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  1. superjames1992

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    The heat wave was kind of lackluster here. Saturday wasn’t even hot relative to recent days despite the excessive heat warming.
  2. superjames1992

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    You can literally see the Carolina Crusher screaming up the coast...
  3. superjames1992

    July 2019 OBS

    Another hot day today. Looks like we might make a run at 100 on Saturday (and potentially Friday and/or Sunday). We’ll see.
  4. superjames1992

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    89 in Anchorage today. Warm up there.
  5. superjames1992

    2019 Banter Thread

    It's hot.
  6. superjames1992

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    I saw Fayetteville hit the big 100 today.
  7. superjames1992

    2019 Banter Thread

    Yeah, I just moved from Tallahassee to Durham this past weekend. I am excited to see snow again. I know the events that GSO gets that RDU does not are going to be painful, though! I grew up right off Piedmont Parkway (where my parents still live), so I am quite familiar with Skeet Club (I actually went to Southwest Guilford High School right near there).
  8. superjames1992

    2019 Banter Thread

    You moved one year too late for last year's one-footer (and I moved away three years too early, LOL). Enjoy the Greensboro winters! My parents still live in N High Point (near the airport), so I guess I could always chase a snowstorm there depending on what looks most likely to get hit (but then there's always the issue of having to go to work...).
  9. superjames1992

    2019 Banter Thread

    I saw some snow along the way, including some pretty impressive snowfall in the higher elevations driving between Laramie and Cheyenne, but there wasn't any accumulating snowfall in Cheyenne while I was there, unfortunately (I think there was earlier in the day, but the sizzling mid-May sun angle had extinguished it by the time I got there).
  10. superjames1992

    2019 Banter Thread

    I seem to have brought the oppressive Florida summertime heat with me. This weekend looks awful. I got moved up here this past weekend and start my new job next week. At least the weather is nice today. I'm back to my old Carolina Crusher avatar since I'm no longer begging for scraps in the FL panhandle. I need a nice snowstorm this winter; it has been too long. I'm looking forward to chasing storms again this winter. Perhaps I will re-up my WB and AmericanWX Model Center subscriptions, which I didn't see the need for in Florida.
  11. superjames1992

    2019 Banter Thread

    Looks like the eye of a tiger. Im heading from Salt Lake City to Cheyenne, Wyoming tomorrow. It looks like it might snow there some tomorrow, so perhaps I’ll get to see some snowfall this “winter” after all. I saw snow on the ground high in the Colorado mountains driving the other day. Got some cool pictures at a rest stop west of Denver where the snow was piled many feet deep.
  12. superjames1992

    2019 Banter Thread

    Yeah, it seems like RDU-NW has done pretty well lately, but areas like Cold Rain’s neck of the woods in SE Wake have gotten screwed lately. Anyways, I move in a couple weeks. It can’t come soon enough as it’s getting really hot down here now. The last couple months have been pretty nice weather wise (60s-80s for highs), but the highs are now creeping towards 90 and the overnight lows near 70...soon enough nearly every day here will be 95/75.
  13. superjames1992

    Hurricane Michael

    We’re fortunate this hit in a relatively sparsely populated area. You can still see the terrible tree damage all over the place not far west of here.
  14. superjames1992

    2019 Banter Thread

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to getting back to NC. My reasons for wanting to move back up there are more involved than just the weather (closer to family again, better job/job opportunities, etc.), but I must admit that I am looking forward to the weather! It will be nice to be able to track storms during the winter with some skin in the game again, and it will be nice to not drown in sweat all summer (not that RDU summers aren’t hot, but it isn’t FL panhandle hot). Maybe RDU can start striking back at GSO in the snowfall department? Obviously, GSO averages more snowfall than RDU for obvious reasons, but the averages aren’t that different, so it seems like RDU has drawn the short straw more often than not this last decade or so. Maybe still paying for the demons of January 2000? I’m moving to SW Durham specifically, so I guess I’ll be in better position than most in the Triangle.
  15. superjames1992

    2019 Banter Thread

    I got a new job, so I’m moving to Durham next month. I will see snow again! RDU winters are about to start rockin’. (hopefully)