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  1. February 2018 Discussion

    And it destroyed a lot of fruit crops and reduced the maple syrup production in MI. Not a good outcome.
  2. Move north if you expect everything in winter to be snow.
  3. 2017-18 LES Season

    What has happened to Bo? Haven't seen any updates from him lately.
  4. December 8-16 Clipper Regime

    Gotta love how my county in West MI is a little donut hole in a sea of darker green.
  5. Northern Ohio Obs/Discussion Part 2

    I was supposed to get 10-14" and ended up with a trace so there were a lot of busts out there.
  6. May 2017 Discussion

    -1.1 for the month at GRR but quite dry. Given all the rain around us, only 1.5" for the month for a -2.48" deficit.
  7. April 5-7 Rain/Snow/Wind

    Still rain here. Thinking little if any snow since the changeover is so slow.
  8. Feb 24-25th Severe Weather

    You guys can have the severe/tornadic stuff if you want. While they are impressive to see, keep them away from here!
  9. January 13-17 Winter Storm

    32.7 and rain this afternoon. Awful weather.
  10. Winter 2016-2017 Medium/Long Range Discussion

    How much have you had so far this year? I am a little SE of you and have had over 50" so far but it has all melted off. Grass is showing except where there were piles.
  11. November 2016 General Discussion

    1.46" and counting just 25 minutes WSW of GRR.
  12. October 2016 General Discussion

    There are a few of us in the area. Welcome to the board.
  13. Aug. 18-22 Severe/Heavy Rain possibilities

    The Jamestown tornado (third one from the bottom) missed my house by 1.3 miles.
  14. July 1936 Heat -- day by day

    That was a hot day! Crazy temperatures all around.
  15. March 2016 General Discussion

    Maybe not as fancy, but if you have the datalogger there are free programs like weewx for Linux.