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  1. Upper levels looked good even down here for snow.
  2. Wtf doom and gloom. I’m enjoying a cool December. As was said above I’m looking at 6-7 weeks January - mid Feb. if there are no storm chances in that window that’s when I’ll close the door on winter down here.
  3. Chance of some novelty slop or flurries tonight and tomorrow for NW ATL burbs towards Rome. Reports of snow in AL now.
  4. Overall I’m impressed with where we stand looking out towards prime climo. For here (Atlanta) that’s jan through mid feb. we could be talking endless SE ridge. Promising signs are abound and good god it could be so much worse.
  5. Here is what she responded to. My opinion is Burns jumped the gun. He’s the chief meteorologist in a major city. He could wait for at least a little more smoke before saying there may be a fire.
  6. From today : My buddy sent me a photo of the Cherohala Skyway. This was right after he had a small crash on the ice.
  7. AITIO all it takes is one down here in da south. I’ll track everything till April. You never know and we all usually cash in once. Even if it is small.
  8. Glimmers of hope and promising signs abound.
  9. Low 21 shot up 48 this afternoon at the same reporting station. Wow 37 degrees was a huge swing. love the early vodka like COLD
  10. 19 here - 21 at the closest official reporting station.