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  1. snywx

    Nov 15/16 First Weenie Obs

    2" hr rates for a good 5 hrs straight. Most of the snow fell between 3-9pm. 1-2" backside snow this morning. Finished with 11" imby
  2. 11" final here.. Thankfully I got a head start yesterday evening.. This stuff is very heavy
  3. Mount Hope 17" ??? And supposedly a trained spotter too lol. I live less than a mile from Mount Hope and im right at 10". Otisville is coming in with 10" and it borders Mount Hope as well.
  4. Just saw on the TWC that Middletown NY is leading the way with "Winter Storm Avery" with 11".. Where did they get this report?
  5. 9-10" throughout the county.. Where are you stuck?
  6. 9.4" otg here... Snow continues to fall
  7. Impressive event unfolding.. 22° w/ S+ Its Nov freakin 15th
  8. Feels like mid feb out there... Truly amazing! 23° Mod snow falling.. 0.5" otg, all surfaces covered
  9. snywx

    11/15-16 Coastal Storm/ULL Discussion

    Showing up nicely on CC
  10. Back at it.. early start to what looks to be a long winter. N of 84 looks to do well. If that ULL Does it’s magic fri morning look out!
  11. Temp continues to drop... Now down to 35°
  12. Damn.. 5° difference between us.