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  1. WestMichigan

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    When I lived there, he was a decent on air weatherman. Of course no one could top Ganahl for being a winter weather weenie, but Davis wasn't bad. Never would have guessed this.
  2. WestMichigan

    August 2019 General Discussion

    While it was probably fascinating to see, I am glad I missed out on this. https://www.accuweat...chigan/70009085
  3. WestMichigan

    7-19 Severe outbreak MN into upper MI

    I can vouch for that. It was nasty on Saturday with no power! We went out and went from store to stay in air conditioning. Sleeping was a little uncomfortable Sat. night. We were fortunate to only go 34 hours without power. I have friends that they are saying Wednesday before they get theirs back.
  4. WestMichigan

    Spring/Summer 2019 Complaint/Banter Thread

    It has been in GRR https://www.mlive.com/weather/2019/06/almost-a-year-of-gloom-just-depressed-michigan-2-months-incredibly-cloudy.html
  5. WestMichigan

    June 2019 General Discussion

    1.27" in the last 24 hours here. After a nice weekend back to wet. Hopefully farmers were able to make up a lot of ground over the weekend.
  6. WestMichigan

    April 2019 Discussion

    GRR was hinting at this in their overnight AFD. GFS isn't backing down either from the 0Z, 6Z, and 12Z it is showing the possibility. Getting a little late to be expecting this, but certainly not unprecedented.
  7. WestMichigan

    March 2019 Discussion

  8. WestMichigan

    Winter Storm - February 11-13, 2019

    Can't imagine what your snow depth will be after this storm.
  9. WestMichigan

    2018-2019 LES Season

    The winds have been very favorable for my area. Closing in on a foot of LES in addition to the system snow on Monday if I had to guess/ No real way to tell though with all the drifting. Nice to see most of the western part of lower Michigan getting in on the action this time.
  10. WestMichigan

    Weak-Moderate El Nino 2018-2019

    Wheeler Peak is the high point in New Mexico at 13,167 feet. I know you are generalizing, but you might want to not get too carried away in your stats.
  11. WestMichigan

    November 2018 General Discussion

    You have more snow on the ground on November 19 than the vast majority of the subforum will have at any time this winter.
  12. WestMichigan

    Winter 2018 Discussion

    Nice, 3-5" in the forecast down here.
  13. WestMichigan

    List your top 5 winter storms

    Without repeating what others have said I will add April 4, 1987 in SE Ohio to the list. We had 24" on the ground of the wettest heaviest snow I have ever seen accumulate. It was 36° the entire time it snowed. The first 4 hours or so of snow during the daylight hours melted on contact, but once evening set in it started sticking to everything. This was basically a 24 hour snowfall so the rates were fairly impressive. It melted only a couple of days later, but I will never forget that one.
  14. WestMichigan

    2018-2019 LES Season

    I am sandwiched in between the NW flow areas just to my south and SW flow areas just to my north on the east side of Lake Michigan. Average 80-85" a year here.
  15. WestMichigan

    October 2018 General Discussion

    I am jealous (sort of). Pretty cool to see snow reappearing in our subforum.