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  1. The 56th Hocking Hills Annual Winter Hike is this Sat: https://www.hockinghills.com/winter_hike.html No winter this year, just heavy rain and storms: https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-82.53822325821966&lat=39.42622228288968
  2. My grass is as green now as it was in June! I don't think I've ever said that in mid January.
  3. Hmm, 40 degrees above normal this morning IMBY, 40 below normal would have been -20F!
  4. Beckly WVA 3 to 5" late tonight and tmar, ok great
  5. Eeemmmm, I'd have those going in my smoker!
  6. '04 event 16" IMBY all snow, just 15 miles or so SE along I-71 was an ice storm disaster, my buddy who lived in Highland Co just 5 miles SW of Rocky Fork lake got all ice 1.5", took the local fire department 4 hours to cut all of the trees out of the his driveway and he was out of power for 10days!
  7. 32.0F and just dumping the..... rain.
  8. Same IMBY, heavy and wet, must have had double that fall to compact down to just under 4".
  9. About 2.5" during the past 3 hours IMBY.
  10. We're not too far from Thundervirga! Edit: Just started snowing here on the SE side of Dayton about 10mins ago, everything is white already.
  11. Ok guys, by some miracle we made it up here on time yesterday, sparing you the details, topped out about 15" here in Bedford, MA. Which means I've been through two major winter storms over the past month, none of which was in Ohio!!!! BTW just 40 miles NW of here got 27".
  12. Well a month ago I went the Longmont, CO and jumped right into the core of winter with single digits/teens temps and 8" of snow. Now tomorrow supposed to fly to Manchester, NH then drive down to Bedford, MA for meetings all week, and yea 12 to 18" is due there by this time tomorrow!
  13. Just went over to sleet here IMBY on the SE side of Dayton. Edit: all snow now and sticking on elevated stuff at 30.2 degrees (dropped 28 degrees in the past 5 hours!).
  14. Finally slowed down to a gallop from my Colorado trip, here's some pics, first one snow in Longmont morning of Tues Oct 30th we got about 4 more inches to total about 8" with temps 16-18 all day, middle is Thursday morning after the snow system cleared out was 3 degrees (didn't know the mountains were that close lol), last pic is from the east side of Boulder looking back west towards the mtns on our way back to the DEN airport.