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  1. Coating here as well.... Jeez
  2. Am I the only one seeing snow right now?
  3. 32° snow/sleet falling. Coating on all non paved areas
  4. Down to 32° here.. Lets see what tonight brings
  5. 33° w/ moderate snow falling. Coating
  6. Picked up 1.3" here this morning.. Winter feel out there today
  7. NYC Metro Snow Total YTD

    +1.3" this morning 68.6"
  8. 85-90" in southeastern O.C with the potential for 100". Def the weenie spot for the tristate. I think they are already at 09-10 amounts. Could surpass 02-03
  9. NYC Metro Snow Total YTD

    67.3" Been on the outside looking in for most events this winter. Still an above normal winter in these parts.
  10. April 2nd Snow Wave

    5.2" here w/ Lgt snow
  11. April 2nd Snow Wave

    27° w/ Heavy snow 3" otg
  12. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Currently 31/23 here.. Anything that falls will be snow. Expecting around 5" here
  13. That dude is a disaster. I hope meteorology isn't his full time job
  14. I severely underperformed with the 3/2 event but made up for it with the next 2. Eastern O.C were def the winners this winter. Prob 75-80" there
  15. Yeah. I can't really say it was a complete bust cause we knew big numbers were far fetched up here. I have no idea what Upton was smoking with those initial numbers up here. 62.1" for the year now.