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  1. 40-55” is def a good range for those at or below 1000’ in Orange County. I’ve always estimated my long term average imby to be in the 50” range but my measurements have reflected a 55-60” average within the last 20 yrs.
  2. 12.7 ytd here. I would say roughly 10” below average
  3. It’s all rain in the Hudson valley. Just did my commute in to Manhattan and the temp ranged from 36-39
  4. West of the Hudson.. Orange County had a general 5-9” snowfall from east to west
  5. NAM was def out to lunch for our area. Euro/Ukmet lead the way in these parts
  6. Considering the track of the storm I would say it was a bit unexpected but when certain guidance refused to budge on its output it did raise some red flags. Upton as well most Mets had our area getting 3-5” followed by rain. Definite overperformer.
  7. Impressed… completely unexpected. still below freezing and 8” otg
  8. Very heavy snow continues.. just under 6” now
  9. Heavy snow here If these rates continue we will def bust on the high end
  10. Currently 5/-4 here.. should get below 0 tonight
  11. Upton has me getting 4-8” on p/c. Ehh I highly doubt it lol
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