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  1. Not sure if everyone is still keeping an eye on the Coastal. But just for example this is the GEFS for the storm about to hit NE. So over the course of 6 model runs went from well out to sea to a pretty large event for them. Usually it seems to follow this pattern where two camps set up of LP's and then eventually they come back together over the corrected location. Luck hasn't been in our favor this year obviously but the NW trend is alive and well.
  2. Haha Snow seems to follow you around this year. For us SE of Raleigh and the coastal plains we would love to see the suppression continue for about another 3 days. GEFS seems to be tightening some today
  3. Is pure snow the kind that isn't yellow? Because I'm guessing in Florida there's not a whole lot of "pure" anything. So he may have a point haha
  4. Been interesting watching the evolution of the high pressure over the lakes relative to the Low location. Still a lot to be worked out this late in the game for many.
  5. High keeps retreating, driving the warm up.
  6. Just remembering the past few storms but does the Nam tend to overdo the cold at it's outer range? Always seems to show a great solution initially and trend warmer closer to the event. Probably depends on the system.
  7. Living in Johnston and working in Durham is punishment on many levels the hours of commuting every day and them getting 10+"s while I get rain every storm. Time to move.
  8. About the same here just across the Johnston county line, maybe a little less but first time I've seen the ground white at all in December at my house since I moved down in 2010.
  9. Sref is picking up on some Monday morning snow this run. This has been the model showing the least the whole time.
  10. Also kind of doubt the precipitation minimum showing up over NE NC on the Ukie, haven't seen that on many models
  11. I shall break this precip wall with mine hammer, but i doubt precip extent shown I think the big take is much colder look