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  1. I'm ready for one last parting shot before the warmth comes. Thanks for a fun winter, January and February! November and December, you can just go be boring somewhere else.
  2. The sidewalks have turned into caverns. I don't think I've seen a snow depth this high before. Even GHD1 it didn't get this deep if I recall.
  3. West ridge won! What do I win besides back breaking labor?
  4. We ran out of places to put the snow from the alleyway so we've resorted to dumping it in the backyard. Neighbor measured 18 inches in West Ridge. Some light snow just started here too again.
  5. When you're late for work and hoping the rush hour traffic isn't that bad
  6. I took the first picture because I thought it was coming down heavy. Then 5 minutes later, the apartment across the street disappeared.
  7. This ripped over evanston and then is gonna jump me and rip just south of me, isn't it
  8. Its been ripping over evanston for the better part of 2 hours now. it might be them. The band just moved into my backyard though. Puking snow.
  9. I have a few flurries here at Western and Devon, but a mile north of me the band is absolutely ripping. It seems to be tipping south every so slightly.
  10. Heavy band is moving south, coming back into the far northern chicago neighborhoods.
  11. That heavy band is about 2 miles north of me. Come back to me bb I miss you
  12. About 2 inches in the last hour up in west ridge
  13. I'm from the suburbs, usually LES only adds an inch or two. My first winter living in the city and this will be the first time i'm seeing a legit lake effect snow storm and i'm HYPE for it. I've always wanted to go to upstate new york and sit through a 30+inch snow storm just to see how you guys deal with it!
  14. Fine, I finally made an account. I'm 1.5 miles off the lake on the north side. I figured I'd take some pictures while I work from home. Mild snow for now!