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  1. 7” of rain, 4 rounds of hail, somehow we didn’t flood but it came so damn close. I’m exhausted from preparing the house for water all night, and now another noisy cell pops overhead.
  2. Potent lake breeze has been eating away at any advancing precip for hours here, will be interesting to see when/if it gets overcome. Reminds me of dry easterlies delaying the onset of a snowstorm.
  3. The wetter/active pattern signal is pretty clear. Where that heavier corridor ends up over the coming couple weeks is anyone's guess at this point. Won't take much to put it over YBY.
  4. Don't most models have you getting some decent rain this weekend?
  5. Right around 4” up here. Very picturesque snowfall, super easy to clear. Milwaukee up through Sheboygan saw 5”-7”. Good to see a nice wide swath of snow accumulations for once, even if it wasn’t a major storm.
  6. It’s not the snow of the century, but this defo band has been a beaut. Took a late night hike through the thick of it. Finally.
  7. Solid rates, stackin flakes (for the moment)
  8. Looks better than it ever did for the GHD storm, which had a verrry similar orientation.
  9. With this kind of satellite presentation in the Midwest you'd expect to see an expansive shield of precip in the cold sector. This season's trends continue to confound.
  10. Could be wrong, but I think that's more a function of WAY less rain then previously forecast. Much of that falls as frozen.
  11. Those plumes were consistently dumping 10”-18” on Waukegan even as the GHD storm was underway. We got maybe 2”.
  12. I know the owner of the building so I reached out to make sure he was aware his building had collapsed and was burning to the ground. The tenant is a document storage company, not many employees on site. The owner said he hadn’t heard of any casualties or injuries.
  13. That radar makes it look like something exploded in Bartlett. Looks like Brewster Creek Business Park. That's mostly warehouse/distribution/food users though. Edit: Edit: https://twitter.com/search?q=bartlett fire&src=typed_query&f=live
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