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  1. This was mixed in the replies. CAPS is the primary school he was at. Sounds encouraging.
  2. 33.5 with snow. Started as rain and transitioned to snow around 6:30am.
  3. I'm waiting for this to happen here. I'm in Hemby Bridge. Lights have flickered a couple of times.
  4. I'm actually a little concerned about the ice. Was surprised to see how much was on the trees. Plus the winds.
  5. I live off of Idlewild 2 miles from 485 and I've got heavy sleet and sloppy wet flakes. Notice more sirens from emergency vehicles. It must be nasty out there
  6. Back to sleet/rain mix. More sleet than rain. 37/35 Hemby Bridge NC
  7. Like expected, the creek behind my house has risen past it's bank. My business which is 1/4 mile from my house and next to the same creek has water inside of it. I measured 4" yesterday evening. Not sure how much we've had since then.
  8. Obs from well inland where wind won't be an issue, but rain. The Monroe airport is reporting 77°, cloudy skies, winds 17mph from the North with gusts of 25mph. The NWS mentioned in this mornings discussion that this area could see up to 12" of rain.
  9. Some of the schools in the CMS area are being used as shelters for those evacuating the coast. Other school systems are closing around the area, but i dont know if its for the same reason or just overkill.
  10. I love a good day time snow. Even if there's no accumulation. It's just so nice to watch. I can't tell you how many times I almost burned my retina trying to see flakes in the flood light. Just kidding.
  11. By far, one of the best storms I've seen in awhile. I was laughing at myself on Sunday for even following something that would give me a 1/2" at best. Ended up with 3 1/2". What made this storm for me was the daytime snow. It snow almost all day and still have light snow falling!
  12. I went to bed at 1:30 this morning and got up at 5:50. I was bummed when I saw the temp at 41 and rain. Finally switched over around 8:00. My husband thinks I'm crazy as well, but has learned it is what it is. It's actually kinda funny.