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  1. Georgia game was basically played in a cold tropical storm. What a nasty game.
  2. GA going to take it on the chin. Good thing this guy is fast moving.
  3. 81/65 here. Much better than the upper 90s but still uncomfortable.
  4. ATL is 96 at 2pm. That is 2 degrees higher than yesterday at this time. Yesterday’s high was 98. Maybe we push 100 today?
  5. Today will mark 91 days of temps 90 or higher in a year in ATL. This will break the record of 90 days. What a year for heat! forecast for 98 today.
  6. 97 on the way for ATL today. I have a suspicion we bust high.
  7. Alltime record high for October set in Atlanta today.
  8. Temps in ATL were +8.9 above average for September.
  9. Looks like by Friday we are at 91 days of 90 or higher temps which will break that nasty record. Wow
  10. Another day another record. 94 on tap today for ATL.