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  1. LithiaWx

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    +pna-nao and -ao is my favorite
  2. Highest crest since the 2009 epic floods at sweet water creek near my house. Currently in flood stage with some houses inundated.
  3. LithiaWx

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Good timing. Rubber bands and sloshing bath water type of stuff.
  4. LithiaWx

    Winter 2018-2019 Speculation

    The writing on the wall says blockbuster winter incoming. It will be hard to beat last year down here with the early December paste job of up to a foot.
  5. LithiaWx

    October 2018 Observations

    41 for a low. nice and chilly
  6. LithiaWx

    Fall Banter 2018

    Signature win for you guys. Maybe y’all are finally putting it back together.
  7. LithiaWx

    Major Hurricane Michael

    CNN Helicopter views of Mexico beach are shocking.
  8. LithiaWx

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Cat 1 damage 2 at best
  9. LithiaWx

    Searching for Fall

    Low of 48 incoming for my location tonight. #winning
  10. LithiaWx

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Lots of 15-20+ story condos and hotels in PCB. Anyone left in those are in for a hell of a ride.
  11. LithiaWx

    Hurricane Michael

    Michael has gone beast mode. It’s truly amazing to me that we still lack the ability to predict hurricane intensity even a day or two out. I looked back at the previous forecasts of a low end cat 1 hitting. My have we come a long way from that in such a short amount of time. I guess the lesson we can learn is never underestimate the fuel that GOM bathwater can provide to a storm. Michael had some things going against it like shear and asymmetrical lopsided presentation and he has just continued a steady March towards where he is now. Just amazing.
  12. LithiaWx

    Hurricane Michael

    Ah safe and sound well north. Thank you. I had planned on going down to south GA but this has gotten out of hand.
  13. LithiaWx

    Hurricane Michael

    Very possible. There will be some wicked video from this storm. Daytime landfalls are awesome for documenting.