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  1. Yes it is. 2-4 foot waves trigger lakeshore flood advisories around here.
  2. Wish my house was just a little closer to St. Joseph than it is.
  3. I liked it better earlier in the week when the winds were more NW to WNW. Oh well, someone is going to get a lot of snow out of this. It is still early November.
  4. Same here. There were brief periods where snow mixed in, but in the end I still have green grass and a soggy yard.
  5. I have seen articles about houses that used to be 180' from the lake now have less than 10' of yard before Lake Michigan consumes their property. Crazy how much erosion has occurred in places over the last few years.
  6. When I lived there, he was a decent on air weatherman. Of course no one could top Ganahl for being a winter weather weenie, but Davis wasn't bad. Never would have guessed this.
  7. While it was probably fascinating to see, I am glad I missed out on this. https://www.accuweat...chigan/70009085
  8. I can vouch for that. It was nasty on Saturday with no power! We went out and went from store to stay in air conditioning. Sleeping was a little uncomfortable Sat. night. We were fortunate to only go 34 hours without power. I have friends that they are saying Wednesday before they get theirs back.
  9. It has been in GRR https://www.mlive.com/weather/2019/06/almost-a-year-of-gloom-just-depressed-michigan-2-months-incredibly-cloudy.html
  10. 1.27" in the last 24 hours here. After a nice weekend back to wet. Hopefully farmers were able to make up a lot of ground over the weekend.
  11. GRR was hinting at this in their overnight AFD. GFS isn't backing down either from the 0Z, 6Z, and 12Z it is showing the possibility. Getting a little late to be expecting this, but certainly not unprecedented.