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  1. LithiaWx

    Hurricane Florence

    What a “doomsday” scenario shaping up for the SE coast. Seriously starting to get chills. This storm behaved exactly as needed to get into striking position. The massive weakening Florence experienced is a huge reason she’s back with a vengeance so far south.
  2. LithiaWx

    2018 Mountains and Foothills Spring/Summer thread

    I’m taking the motorcycle up into the GA mountains tomorrow. Have plans in October to ride the tail of the dragon at Deals Gap, NC. You guys have some amazing scenery up there in the highlands.
  3. LithiaWx

    Winter 2018-2019 Speculation

    I’d like a wall to Wall cold ass winter for once. It would mean little motorcycle riding time but hey it would be pretty epic.
  4. LithiaWx

    Winter 2018-2019 Speculation

    The bastardi kiss of death. Fml
  5. LithiaWx

    August 2018 Observations

    The big wet seems to have given North GA no quarter. What a miserable few days unless you’re a salamander.
  6. LithiaWx

    July 2018 Observations

    Thank you, it sure was pretty to see last night. I just love a good nighttime thunderstorm!
  7. LithiaWx

    July 2018 Observations

    Yeah it’s awesome and incoming!
  8. LithiaWx

    July 2018 Observations

    73 DP here not cool
  9. LithiaWx

    June 2018 Obs

    We got one to pop severe over mby. Windy but nothing too crazy. Nice storm though.
  10. LithiaWx

    June 2018 Obs

    Slight risk for storms late his afternoon into the evening in NW GA. Bring it.
  11. LithiaWx

    June 2018 Obs

    It's hot.
  12. LithiaWx

    June 2018 Obs

    Marginal but timing of the storms late afternoon/early evening is going to maximize the limited potential across North and central GA.
  13. LithiaWx

    The Garden Thread

    Hi guys, I went with a smaller garden this year. My tomato plants are massive this year. My pepper plants have just recently started going ape **** too. I’m looking forward to harvesting the first batch of everything in the next week or so.
  14. LithiaWx

    June 2018 Obs

    Warned storm moving through. Looks like a wind maker on the radar. Edit : wow one hell of a wind whipped thunderstorm. Getting pounded. I bet some trees are going to be down from this thing.
  15. LithiaWx

    June 2018 Obs

    Powerball, I had a line train over it house for about an hour. Going to be interesting to see the rainfall totals imby when I get home to Lithia Springs. Second line moving on in shortly...... thunderboomers for sure.