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  1. Sitting at 33°DP 33° here in Indian Trail, NC with rain. Most of the day we have had rain. Around 1:00pm it started mixing with sleet. By 2:00pm snow mixed in with the rain. There was a 30-45 min period where we were mostly snow. We desperately need the rain here and even though I'm slightly envious of everyone getting slammed, I'm content with what I've had. This was such a great model chase and seeing places in the deep South getting snow has been awesome!
  2. NC obs Temp. 58 Light rain Winds gusts up to 3mph. I know they have been higher in gust, but that's what my nearest weather station was reporting.
  3. Thanks for saying hello! Hi! All is well. Hoping the same for you.
  4. Hey!!! Everything is going well. Hope things are good in your neck of the woods.
  5. Heeeeeyyyy! Did you know you may have a problem with raccoons? Just kidding! I love Snapchats wacky filters. Y'all look great!
  6. Last post was from last Christmas!! Summer is coming to a close. Definitely ready for fall and winter. I'm still lurking, but if Irma decides to come hang out with me, I'll be posting obs as much as I can. Anywho, most recent pic and I'm hanging onto my summer glow! See you guys more in the winter!
  7. At 7:00am this morning it was 52...now at 8:50am it's 63. Once we got th surge of warm air coming in, it started pouring. I'm really impressed with the temperature jump.
  8. Stepped outside and saw a few flurries actually making it down.
  9. I've been in the South Charlotte area for the past hour and have gone through a couple snow flurry bursts.
  10. Some pics from yesterday's walk with the hubby.
  11. I was surprised they suspended the Mail yesterday. I can't really a time when they have done that. I know they have the carriers out today.
  12. 28/26 with heavy sleet. A couple hours ago we went from heavy sleet to freezing rain to light flurries.
  13. 31 with sleet/snow. The winds are kicking up and that really feels cold. Cars, sidewalks and streets covered. When I was outside I saw a car going down the road sideways.
  14. Wow started it so this is the official, official obs thread.Clear 36/26 Edit: 35/27
  15. I have thought the same as well. As a matter of fact it's been awhile since I have seen him post. He always dreams and talks about his sleet storms.