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  1. Same here. Thinking at some point we flip to rain?
  2. Well I try and stay positive. Still nice to see this on December the 8th. Hopefully a sign of good things this winter.
  3. I am in Mooresville and there is no way we get to that 7-10 inches. It was snowing and is now flipping between snow and sleet. We will be lucky to get 2 or 3 unless something changes in a hurry.
  4. Any worry of the CC moving up our way? Seems like its racing north in a hurry.
  5. I hope so. Hoping we can all score here. Agonizing right now.
  6. If we can ever get it to reach we should be in great shape. We have to have a low dew point right now.
  7. Not sure. Just my anxious self. Hoping this means drier air and more snow less sleet.
  8. I hope it happens but I'm still mostly dry up here in Mooresville.
  9. I near 115 and 150 in Mooresville. Just to add to that.
  10. That's not good right? If it's in Asheville it does not bode well for other areas, correct?
  11. We can always hope. Still hoping we can get a few inches of powder down at some point.