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Observations of snow, sleet, freezing rain Sun-Tue Dec 1-2-early 3


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Just now, CarLover014 said:

Funny I am about 6 miles Southeast of you and just a few flurries

I live in Point Pleasant, I probably have little to  no snow there. If you're familiar with the area, coming north on 35 where it forks to the right to continue N on 35 seems to be the magic line where the weather changes!

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26 minutes ago, ILoveWinter said:

Still having trouble accumulating in midtown but temp down to 33 so that’s a positive 

Moderate to heavy snow downtown now. Still not really sticking on the surface at all but rooftops are quickly becoming snow covered. Slightly better acclumation in the Bx mainly grassy surfaces from what I can see.

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1 minute ago, LongBeachSurfFreak said:

That bands looking more and more like an inverted trough. Whatever it is, it’s awesome and it’s dumping on the uws. Nice to be in the jackpot area of one of these fonally


Yeah we were just discussing that at work that it looks that way.  I've thought for days it looked more like an IVT

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