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  1. Similar weather up here. More or less normal to below normal has been the theme. LES especially has been missing the last couple of winters.
  2. Keep the lakes a little warmer until that first cold snap and maybe the LES can fire up and be a little more reliable this winter.
  3. Potholes, what potholes. Didn't our governor say she was going to fix the #@!$ roads. Sorry for the political interjection, but I couldn't pass that one up. In all seriousness, glad you enjoyed your visit to Michigan @buckeye. You actually had a pretty good summary there. Went to Mackinaw Island this summer and like you agree it is a nice place to visit with some really cool blue water, especially if you leave the main tourist area at the docks.
  4. Same miss north and south here also but we didn't get the view to go with it. Nice view of Lake Michigan and the city there.
  5. Lightning took it out according to NWS. The quote "A sign of how intense these storms are right now" might be a little misleading at least regarding that storm at this time.
  6. I'll pass on that. Saw the effects of something like that when I lived in Oklahoma and I don't need that again.
  7. Watches and special weather statements going up with warnings along the lakeshore all across West Michigan.
  8. Made it through this week with 0 rain. Watched it go north and south and west and east of me all week, but never got in on the party. Really looking pretty brown outside right now. Time to reintroduce the array of colors on the weekly drought monitor map for my back yard.
  9. I'll pass on this from the GRR afternoon AFD. Another rebound in temps up near 90 occurs for Monday through Wednesday of next week. That warm air may very well last through the end of next week depending on the northern expanse of the subtropical high.
  10. Copying this from the 2021 ENSO thread - https://www.weatherbell.com/prelim-2021-22-winter-outlook
  11. Had about 45 minutes of almost non-stop lightning last night. No power so I don't know how much wind/rain, but it came down hard for a while.
  12. Fair amount of wind last night. Numerous 60+ MPH reports in the GRR area. Consumers Energy is reporting around 188,000 without power of which I am one of those customers.
  13. Based on the 925/850 mb temps we should see highs in the mid 80s Saturday and upper 80s for Sunday into Tuesday. There could even be a few values reaching 90. There are some indications that it will be even warmer for the middle part of next week. Similar to many of the above comments, GRR is thinking hot temps next week
  14. -0.5° with 4.44" of rain at GRR. Lots of ups and downs throughout the month but no 90 degree days. I feel like Spartman with 3 89° days.
  15. Had a couple very brief lake effect sprinkles yesterday.
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