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  1. About 1.5" with still a bit to fall. Pretty much as expected. Impressive rates for a little while.
  2. Willing to bet the back door will shut down those kinds of temps. We'll see. I'm just glad the melt looks to be gradual to avert flooding situations.
  3. Still solid here in the lulls. 1.5” accumulated quickly.
  4. Fluffy Floaty Fatties™ coming down at a solid clip. Everything nicely covered once again.
  5. Think we peaked yesterday (Tuesday). MDW compacted by 3” between Tuesday and Wednesday, and with warmer temps on the way (at last) and the late Feb sun, we’ll lose a few more. Regardless, what a month!
  6. Puking snow now. Took a bit to get there. Let ‘er rip.
  7. First flakes falling. Not expecting much til tomorrow evening. I’m calling 6” here but it could go either way. Hope the lake surprises.
  8. The fluff settles/sublimates quick. I doubt it’s much more than that.
  9. This one really brings me back to my younger days and trying to descramble Skinimax. The trend is our friend for Monday’s storm. Keep it coming.
  10. Very distinct sun pillar from suspended ice crystals above the setting sun about an hour later too. Even my wife commented on it.
  11. Sun emerged and the cloud deck cleared quickly behind the last band. Almost felt like a MCS clearing the area, except it was like 6 degrees and there’s a foot and a half of snow on the ground.
  12. Steady moderate snow for the past 45 mins or so. Best rates of the event so far.