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  1. Haha. DT's response to the gfs Christmas look: silly over doen extreme GFS bullsh#t.
  2. JB doesn't buy the Gfs Severely negative EPO by day on GFS means it makes little sense day 10-15 with itself
  3. Bastardi: When a model does not make sense with itself, one must question, Off the charts neg EPO a very cold signal as per correlations.So model forecasting warm against its pattern a problem.Euro, Canadian see cold plains east Dec 20 on. US models 11-16 too warm east and south IMO
  4. FINALLY some flakes in downtown Raleigh.
  5. Still rain in Raleigh. Need the column to begin to cool down if we're going to see anything.
  6. RAIN. This will lead one to drink Glad it's Friday and Eggnog season.
  7. Fishel was just on the radio and is still saying non-event for Wake county. Warm nose should take over this evening.
  8. Amazing what 18 miles can do. Had moderate snow with a coating in RTP and on 40 to just east of RDU. No snow yet close to downtown Raleigh, however, the sleet is making things a bit slippery.
  9. Snow sleet mix beside Carter Finley Stadium 34°
  10. Moderate snow in RTP. Can't wait to watch it change to rain on my drive back to Raleigh after work.
  11. Still rain here off 147 RTP. 37.
  12. I believe these 925s are pretty accurate. Cool site. https://www.ventusky.com/?p=35.82;-79.29;8&l=temperature-925hpa
  13. Could someone please post or link the RGEM?
  14. Barely any discussion on the overnight euro. That 0z NAM really took the wind out of everyone's sails.