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  1. Look how the structure of the storm has changed between frame 1 (approaching the Cuban coastline on a west trajectory) to frame 200 (being influenced by the shortwave) of the current satellite imagery. Not only has the orientation of the storm changed, but it has grown in size as well.
  2. Truly spectacular to watch and makes us all realize how little we truly understand. This is a learning opportunity for all of us, and how amazing is it that we have the new GOES-16 imagery to watch this unfold. We would not have picked up on these nuances without it.
  3. That's the Oregon Eclipse Festival in Prineville, OR, and it's the biggest eclipse gathering in central Oregon. A week-long fest with live music, art installations, etc. They expected to draw at least 30k for the festival. https://www.news4jax.com/news/eclipse/thousands-flock-to-oregon-eclipse-festival Here's the festival website: http://oregoneclipse2017.com/
  4. Latest hi res model depictions not looking pretty. I'm just hoping things are relatively progressive and don't sit and train over us like last week. The orientation of the LLJ later tonight is concerning.
  5. Your MCS #2 looks more like a training situation vs another MCS. LLJ is feeding it. Keep that away from here.
  6. This ring of fire setup looks like it could produce multiple rounds with heavy rainfall once again. This area can't handle that kind of rain.
  7. 7 inches and counting. Yard is a running river. House flooded. Hate these setups.
  8. We're getting some pretty heavy squalls over the past hour. Still accumulating efficiently. I'll probably have to get back out there once this band moves through, figured I was done. Live cam: http://ustre.am/16Txc
  9. About 8.5" of lake effect, still coming down but pretty showery in nature. Probably close to 11" OTG. Roads still snow covered around town, plenty of spinouts. Despite it being a fluffy lake snow, the bottom few inches was slushy due to the warm driveway melting it, making it a chore to remove. Here's my cam, but can't see too much because the snow is piled so high in front of the window: http://ustre.am/16Txc Probably the best LES event I've seen in northeast IL.
  10. About to hit 6" from the LES event so far. Puking snow right now. 8.5" OTG. I should sleep...
  11. LOT radar has been a mess for weeks. Two tornadic severe setups in late feb/early march and the radar was down. Just measured 4.25" new snow in past two hours. Gangbusters out there. Here's a crappy cell phone pic of current rates.
  12. Only a matter of time until you get in on the fun. Stacking flakes fast. Can you tell where Pepe Le Plume is based on traffic?
  13. Might be sitting pretty up here for a little while. The conveyor appears to be setting up per earlier hi-res models. Looping the 96-frame COD radar is great for watching the evolution of this coming together. Let it snow.
  14. Definitely coming down nicely. Let's see how progressive this will be.
  15. Fire hose fail? Was thinking we'd see a well defined single band by now.