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  1. So we get two SE snowstorms this year and the Mid Atlantic is currently at zero correct?
  2. Focus on the short range models folks. The globals are less useful at this point in the game.
  3. Warm nose is going to **** a lot of posters. Remember they are always served piping hot.
  4. Blood mountain Hwy 19 (near suches) is where I crashed my motorcycle and broke six vertebrae and eight ribs. It’s usually good for snow but a warm 700-800 level is a bit concerning.
  5. I was hoping we could get the snow line down to I-20 but that seems like wishing. At least I can chase for some snow with it being so close.
  6. Wishcasting precip shield is farther north than we are expecting and cold is colder than we are expecting .
  7. Suppressed for everyone or just NC? Does it give north ga any love at all?
  8. Not horrible for north Georgia. Just need slightly cooler uppers and we are in business down here .
  9. Yeah I had 12-18” was hard to tell because of the snow drifts. Was epic in Marietta.
  10. Bring it. I was in Mexico on vacation last week through Tuesday this week. Missed the fun looking to see some devils dandruff fall Thursday.
  11. Oh man dat 12z GFS looked GOOD for this neck of the woods.
  12. Congrats brother. You picked a great spot to chase.
  13. 6.25” in Dahlonega. Winner winner chicken dinner
  14. Looks awesome for north GA. I’m not at home to give reports. Suches and Blood Mountain are going to get plastered.
  15. There is done evidence to support increased wintertime -AO with lack of sea ice in the Kara sea. Be careful what you wish for
  16. GFs still very interesting for GA and western NC. 2/1
  17. Well to be fair it’s threading the needle but the high to the west northwest of GA isn't in a terrible spot for western areas of the southeast.
  18. 2/1 small southern slider type system on the 18z GFS.
  19. The bright side is if you dive off the cliff it will be over quick for you. Instasplat.
  20. 22 this AM. Nice and brisk. Hit 37 today but dropped back quickly to 29 at 6:30pm.
  21. Beautiful pics. You guys should see a bit more tonight. hoping to catch some light snow next weekend up there.
  22. Looking for a snow chase. Looks like I may need to hop on a plane if I want to see the white stuff falling.