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  1. Still rain here. Thinking little if any snow since the changeover is so slow.
  2. You guys can have the severe/tornadic stuff if you want. While they are impressive to see, keep them away from here!
  3. 32.7 and rain this afternoon. Awful weather.
  4. How much have you had so far this year? I am a little SE of you and have had over 50" so far but it has all melted off. Grass is showing except where there were piles.
  5. 1.46" and counting just 25 minutes WSW of GRR.
  6. There are a few of us in the area. Welcome to the board.
  7. The Jamestown tornado (third one from the bottom) missed my house by 1.3 miles.
  8. That was a hot day! Crazy temperatures all around.
  9. Maybe not as fancy, but if you have the datalogger there are free programs like weewx for Linux.
  10. Right there with you. I can watch the snow to the SW from the hill I live on and nothing but a few flakes at my house.
  11. I'll second that
  12. Almost 10" here. You should do better than me today with the SW flow. GRR going with 2-5" today.
  13. Looking good for both of us.
  14. You are way ahead of me. I don't even have 5" so far this year. You normally do better than me, especially with SW flow, but so far this year everything has been a miss to the north or south.