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  1. I managed to pick up about 6.5" of snow between Sunday and Tuesday. Pretty fluffy LES that settled down to about 2" by this morning. Unlike Bo, mine won't stick around for the rest of the winter.
  2. I think Wunderground might not be correct with this long range forecast.
  3. We do tend to run a little behind. I would say this is a little late but not absurdly late.
  4. Apple trees still have green leaves in my backyard as well as the Bradford pears. Maples are brown but still hanging on o e tree. Oaks haven’t dropped yet either.
  5. Clippers are generally good given the right track. We get some lake assist on the front end with the SW wind then LES on the back side. Muskegon does better but they can be pretty good here.
  6. Time to bust out the JB quote - "Delayed but not denied"
  7. We can always count on buckeye for a good meme or two throughout the year. Here's hoping to a decent Central Ohio winter.
  8. October map was using 1981-2010 while the November map is using 1991-2020. What would these look like if done using the same climatological norms? There are definitely differences, I am not arguing that, but it would sure be nice to see them with the same reference point.
  9. I heard reports of 9"+ from North Muskegon through Whitehall. Grand Haven had 7"+ also. I'd say 1.5" or maybe a little more at my house and I can finally say I have went below freezing for the first time this fall as of 8:55 this evening. Just got it in before November.
  10. This is what it looks like in Zeeland right now Edit: It got significantly heavier right after posting this.
  11. First accumulating snow of the year coming for my area. North of Muskegon to Ludington/Manistee area they are thinking 3-6" with an inch or so locally. Looks like a little SW wind enhancing the incoming system.
  12. It has been a wet month here. 5.41" and still some very light rain out there tonight. Like many, the drought of May/June is gone. Like cyclone, lots of leaves down here with the combination of rain and a fair amount of wind today.
  13. Only made it down to 37F (36.9) this morning. Still waiting on my first frost.
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