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  1. Dude.... can you please send me some of what you've been smoking recently?
  2. His call was a titanic bust.
  3. I miss weenie tags. The weather next week is about as good as it gets for late June in the Deep South.
  4. Another flood watch issued for GA. This will be round 26 of rain from Cindy. This am I saw photos of a tornado touchdown in Cherokee county.
  5. Translates to low 50s for lows here in mby. For the last few days of June that might just be pushing record territory for some folks.
  6. Another weak rotation signal in southern Fulton county. I guess these are not making it to ground level or the NWS would be warning theses
  7. Possibly a spin up about to happen in Douglas county, GA. Only a few miles from my location. The area of rotation just crossed I-20 at rush hour. It's also moving towards heavily populated Cobb county.
  8. PW values over two here in mby. 2.4 max in central Alabama. These are some tropical downpours!
  9. Round 17 of the rain is bringing some twisties with it this time for west central ga
  10. More rain today with dew points between 75-80. Humid as can be and like the fourth day in a row with rain.
  11. Looks like it. 3-6" expected through Friday night in my area along I-20. Usually these totals end up busting high but perhaps the tropical nature will cause a bust the other way.
  12. ATL is getting hammered already. Lots of rain and round two incoming.
  13. Absolute torrential downpour
  14. Flash flood watch for parts of GA. The front stalled out over this area is interacting with the tropical disturbance. Lots of rain incoming .