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  1. Obviously not going to work out for most of us, but this seems like an almost perfect look.
  2. Inverted Wake County gradient!
  3. ...and cold rain for favored cold rain areas!
  4. More phasing earlier on too, right?
  5. Almost sad how close we are to this storm being really interesting to us - fascinating pattern to follow nonetheless.
  6. Dynamic cooling?
  7. What in the world..
  8. Would the trends be good for anyone in NC?
  9. HECSSE* - Historic East Coast Snowstorm somewhere else :/
  10. Trends are going against us for central NC - looks to be a MA/NE special. NWS forecast for this weekend:
  11. Colder and weaker
  12. Dewpoints are plenty low (and trending colder)
  13. HP digging in slightly more in MN through hr36
  14. Unless this thing trends NW at all
  15. Looks like the cold air up north is digging in very slightly more through hr45. Drier too with single digit dew points almost hitting the NC/VA border.