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  1. Sun’s out after a rainy morning
  2. Luckily June has been pretty dry, but these types of orientations always get me worried.
  3. About 4” here. First overachiever of the season
  4. That first 60 degree dew point of the spring is always a shock. You forget what that feels like.
  5. Ok, this might be the coolest thing this "winter" even though it's not in our region. A super narrow corridor of snow accumulating up to 2"-4" per hour for a total of 8"-13" in the swath. No idea how to link Skilling's facebook post here, but here's the link from the post for those with Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/umscheid300/posts/10156965717932196
  6. Shutout cancel. Got less than an inch. Need Geos to move back up here.
  7. Are we taking guesses for highest snowfall report in the sub from this most recent strung out garbage “event”? Not sure anyone will have more than 5” OTG when it’s all over.
  8. Rooting for a complete shutout here. Bring it!
  9. Gonna get sloppy. Marginal temps, warm ground, loads of moisture, heavy rates. Imagine I’ll be out there knocking wet snow off sensitive trees... again. I love a good storm, but early/late season paste jobs have become the norm. Not complaining... I know plenty of you would like to be in the crosshairs of this one.
  10. Same 2019-2020 trash, slightly improved
  11. Flake size pretty solid at the office in Rosemont. Looks like a legit snowfall outside for once instead of the varying intensity crap we’ve seen all season. Let’s overachieve and restore some faith in winter tonight.
  12. Agreed. Too bad that upstream cold can’t involved sooner and blow this thing up.
  13. Can we quit it with these pitiful looking snow swaths? For the love of all that is holy, it's February.
  14. Lookin like our first solid 4-8” decent ratio true winter snowfall with no mixing concerns. Bout time. Plenty of time for things to go wrong.