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  1. Severe watch up for north GA. Yesterday had a tornado come within five miles of my house. EF-1
  2. Had to come down off the mountain. Roads were covered. Wind was howling. Was blizzard like.
  3. Ripping https://twitter.com/pearsoneastham/status/1342226247716380677?s=21
  4. I’m at woody gap. 43 temp dropping FAST. Ten degrees in last 25 mins. Will report with photos from Twitter and post here once the white stuff starts to fly.
  5. I’ve had lots of luck at Woody Gap. Seems to be perfect for that sweet spot of ease of access and elevation. Plus they treat the roads. Thank you for the tip about the access road to brasstown getting shut down.
  6. Snow chase #2 for this season is here!! I’m debating targeting Brasstown Bald at 4700’ or Woody Gap at 3200’. My initial thoughts are the 1500’ won’t make a big difference and to stick with familiar chase territory at Woody Gap.
  7. Does that mean the threat increased farther east towards AL and west GA or just less tornadoes from this system in general?
  8. Checking in from douglas county just west of Atlanta. Expecting some nasty straight lines winds tomorrow night
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