming the President and Washington DC for failing when they could have seen to it that their own state was prepared instead of looking elsewhere for help. Much easier to blame someone else.
  9. Which is why I referred to the OP in my post. @RobertSul either missed that or disregarded it.
  10. There was a problem with yesterday's numbers so that is too low. It is * on the michigan.gov website. They had a problem with their computer program collecting and aggregating the data.
  11. isolated? Per NHTSA drunk driving accounts for over 10,000 deaths a year. That isn't isolated. Not COVID19 levels, but tell those families drinking alcohol is ok and that death doesn't matter. Same reasoning as the OP.
  12. I am not minimizing your point but as others have already said why not ban alcohol because of the drunk driving deaths? Why not drive 55 because it will save lives? Why not stop construction because of accidents on site that lead to death? Why not ban nearly all fatty/sugary/salty/cholesterol laden food? Why not ...? You can say this about every death that has some cause that is preventable by altering our actions? But would you want to live in that society? This is the current hot topic but we don't say this about every other thing in our society that causes a preventable death. Just offering a counter point to what you say. The deaths are horrible don't get me wrong and come back with a reply saying that.
  13. One of my favorite places in Ohio. I went down there many times in the winter when I used to live in Ohio.
  14. https://www.christianpost.com/voices/suicide-hotline-sees-8000-increase-due-to-covid-19.html https://abc7.com/suicide-hotline-calls-coronavirus-covid19-los-angeles/6117099/ https://thehill.com/changing-america/well-being/mental-health/494170-how-does-the-coronavirus-pandemic-affect-suicide https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/coronavirus-pandemic-creates-suicide-risk-this-could-last-years/ar-BB13kSOE There are varying numbers in these articles but all showing a large increase.