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  1. I think the GGEM typically overdoes low level cold. Or at least it used to.
  2. Glad to be back for the heartbreak and broken promises after three winters in Florida.
  3. Haha, I know, but I haven’t seen more than a dusting of snow since 2017, and that was just because I was on vacation. I’m desperate.
  4. ...but you know that won't happen when the dominant P-type is snow.
  5. I didn't notice any snow here though I was in meetings a lot of this afternoon. Good to get a bust in early so the subsequent, more meaningful busts later this winter will be less painful.
  6. Rain/snow is officially in the forecast here after 4 PM. Neat. I hope to see some flakes.
  7. I think this event in 2003 was also a case of the exception. I recall it being in the 70s the day before but it was snowing pretty good by mid morning the following day. We got a pretty solid coating on grassy surfaces. Of course, it warmed up to 40 by the afternoon and it all melted, but it was neat. I was in Greensboro. I think I might remember the 2013 event you refer to, as well. I recall it being in the 60s early in the day in Greensboro, but by early evening flakes were flying. It was a sloppy mess, though, and didn’t last long and never stuck, though. Anyways, I would definitely think flakes tomorrow are very possible, I just think seeing accumulating snow would take a near miracle, despite what the clown maps might say. — On another note, I suppose I need to re-up my WeatherBell subscription now that I live in a place that actually gets snow again.
  8. Cold air usually doesn't come as fast as the models show in these setups. I don't have any scientific evidence to back this up, but that has been my experience. Maybe we'll see a miracle.
  9. I don’t like our chances with this setup. And even if we did see flakes, they will be meaningless flurries. Then again, I haven’t seen any flakes fall from the sky since our historic dusting of snow in Tallahassee in January 2018, so I better take what I can get, LOL.
  10. That really isn't a LP track we want to see outside the mountains. We want it more offshore. Running inland isn't going to work. And that it's November and not mid-January certainly doesn't do us any favors, either.
  11. I am going to be sad when GSO gets a yuuuge winter this year while I don't get much. I wish I still lived there during wintertime, at least. Well, MBY got 11" last December, but that didn't help considering I lived in tropical Florida then....