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  1. Completely gut feeling and antedoetal.... I’m still positive about how this winter turns out. I really believe all said and done we will all be at or above normal snowfall. Im usually not bullish on winter in the south but as some have said it only takes one or two storms to make or break a winter season for us. I don’t see a wall to wall cold winter but I believe opportunities and windows will open along the way.
  2. Even stronger push of the 540 line. Plows into central GA and 60% of NC. That’s some darn cold air aloft. NC and TN higher elevations are going to get NW flow snow out of that if it were to happen.
  3. Hopefully it’s boom goes the dynamite sooner than later.
  4. 43/43 with 100% humidity
  5. 41 this AM.
  6. 12z GFS plunges the 540 lone into N. GA. What a beautiful sight.
  7. 45 this AM. That’s a bit nippy but it really did feel great.
  8. Why did this season overperform? Lots of questions to be answered. 05 to 17 decreased activity bookended by two amazing seasons. Lots to learn here
  9. Wow, activity continues to increase. That appears to be the most quakes since the alert was raised.
  10. I read that 10/12 has the second most number of quakes since the alert leve was raised.
  11. 05 was more active we made it through the alphabet into alpha etc.....
  12. Another record for Atlanta and the surrounding areas. 94 in Macon. Ouch.
  13. Macon hit 93 today which was a record and observed a HI of 100 today.