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  1. Incredible amount of excitement/ buzz on the other board about this.
  2. Light snow and sleet on Glenwood Avenue close to Crabtree in Raleigh.
  3. Snowing now in 5 points Raleigh area. 32.2
  4. Dumping around 5 points Raleigh. 31.0. 3+“
  5. 41.7 / 28.2 in central Ral. Great timing here. Headed out for a Christmas party before it rolls in early am.
  6. I don’t see the Sandhills (6.3) getting more snow than rdu or gso.
  7. Dewpoint dropping like a rock. 44.2 / 29.1
  8. Could you please post a map Burger?
  9. It's actually down in Wake at least from 5-9" to 3-7" and he split the county in half (which makes more sense).
  10. Ahh, gotcha. Misconstrued "brutal".