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  1. Pretty pathetic what this event resulted in compared to what could have been. Still, third consecutive weekend storm - it's been an impressive December. Hoping January doesn't flip on us.
  2. These returns are mostly tiny rimed flakes pouring down. You can hear it hitting the snowpack. Visibility is actually pretty decent.
  3. Steady light to occasionally moderate snow in Libertyville - closing in on an inch. Bands continue to develop to the southwest as WAA pushes in. So far the models seem pretty spot-on with placement of accumulating snow.
  4. I keep thinking this thread is really picking up, but it's just Chicago Storm double posting. Sitting quietly observing this one, I really think this will surprise the Chicago Metro north of 88. QPF and evolution just seems off on the models and is starting to catch up. Time will tell.
  5. Closing in on 7 inches, really picked up since I snapped these pics. This band looks transient, but continues to organize. Maybe another inch or three around here to come.
  6. We're really stacking flakes up here. Storm total over 6" now with a few more hours in this band to go. Temp is still down around 30, so no melting yet. Headed out in a few with the little one to play and snap a few pics. Will get a more accurate measurement as well. This part of the event is delivering better than I thought it would this morning.
  7. First round of snow throwing complete. About 3" down, a cinch to clear. Got the shed all lit up for the holidays. Looks $$$ with the fresh snow. Best of luck to all over the next 24 hours or so.
  8. Just over 2" so far in Libertyville, it's a very peaceful snowfall. I've always preferred the sparkling fluff to the paste job we had last weekend.
  9. I'm seeing the 2m temps pop above freezing as the low passes overhead. I'm thinking a period of slop even up here in Lake County can't be ruled out.
  10. Nice to see an active thread. This one clearly has some serious potential. It's all about where that baro zone sets up. Despite the current and coming cold, I could see us Chicago posters being a little warm for this one.
  11. Agreed, this one could surprise a bit. I'm headed to the Bears game on Sunday to watch two terrible teams play, so I'm obviously hoping for snow. Cold rain and bad football is a crap combo. Regardless, whatever sticks won't be around long.
  12. Pretty impressive "heat wave" in retrospect, especially in terms of dewpoints/heat index values. While actual temps may have underperformed a bit around here, the oppressive air stuck around longer than originally anticipated. Yesterday was my daughter's 1st birthday party, and we held much of it outside. I hadn't felt that kind of combo of heat and humidity in a few years. It was exhausting stuff. Several rounds of very heavy rain between Saturday and Sunday brought some welcomed rain. Any drought or dryness concerns are now gone.
  13. Yet another whiff in Lake County - it was so close you could smell the rain! Storms popping over the city now.
  14. Meanwhile we can't buy more than a tenth of an inch up here in the NE corner of the state. Driest I remember in quite some time.
  15. Ended up with about 2.5" last night between 11 PM and 4:30 AM. So wet.