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  1. GSP had a nice writeup. Things are looking great for the upstate of SC and NE GA
  2. Tip for anyone still trying to book at hotel : Look at the small towns along the totality path. Find a hotel that doesn't have a website. Any hotel with a website goes to sites like Expedia and are 100% booked. I found one a week ago that still had rooms left in Hartwell, GA
  3. I want a chaseable storm this season. Looking for a low grade cat 3 hitting between destin and then I bend and Jacksonville to Charleston. Over the weekend lol
  4. Sounds like I'm going to be in a precarious situation on Monday being down in NE GA. Hartwell, GA to Andersen, SC area is where I got my hotel. Hoping it stays fair and it's good exlipse watching g weather!
  5. I found a cheap hotel in Hartwell, GA. 1hr40s totality at the hotel. I'll end up making a move towards the center in the AM.
  6. I ended up finding a hotel in Hartwell, GA. We are driving up there the night before. Worst case the hotel location gets 1m40s ish of totality. We will try to get closer to the center in the AM.
  7. 61 here as well. Gorgeous morning
  8. I've got a few targets to head towards for the event. anderson, sc tiger, ga And a city between chatty and Knox in TN
  9. Weather wise today would have been a perfect eclipse day. Sunny skies, light north breeze.
  10. Another hot day during the dog days of summer.
  11. Got lit up big time on an outflow boundary from another storm. It kicked off a nice boomer about 5:45pm.
  12. This the only time I've ever wished for a huge death ridge to setup over the SE.
  13. ^ GA, SC and eastern NC wow
  14. Oh summer in da south. Dewpoints 74-76 across west ga.
  15. Ash fallout from a Yellowstone eruption would be epic in the Midwest and Rockies even out here as falls said we would see ashfall. Scary **** and it will go off again some day.