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Guess I'll post one since this is bumped and I haven't posted one in years.


This is from last summer when I hiked up Calloway Peak.  This was actually from the prior day, though, when we did a warmup hike to a waterfall in the vicinity (forget which one).




And this is from a couple weeks ago at the rim of the Grand Canyon (right behind us, but the fog and snow makes it so you can't see anything).  It was really cold there with temperatures around 30 and the wind ripping all day with snow showers.  Of course, I was dumb and didn't pack my winter coat.



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Thanks Calculus he is only 6 lbs 6oz and very tiny.

Both of my girls were a little under 6lbs when they were born. I really didnt think too much about it. When my neighbor had her baby a couple weeks ago, he was around the same size as your son. I was so scared to hold him because he was so tiny. It's so easy to forget how small they were at one time. Congrats and enjoy every moment because time will get away from you real fast.
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First time, so lets start with a bang.  That is a Carhartt (3M Insulated )made in the USA mask for those interested, picked it up in a farm store in Sperryville VA, 16 bucks.  Blaze, yeah, that is another made in the USA product, Wahls Blizzard suit, from the 80's, fully insulated, water repellent, handled like a champ.




No photo shop here, the dirt road leading to another back 40 farm, 24" on that sucker.  I decided to cut across a field at this point, bad idea, I had to walk back up that road several hundred yards down range at a sig grade, hammer of thore was being dropped, early afternoon.



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Great pic!

Thanks Solak  :) 


Lynne and  I on Christmas Day. Notice - she doesn't have her walker or Rollator for assistance! :):wub:



This made me smile  :hug: 


I always have the opposite expression on my face when my kids are driving me around,

:lol:   I know that expression well  


Lol at that Clemson shirt!

I know right!?  


The family And I hiking at a local Camp in our county. 



Great picture! :hug: 


Showing cancer who's boss (LOL)




The brutal cost of osteosarcoma but not letting it get me down


Perry!  ^_^


Been a while since I posted a picture, thought I would just update show you how much uglier I have gotten!!!

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Great picture :wub: 


my sons first snow





Love this! 


Nice photo; I am thinking Triple Falls, DuPont State Forest

Thanks! You are correct  :thumbsup:


This is my youngest. She finished college and set off on a year long working vacation in New Zealand.  Sitting right seat in a helicopter owned by her employer.  He airlifts hunters and fisherman in and out the back country.



She's beautiful like her Mom   :wub:

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