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  1. If you look worldwide at the number of those who are now clear after having had the virus or died the death rate is 20%. Not sure how reliable that is but that is a very high number.
  2. Michigan with a crazy high 1953 new cases and 62 deaths in the last 24 hours.
  3. 10791 cases and 417 deaths in MI today. Up 1457 and 80 respectively. Not really slowing down any here. Although it is slightly less than yesterday in terms of new cases.
  4. 1719 new cases in Michigan today. Definitely not hitting our peak yet.
  5. Italy seems to have peaked. Not going down fast, but the top seems to be in.
  6. Not a great setup around here (maybe an inch total of LES), but I do believe this is the first time all year that the lake effect window lasted more than 6-8 hours. Nothing heavy around here like your region is getting, but nice to see the radar lighting up with LES for once.
  7. I'd settle for 2-4" right now. Haven't even had any decent LES over this way either.
  8. Just wait tomorrow morning Buckeye will be in the bulls-eye at this rate.
  9. SREF totals cut in half at GRR in the last 6 hours. This thing better hurry up and get here or the models might start showing 0" for here.
  10. GRR just jumped in on the advisory parade with 4"-7". They are including the central part of the state south. Maybe they see something I don't.
  11. 6z GFS isn't looking awful. Marginal temps at the beginning but a nice looking storm is brewing (if you believe it).
  12. Quite the bust here. Snowed hard for 45 minutes. Then stopped for about 3 hours. Watch the radar. That donut hole over Ottawa County was my back yard. Then heavy snow for another 30 minutes or so then much lighter snow. Definitely didn’t hit the low end 2” of the advisory GRR issued.
  13. Managed almost 3" out of last night's snow on the west side of Michigan. Not bad considering GRR said less than 1".