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  1. GRR is at least a little optimistic. “ A potential east coast bomb next weekend should not affect Michigan directly but there are hints that a more amplified pattern could follow which would bring more eventful weather to the Great Lakes in week two.”
  2. Nothing but rain here with a very light dusting yesterday morning.
  3. Living in Columbus then I am right there with you on that one. Imagine what could have been....
  4. Weird how the MJO completely stops progressing and dives into the COD. No gradual diminishing of the forward motion just a complete stop and almost a retrogression as it does fade to nothing.
  5. 18z NAM says put a fork in it locally. Better luck to those N and W of here.
  6. Disgusting how the ECMWF just dries things out on this side of the lake. GRR is thinking a slow duration 1-3" type of snow over here.
  7. Lake Michigan has finally woken up after a very long slumber. May not get a lot but nice to see some fluffy LES falling from the sky!
  8. Straight rain here now. Waiting for the cold air to come back in and lake effect to start.
  9. You forgot earlier on that same page "delayed but not denied" and then if that fails pivot to your answer.
  10. SREF slowly ticking up here. BIV is over 8" and GRR is approaching 8". I am sure there is a little LES in there but I'll take it.
  11. Is there any model you haven't said is trash?
  12. Sleet from this morning is gone and now we are getting a nice glaze of freezing rain on everything. My anemometer froze up about an hour ago even with a 20+ MPH wind blowing.
  13. Down to 34 and getting some sleet mixed in here after 1.38" of rain overnight.
  14. At least you have ponds. I have a big lake (but the winds are from the east).
  15. Ah yes, traveler's advisories meant 1-3" in SE Ohio and winter storm warnings were 2-4". Anything above that turned into a larger winter storm or heavy snow warning.