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  1. Sitting in NW Atlanta watching this one.
  2. I think NE GA above 2000-2500 feet is going to do very well.
  3. Warm noses are always served piping hot.
  4. I’m in gatlinburg through Sunday afternoon for this one. Hoping for at least a few inches but I’m on the wrong side of the mountains. Might be able to navigate I-40 then down to Maggie valley if I want to see the deep stuff though. Just worry about lack of 4x4.
  5. Severe watch up for north GA. Yesterday had a tornado come within five miles of my house. EF-1
  6. Had to come down off the mountain. Roads were covered. Wind was howling. Was blizzard like.
  7. Ripping https://twitter.com/pearsoneastham/status/1342226247716380677?s=21
  8. I’m at woody gap. 43 temp dropping FAST. Ten degrees in last 25 mins. Will report with photos from Twitter and post here once the white stuff starts to fly.
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