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What's up fellow peeps on the SE forums...now trying to scare anyone but here's my last mug shot which was taken back in the late Spring...





Love it!   :)


Ran across this cleaning out some old boxes. This is me Barefoot water skiing back in the day on Falls Lake.

Nice picture fraz!   :hug:


A couple from the last week.

Looks like a perfect day  :weight_lift:



Here's my latest selfie





On a hot and barely memorable July night with my brother and brother from another mother..lol

Hiya beautiful!   :wub:


Love all the pics. Oh, and the bug fix didn't work for me! 

Great picture gal   :hug:  even if you are sideways   :lol:







Great pictures widre   :wub:


Here I am hiking the falls   :D 



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Bump...because it's been 3 months since anyone has posted in this thread. A couple of months ago, I wanted to do something really different with my hair...so I cut it short and went vibrant all over red. By far one of my favorites!


I :wub: you in red!   :D


My wife and I 4 wheeling back around christmas

Great picture!   :D



Here I am with the manchild on nye  



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I was just checking in to read some of the snow reports from back home and realized it has been a year almost to the day since I last posted a picture in this thread. Below are a couple taken within the past few weeks. The first is myself and one of my volunteer teachers posing with a couple children from the Badjao tribe as we were handing out Christmas gifts. The second was taken somewhere in the jungles of Southern Mindanao. 


Not much to report weather wise from this part of the world. Mainly sunny, hot, and humid; that would pretty much sum things up year round over here. 





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