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  1. New D4.
  2. Day 5 for the parts of KS and the mid-Missouri valley. Good call, Andy. SPC Discussion DMX's 3:09am AFD Tidbit Latest model suites do favor S IA and N MO, IMO.
  3. Picked up a good inch so far today. More probably to come. Here's the timelapse of that supercell over the burbs last night. Incredible lightning show. I take the powerflashes were from lightning?
  4. Day 4 outlook for NE IL, N IN, and all of S and C MI.
  5. Am I one of the only ones not seeing an insane event for Thursday? If so, please do explain to me why it looks different than every other typical event so far this year.
  6. SLGT risk for Wednesday w/ mention of tors in IA/MN. Maybe get some severe/flooding action on Thursday for IA/WI/IL?
  7. Think he was talking about the IA region.
  8. https://ensemble.ucar.edu/images.php?d=2017061600&f=td2_mean&r=NGP
  9. LOT just upgraded Cook, Dupage, Kane, Will, Lake, and Porter to a High Wind Warning.
  10. Pics of damage from my friend:
  11. Stopping by to upgrade my A- to an A+. Got my first 3 tornadoes on the 28th. Amazing winter.
  12. Billy (chase partner) and I were a bit excited, lol. I'll tone it down next time, but that was my first tor and it was quite large, hah. No censor at that point.
  13. Will they be surveying the smaller tornadoes as well? We were on the Washburn tor, as well as the 2 other smaller tornadoes that dropped after that main one dissipated. House's roof was ripped off and the front walls caved in.
  14. Thank you, I appreciate it!
  15. Could you link the site, or the reupload the pictures? I believe they got corrupted or something along those lines, at least for me.