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  1. It’s all big fatty flakes over here. Sun’s about to pop out.
  2. It's really been coming down the past 25 minutes or so. Not amounting to much with the warm-ish temps, but lake effect does look sweet when it's falling. It's too bad these bands are typically so transient on this side of the lake.
  3. Driveway coated here already. Intensity comes and goes but at times it ain’t bad at all.
  4. Radar filling in, switching over to snow. Hoping for a couple inches to freshen up the slop sandwich out there.
  5. Still stuck in an area of subsidence south of the NE-SW oriented band. Not doing anything. If this were a solid snow event I wouldn’t be happy about that, but eh. More focused on nursing my NYE hangover anyways
  6. Not doing much of anything here yet. Band set up a couple miles to my north. Expecting the kitchen sink then an inch or two of snow as the low pulls east. Remember when the models had the surface low lifting into Iowa?
  7. About 2.5”. Queue the sleetfest early. It’s a dry snow.
  8. Low visibility, stacking flakes. It’s been awhile.
  9. Pretty sweet looking band moved over your head during the past hour per radar. Hope that translates well to the east. Radar really filling in nicely down that way over the past few scans.
  10. DVN seems to be having a tough time with saturation, but looks like that should change within the hour - pretty much on schedule with HRRR depiction.
  11. I'll happily toss it... depending on how the radar and upstream obs look this afternoon.
  12. NAM continues to depict a quick inch or two of snow/sleet slop for the northern tier of counties and even into southern WI before a flip to freezing rain and rain. Are we just discounting that solution? Certainly not unprecedented.
  13. Bring it. The kids are begging for a snowstorm. Get us out of this damn house! Tuned up the blower today - was starting to feel like I wouldn't get to use it this winter.
  14. Sun’s out after a rainy morning