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  1. Wouldn't that just suck. I'm so pumped for the event. I'm trying to not think about how much can go wrong. I guess best case is a 595dm death ridge centered right over us?
  2. Accuweather's extended forecast only goes to 7/23/17 atm. Looks like we have another month to go before it gets into that wheelhouse.
  3. Beautiful day. 10/10 started cool and ended up warm with plenty of sun.
  4. This is a cool graph I found today.
  5. All of you guys getting under the flood gun need to cash in as big as possible. Here in GA it's been wet but not enough to erase the drought. With our areas still looking at long term problems we all need as much as a possible. You guys are roasting shetly. He does over dramatize but the underlying concerns are valid imo.
  6. And this sucks. Please don't give me the canned mirrors ENSO state bs.
  7. NWS drought forecast was great news for NC but horrendous for GA and SC. Maps got released today
  8. Meh, we hit 108 in 2012. GA had the worst drought in 15 years or more and we didn't get temps even approaching 110 last year. It takes a perfect storm to get the temps you're talking about. It takes way more than just drought.
  9. Check out the TN valley forum. Mr bob and nrgjeff both opined. It's not pretty.
  10. I hope so. Mid to Upper 80s are in view of my seven day forecast. Heck it's been in the low 80s for two weeks now down here. The saving grace race has been very cool mornings mixed in.
  11. Two weeks ago. Low 80s with slight humidity during the day
  12. Cool and wet summmer sounds amazing. We can hope!!
  13. Welcome back
  14. My options are less favorable. I need to hope the weather pans out in GA/SC. Any other suggestions for someone coming from west Atlanta?
  15. I'll be in Andersen or greeneville for this event. I can't wait! I've already requested the day off of work!!!