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  1. The real question is.. how many coats will you be wearing
  2. 2 hr delay here for the kids.. About 1.5” here
  3. This is wild right now 33 w/ heavy snow falling coating on all surfaces
  4. 51 for a peak gust here
  5. Beautiful morning here 53 w/lots of sunshine
  6. Yeah one more big one and I’m right there. From my records in 21 yrs I avg 54.8.
  7. Even up here we are now looking at 2-3". IMBY we arent far from where we should be in terms of ytd snowfall. Approaching 40" after this with another 4-6 weeks to go
  8. But the placement of heavier snow ended up staying N. All modeling at the last minute shifted all the goods further south. For the Euro to shift the way it did is a rarity especially inside of 24 hrs.
  9. To be fair outside of the UKMET & GGEM, modeling was pretty consistent & spot on till all hell broke loose 24 hrs prior to the event. The 12-14" that fell here in Orange county was modeled for quite a while till 12z yesterday. Was it ingestion of bad info that led to every single model to fail so close to the event? I mean up until game time every single piece of guidance had mby receiving 1-2". I believe the HREF was the only piece of guidance that continued to show 10"+ up here
  10. Whats funny is that the final amounts throughout the area seem consistent with what was modeled 36 hrs ago lol
  11. Looks like 12-14" throughout. Areas from Port jervis to Warwick on the Orange/Sussex border were 14-15"
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