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  1. 41F in Durham with sleet mixing in
  2. Meanwhile HRRR is making things interesting for RDU...
  3. I just don’t see how Raleigh’s temp profile supports anything the models are spitting out
  4. I remember that tool (among others) being an epic bust last January.
  5. Always appreciate your analysis - if you have a minute, can you put up some maps showing what you’re seeing?
  6. 12z ECMWF is pretty cold
  7. This is mainly mixing with temps floating around freezing, but for context there looks to be more moisture at play in the 12z ECMWF run
  8. Can’t complain about this look
  9. I'm new to reading these sorts of maps, but is the gist of what you're saying that at the upper levels of the atmosphere that air is flowing away from the center of low pressure, basically allowing for deepening low pressure? The opposite would be if air were crashing into the area of low pressure at that level preventing further strengthening...?
  10. Don't see much holding this back from becoming a cat4 today
  11. Obviously not going to work out for most of us, but this seems like an almost perfect look.
  12. Inverted Wake County gradient!
  13. ...and cold rain for favored cold rain areas!
  14. More phasing earlier on too, right?