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  1. tuanis

    Spring/Summer 2019 Complaint/Banter Thread

    I think there was only one year that didn't record a 90-degree day - 1875... the period of record on the table states that it goes back to 1871 for Chicago, so that would apply. Good call on 2012. Wasn't '95 a big year for 90-degree days as well?
  2. tuanis

    Spring/Summer 2019 Flooding Thread

    So the NAM wasn’t really out to lunch. I don’t discount its further north depictions in the mid-range, even in winter.
  3. Looks like some nice banding up towards milwaukee, glad they’re finally getting in on it
  4. Temp dropped, winds kicked up, rates picked up... finally starting to accumulate
  5. Were not seeing heavy enough rates yet to accumulate, grass is still wet and green (and getting long). Whats the deal in Milwaukee? Low dew points/dry NE winds eating away at the precip?
  6. Steady SN, good size flakes, very little wind. Should rip once the low passes to the south. Not really accumulating... yet.
  7. Not looking forward to getting outside in the middle of the night to clear off the slop from the sensitive trees/bushes. It was annoying enough during the daytime last storm. The odds of these two storms nailing the same narrow corridor in the second half of April have to be ridiculous.
  8. tuanis

    April 14-15 Snow Potential

    Trees are really weighed down, power flickering on and off, looks like about 4” so far and accumulating on everything. Roads are clearly a mess if you look at traffic on Google Maps. The models were pretty consistent for days, I’m not sure why LOT has held off.
  9. tuanis

    April 14-15 Snow Potential

    Same here. Road and driveway covered. Gotta love all the spring moisture streaming into this thing. Someone’s going to see 6” if this keeps up.
  10. tuanis

    April 10-12 Winter Storm

    Graupel/snow mix by O’Hare. Lovely.
  11. tuanis

    March 9-11 Winter Storm

    A low pressure cutting through Chicago? Who woulda thunk it?!?
  12. I like how this has become the “Wausau Winter Thread”
  13. Definitely a kitchen sink winter down here. I feel like we've seen every kind of snowfall possible from 20:1 fluff to sugary pixie dust/columns/plates, to wet glop and sleet. I will say, all those forecasts for a dry Midwest this fall sure haven't come to fruition around here.
  14. Neither of those things should happen in a "normal" winter, but that whole swing was AWESOME. Those two air masses felt so incredibly different - my house was having a fit with all the contracting/expanding going on. Not too many places in the world something like that can happen!