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  1. Def colder than I expected. 32° here and all snow
  2. 32° and steady lgt to mod snow falling car tops and colder surfaces already have a coating
  3. 28.2" here. Up there with some of the worst
  4. 32° w/ Lgt snow 1.5" on non paved surfaces only
  5. I agree. Anyone above 1000' and N of 84 should see good snows. Here at 850' & 1 mile N of 84 im expecting 1-3"
  6. 1.2” here before the changeover. Kids actually had a 2 hr delay cause of it lol
  7. Picked up a surprise 1.5" this morning.. 25" ytd now
  8. Picked up 1.2" here.. Nice surprise indeed
  9. Euro is 8-12" for orange county. 12" toward Port Jervis & 8" toward the Hudson.
  10. I agree.. These SWFE setups usually max out at 6-8" in our area with that occasional 10 spot. Never under estimate that mid level push of warm air. 3-6" is a good call right now.
  11. NAM Soundings at MGJ show a sleet signature with the warm layer between 750-850. I think the icing threat will be more pronounced in NNJ
  12. Imagine if we didn't waste qpf on that sleetfest on sunday.
  13. Temp 31° Lgt-Mod Snow falling 12" on the ground now
  14. I was trying to attach from my comp but it’s easier to do it from your phone
  15. Whats the secret with uploading photos now on this site? Has it changed?
  16. Some of the heaviest sleet I've ever encountered
  17. I work in Harlem.. A few of my guys from work told me it was business as usual down there. Its only 12/2, Loooong way to go
  18. Nice event on this side of the river today... 10.2" on the ground Snowing lightly