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  1. HighTechEE

    May 27-29 Severe Potential

    Yes it was very close to the AF museum, could have hit it, but haven't heard yet. My office had no damage, but a few hundred yards to the south complete devastation!
  2. HighTechEE

    May 27-29 Severe Potential

    My office is in the center and I have a ton of friends and coworkers within 1 mile of that circle!
  3. HighTechEE

    NWS User Defined Area Forecast

    The larger the area the longer it takes to average out the area's forecast numbers, but seems to work.
  4. Anyone know this existed? https://www.nws.noaa.gov/wtf/udaf/area/?site=iln
  5. HighTechEE

    April 17-18 Severe Weather

    That looks cool, we had a similar situation here in the Dayton area back in April of 2014 and a big blast of lightning hit a barn at a country club 1 mile east of me and burnt it down (along with all the golf carts and the members clubs stored in it!).
  6. HighTechEE

    Northern Ohio Obs/Discussion Part 2

    Thundersnow in many locations in Indiana right now!
  7. HighTechEE

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    Sweet! 17" for SE Indiana and over a foot for Dayton, LOL, lock it in under 24hrs for the NAM! https://www.pivotalweather.com/model.php?m=nam&p=snku_acc&rh=2019033006&fh=84&r=us_ov&dpdt=&mc
  8. HighTechEE

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    I just noticed that LOL, heavy snows S. Ill/IND thru KY in the Sun/Mon/Tues time frame next week.
  9. HighTechEE

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    Its a flizzard! 33 and moderate snow in the Dayton area.
  10. HighTechEE

    Northern Ohio Obs/Discussion Part 2

    For any of you who fish for Steelhead in the Rocky River I'm coming up with my B-I-Law next weekend the 22nd-24th to try it again. I didn't catch any last November, but didn't know what I was doing then, maybe better luck this time!
  11. HighTechEE

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    We didn't even get a quarter of a skiff! (and 2 to 4" modeled 3 days prior).
  12. HighTechEE

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    I'd say close to 2" here on the SE side of Dayton as well, maybe 2.5" as grass almost covered, but it was pretty wet most of the day until it got down into the upper 20s late this afternoon.
  13. HighTechEE

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    An area of extremely light snow has moved in for the kill.
  14. HighTechEE

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    In our neck of the woods an inch is 'yea' this time of year lol, waiting for Sunday's event!
  15. HighTechEE

    3/3-3/5 IL/IN/OH Snow Potential

    Hmm ILN going for highs not far from 50 in S. Ohio on Sat, so there's going to be some serious energy for system to work with for someone on Sunday!