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  1. snywx

    Category Five Hurricane Dorian

    Grand Bahama Int. Airport reporting sustained at 51mph gusting to 67mph
  2. Beautiful night incoming... Already down to 58°
  3. snywx

    Interior NW & NE Burbs 2019

    The batch of storms riding 84 near Scranton looks potent. Should reach Port Jervis within the next hour or so
  4. snywx

    Interior NW & NE Burbs 2019

    0.45" so far today.. More looks to be on the way
  5. So far 0.45" for the day.. Storms all over the place up here
  6. 83/70 out there with full sunshine since 11am. It officially feels like summer.
  7. Sun is out here now and the temp is starting to rise. Most of the activity looks to be confined to areas S of the HV.
  8. 68/59 here.. Overcast as well.
  9. So far about 0.97" for the day. Might have some additional with that weakening line approaching in E PA.
  10. snywx

    Interior NW & NE Burbs 2019

    Happy Bday! Tomorrow looks unsettled as well.
  11. So far only .28" IMBY and I've been directly under the heavier echos. Some occasional thunder & lightning but nothing exciting.
  12. Slow mover approaching from the NW. Constant thunder in the distance.