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  1. LOT just issued a Wind Advisory for their CWA.
  2. Hopefully we can bag a bigger storm later on in the month. GFS shows this giant E trough relaxing a bit towards the latter half of the run but who knows.
  3. Well said. Looks mediocre at best for us.
  4. Tell Chris to stop cursing.

  5. Had a good burst of heavy snow before transitioning to sleet then rain. Snowbombs is the correct term, hah! Huge flakes right now coming down in snow globe fasion. Video: https://t.co/oTif15tUCB
  6. Both NAM suites get it into the 980's (3k almost in 970's, but that's to be expected from that thing 60 hours out) before exiting the US. 3k is snowfest, lol.
  7. SPC went 10 tor, 15 wind, 30 hatched hail.
  8. Was just about to count myself out, but the 18x NAM came in with a pretty volatile environment. Bleh.
  9. 03z SREF FWIW
  10. SPC not backing down.
  11. 30% hatched.
  12. Could you supply a link? I don't see anything of the sort. Edit: Scratch that, found it on CoD.
  13. There's still around 2000 j/kg on the WF in IL.
  14. I believe there is enough support for us to make a separate thread on this topic instead of using the general severe talk thread. SPC went Day 4 30% mentioning all hazards and supercells as the dominant storm mode. Euro and GFS both have a pretty beefy setup, especially along the warm front, while the NAM is doing NAM things with a slower, more laid back approach.