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  1. 14/6/2 May: 1/0/0 June: 0/0/0 July: 1/0/0 August: 4/2/1 September: 5/3/1 October: 2/1/0 November: 1/0/0
  2. FV3 has done well but the Tidbits clown maps need an upgrade.
  3. I wonder what's in store for the rest of the winter in central NC. 7.5" is very impressive for early December.
  4. It seems like it takes an hour for the snow to move one mile.
  5. I'm from the RDU area. I think we will see at least 4-6 hours of snow beginning around 2-4 am and ending around 8-10 am. Likely will accumulate about 2-4" of snow sleet mix.
  6. Do you have a link for the NAM ensembles?
  7. Last year in early December in NC, from Raleigh south and east got a miserable cold rain with a brief flurry at the end.
  8. This is slowly trending from what appeared to be a near miss to a potential major snowfall for RDU. But will a warm nose appear is the question. The latest FV3 keeps temperatures below freezing here all day Sunday with no changeover to rain.
  9. Surface temperatures above freezing, warm air nose, or warm soil temperatures. One of the three always seems to show up in the month of December.
  10. Clash of the seasons. It's still hurricane season but it's not quite time for snow for the Southeast just yet. It's just too early.
  11. Probably because of its non-tropical nature and that it has frontal features. Even a subtropical cyclone must be non-frontal to classify.