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  1. All of these are impressive in their own way. But aren't these outliers? Instead of specifying 1 cold week in one state in the SE, or mentioning 2 events in one city in that state in the SE, couldn't we come up with a better measure? Maybe we could compare Asheville's avg snowfall between 2010-2019 and compare to it's historical avg? Or maybe instead of focusing on that crazy cold week that was referenced in NC 2 years ago, we could compare it to the overall avg winter temperature that year, which if I recall correctly, was one big torch?
  2. I'd take 33 w/sporadic flurries right about now. sigh
  3. Fun fact. Kobe was originally drafted by Charlotte. They drafted him because LA told them to. Turns out a trade had already been worked out between the Lakers/Hornets. Hornets got Vlade Divak for him.. I know Kobe playing for Charlotte was never really in the cards, but to dream of what could have been.
  4. Apparently Clemson is trying to be a basketball school.
  5. But sleet pellets hurt.. This winter is going about as well as UNC's basketball season so far.
  6. The disco (and storm) threads always have their own ebb and flow. Back and forth with models. Doom and gloomers mixed with eternal optimists. Occasionally new characters make an appearance, but mostly it's the same classic characters up to the same old tricks, episode after episode. These December episodes have been terrible so far, but I'm hopeful Jan/Feb will make up for it.
  7. I did not see flakes today. But I did see some very small sleet pellets for an extremely brief time mixing in with cold rain right before it ended. That's frozen precip in Nov. No matter how insignificant, I consider that a WIN.
  8. They are back in the top 25 this week. Stinks they lost to GSU. I guess the law of averages said they had to lose one of those games they were supposed to win. I'm a UNC fan, and I just laughed at people that said ASU beating us was an 'upset'. I felt like that game had the same vibe as when we played Miami or Wake Forest. I thought we were lucky to have a chance at the end. Think about how much $$$ South Carolina puts into their football program. Now think about how much ASU budgets for theirs. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  9. Err. Technically it hasn't made landfall today at all. Help me out man. What are we arguing about?
  10. You were certainly close. If only you had said cat 2... But keep your head up! Maybe you'll call the next one right.
  11. This whole sharpie-Alabama-forecast thing. I swear, it's like reading an article straight from The Onion.
  12. Can ya'll imagine if Greg Fishel made an account on here one day, and suddenly started posting on here with a met tag? Lord have mercy--some of us would just melt down and lose our minds. Greg--if you're lurking here, DO IT! PLEASE! IT WOULD BE SO EPIC! Course, some of ya'll would be skeptical that it's really him. But not me. I would believe.