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  1. On another note, I've noticed RAH's last event on this page was 1/13/19, and that our latest event hasn't been included yet. These "events" usually also include heavy rain and thunderstorm events, which are year round. It's odd that nothing has been included for over a year. So to be direct. I wonder if RAH doesn't compile these anymore.
  2. Nothing like a chance of clippers in late Feb/early Mar. lol
  3. Saturday is Feb 29, which is basically March. And anything frozen in March outside of the mtns is gravy. So yea. Getting 1 snowflake on Sat would be a win.
  4. I think it's starting to PIVOT over the ocean. Too far out to affect us. Dad'gummit
  5. I about 4 miles N of you. Didn't realize we got 3'', but I haven't been outside in awhile.
  6. Where did that come from? Looks legit on radar at least. Maybe someone in WS can verify any ground truth right about now..
  7. You know how people up north make fun of us down here because we don't handle snow like they do? Don't be that guy.
  8. Yea so. I think I've got 2'', but no more than that.
  9. If these rates continue, I'm thinking some good accumulation possible after sundown. We'll see..
  10. That snow line ain't too far N of you. It's sinking down.
  11. Pile on! All snow at Wake/Durham line. Some white showing up on grassy areas.
  12. RAH reissued WWA just now. says 1-2 w/ isolated 3 in spots.
  13. Meh. On 2nd reading, maybe they did mean overall, and that bulk of moisture shifted S and E of RAH's area. But I dunno. My point and click still says 1-2 inches though?
  14. AREA FORECAST DISCUSSION National Weather Service Raleigh NC 315 PM EST Thu Feb 20 2020 Changes: The later start to the snow across the north and northwest and indications from high res guidance that the steadier precipitation area has shifted southeast a bit, results in slightly lower snow totals but still expect around an inch. Another change is with a slight southward shift to the expected max snow accumulation into the Coastal Plain. This still lines up well with WPC guidance but is uncertain since much of this accumulating snow will occur during a short window tonight when low level cold advection gets going. My reading of this is they lowered totals for N and NW Piedmont to 1'', while expecting more in the E part of their area towards the Coastal Plain. I don't think the Triangle was affected by that.