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  1. 2 inches at Toledo Airport as of a half hour ago. Could make a run at 4.
  2. This is looking a lot better than it was a couple days ago when we were in the all rain area. Should at least get some snow and it's nice to see a winter storm watch.
  3. 2 inches on the ground here west of Toledo.
  4. 5.5 inches of snow in Toledo area before the changeover.
  5. That winter is one of the big reasons I don't get upset about the lack of snow like I used to.
  6. Snowing in the Toledo area. Big flakes.
  7. I missed that. Do you know the season record? Nevermind. I found it. 101. That's more like what I expected.
  8. That low number surprises me. The record in Toledo, Ohio is 84 inches. I would have though Wausau would be higher. We are quite a bit below average this season though.
  9. A lot of branches down in northwest Ohio. It does appear that most of the ice is gone from the trees, which is a plus with the winds coming. CLE mentioned trees blowing over due to wet ground.
  10. Worst ice storm I can remember in Toledo. Lots of branches down. Scattered power outages.
  11. So where in Ohio was the coldest temperature recorded with this cold blast?
  12. 2.1 inches in Toledo last night. Looks like the heaviest went just a bit north.
  13. I thought everyone had it off. No school in northwest Ohio and banks are closed. We probably would have had delays in the area today.
  14. Looks like 10.2 inches officially at Toledo Express Airport. It's above freezing now so roads aren't too bad and snow has compacted some.