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  1. German model only goes out 72 hours but looks warmer than the GFS
  2. No big changes in the 6z for Friday
  3. Haha, well said
  4. Re: phasing for this event, it seems the northern and southern stream are awfully close. Would that help or hurt us if they came together?
  5. Out in fantasy land but check out what the GFS is showing
  6. 18z GFS looks about identical to the 12z.
  7. The storm is probably bringing some of that wrap around cold too, right?
  8. I guess would be interesting to see what the EPS shows for a range of events. My guess is temps will be the big issue here (per usual).
  9. 6z GFS para has two other interesting looks after this one - maybe one of them will come through for us
  10. You're right - should have checked that! Still surprised to not have any members with snowfall given the favorable trends with LP placement. HP placement near WI is also coalescing with less variance. All good trends it seems.
  11. 12z GEFS says "what snow?"
  12. Looks like there are potentially a few GEFS members with snow
  13. Sadly the WPI (Wow Posting Index) and API (Allan Posting Index) are still negative.
  14. Nice to see some potential to track - probably the last of the season.
  15. Not at all what we want