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  1. March 20-21 Potential Snow Event

    Hmm, don't tear my head off, but would it be possible you're remembering the big snow storm that was about the 3rd week of Jan '96? The reason I bring this up is it was the Monday after the Hocking Hills Annual Winter hike and its always the 3rd Saturday in Jan. It was not a blizzard, but it gave close to 1ft totals (on top of a 6" blanket to start) for most of the I-70 & south folks. Specifically IMBY I only recorded about 6" but DAY got 10" and Lucasville got close to 40" (unofficial as our IT guy at the time said his dad came out the next morning and dropped his trucks tailgate and it hit the snow!) and the extreme SE Ohio counties got close to 2ft. EDIT: I did a quick check, and this 3rd week in Jan event I'm remembering was not Jan of '96, had to be earlier, maybe Jan '94.
  2. Let's Talk Winter!!

    Well its official, we recorded 15mins worth of heavy snow at in March! Text: KMGY 131709Z AUTO 33012KT 1/4SM +SN VV006 M01/M04 A3004 RMK AO2 P0001 T10111039 Temperature: -1.1°C ( 30°F) Dewpoint: -3.9°C ( 25°F) [RH = 81%] Pressure (altimeter): 30.04 inches Hg (1017.4 mb) Winds: from the NNW (330 degrees) at 14 MPH (12 knots; 6.2 m/s) Visibility: 0.25 sm ( 0.40 km) Ceiling: indefinite ceiling with vertical visibility of 600 feet AGL Clouds: obscured sky Weather: +SN (heavy snow) QC Flag: automated observation with no human augmentation Text: KMGY 131700Z AUTO 34013G22KT 1/4SM +SN BKN011 OVC033 M01/M04 A3004 RMK AO2 P0000 T10111039 Temperature: -1.1°C ( 30°F) Dewpoint: -3.9°C ( 25°F) [RH = 81%] Pressure (altimeter): 30.04 inches Hg (1017.4 mb) Winds: from the NNW (340 degrees) at 15 MPH (13 knots; 6.7 m/s) gusting to 25 MPH (22 knots; 11.3 m/s) Visibility: 0.25 sm ( 0.40 km) Ceiling: 1100 feet AGL Clouds: broken clouds at 1100 feet AGL, overcast cloud deck at 3300 feet AGL Weather: +SN (heavy snow) QC Flag: automated observation with no human augmentation Text: KMGY 131653Z AUTO 34016G23KT 1/4SM +SN FEW007 BKN016 OVC048 M01/M04 A3004 RMK AO2 SNB40 SLP183 P0000 T10061044 Temperature: -0.6°C ( 31°F) Dewpoint: -4.4°C ( 24°F) [RH = 75%] Pressure (altimeter): 30.04 inches Hg (1017.4 mb) [Sea level pressure: 1018.3 mb] Winds: from the NNW (340 degrees) at 18 MPH (16 knots; 8.2 m/s) gusting to 26 MPH (23 knots; 11.8 m/s) Visibility: 0.25 sm ( 0.40 km) Ceiling: 1600 feet AGL Clouds: few clouds at 700 feet AGL, broken clouds at 1600 feet AGL, overcast cloud deck at 4800 feet AGL Weather: +SN (heavy snow) QC Flag: automated observation with no human augmentation
  3. Let's Talk Winter!!

    Looks like 4 to 8" in central Kentucky now!
  4. Let's Talk Winter!!

    Heavy snow has broke out over SW Indiana and S Illinois this afternoon!
  5. Let's Talk Winter!!

    Ah the infamous shift north at the 11th hour maybe from LMK: As we continue into Saturday, the GFS/Euro/GEFS all slowly sink the frontal boundary into Tennessee. Overrunning precip will strengthen as a surface low comes up out of the Southern Plains. This will keep the best precip chances over southern KY, with a gradient in pops as you go farther north. Saturday night, the surface low will travel across the Deep South. GFS now is on board with this scenario, but it will be interesting to see if it trends back north and shows a little more phasing with a northern stream system coming in. The latter system may keep precip chances going through Sunday.
  6. Let's Talk Winter!!

    Ut oh! can you say fantasy cut off low only 5 days out?
  7. Kind of hard to get into the "Winter" Olympics in the middle of winter WHEN ITS IN THE 70s OUT! Just out from ILN: Record Maximum Temperatures for February 20... CVG...72 degrees...1891/2016 CMH...68 degrees...1891/2016 DAY...69 degrees...2016 Forecast Maximum Temperatures for February 20 2018... CVG...77 degrees CMH...75 degrees DAY...74 degrees Record High Minimum Temperatures for February 20... CVG...52 degrees...1994 CMH...49 degrees...1930 DAY...49 degrees...1930 Forecast Minimum Temperatures for February 20 2018... CVG...60 degrees CMH...59 degrees DAY...60 degrees
  8. Current Snow Pack and Depths

    Check this out, Big Mountain Ski Resort near Whitefish, MT hit 10ft of snow on the ground overnight! http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?wfo=mso&sid=BIGMS&num=48&raw=0&dbn=m
  9. Let's Talk Winter!!

    I had a dart tourney down in Cincy today, they had a half inch on by 3pm or so, then went to rain. I came home to the SE side of Dayton at 7pm and it was dumping the snow with big flakes, but at 33 degrees not much sticking.
  10. Let's Talk Winter!!

    Wow strike one up for the NAM, 4 1/2 days out and nailed it for SE Ohio overnight, wasn't any 4" totals, but plenty of 2" ones!
  11. Let's Talk Winter!!

    Welcome to southern Ohio, a fraction above freezing and rain'n like its 80 out! heavy rain at that... ILN may have to issue flood advisories
  12. Let's Talk Winter!!

    Haven't measured yet IMBY, but looks like close to 4" here on the SE side of Dayton. What's impressive is it snowed here in the 1:30 to 5:30am time frame and 1.5hrs of that 4 hour window was a sleet & FR beat down! It must have been 2" per hour rates at times to get 4" in 2.5hrs of actual snow fall, we could have hit 6". Oh well the WTOD screwed us in SE edge the I70/75/71 Bermuda Triangle again, warm layer aloft went about 40 miles north of where ILN thought it was going!
  13. Let's Talk Winter!!

    Hmm, is that isentropic lift I smell in southern Indiana/northern KY? Perhaps a chance at thundersnow along the I-71 corridor tonight!
  14. Let's Talk Winter!!

    ILN calling for 2 to 4" total IMBY, looks like Newark is the predicted winner for 3 to 5" in ILN FA!
  15. Let's Talk Winter!!

    This next system seems like there's going to be a very narrow (like a half county wide) dump of significant snow close to the I71 line rather than I70 (at least south of I70 that is), just NW of where ever the sleet/freezing rain line stops creeping north.