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  1. 33.1° w/ Lgt snow coating on all non paved surfaces
  2. I still think those N of 84 w/ 750’+ elevation see some sort of accumulation. Advisory snows look likely for those above 1500’ in Sullivan/Ulster counties
  3. I think flakes for all N of 84 on friday morning.. Accumulation will prob be for those above 750'. Anyone above 1500' like MSV could see some advisory snows. Still plenty of time for it to be a dud.
  4. Crazy cutoff.. You can see the cutoff clearly on the mesonet site
  5. Finished with 4.14" here. O&R is up to 136k w/o power
  6. Close to 4" of rain here w/ occasional gust to 30. Nice little event
  7. Up to 3.67" now. Not much wind to speak of
  8. Wild out there.. 3.13" and absolutely pouring. Consistent gust in the 30mph range.
  9. 2.74" of rain Highest gust was 32mph. Power outages all over the place here