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  1. Guys and been way too long a time since being on here. A lot of things going on both weather and non-weather related in my life. But as soon as saw this run, I had to come back to where it all began for me...just wanted to see the reaction from the Southeast peeps...quite a run on the Euro no doubt!
  2. My top 5 All-time North Carolina winter storms... March 1993: This is no-contest to be quite honest and I don't expect an event like March 93 again in my lifetime. I could be wrong in saying that but don't expect it. 19 inches of snow with drifts close to 3 feet. It started out as heavy snow on that Friday night, the NWS and local TV were calling for something in the 3-6 inch range. We had 4 on the ground by midnight and you could sense everyone was going to play catch-up mode with this one. The snow fall rates were so high that the DOT ordered the crews off the roads at the height of the event. This was in the pre pre-treatment days of DOT snow removal in Western North took as long as 36 hours (after the snow) to get motorists on the road...and I even remember as late as the next Tuesday of shaded areas having ruts carved out in the snow rather than having a clear roadway. Late January 1994 Ice Storm: 1-2 inch ice accretion along I-40 from Asheville to near Raleigh. There was so much surface cold built up to where ice piled up on the ground itself. 850mb temps were in the lower 50's while it was in the mid 20's strongly wedge in to the surface. I-40 turned into a parking lot and there was widespread power outages everywhere. December 4-5th 2002 Snow/Ice Storm: The ice aspect in Charlotte was a lot worse and more comparable to Jan 94. Matter of fact this winter storm caused more tree damage than Hurricane Hugo. For me here in the Foothills we had deeper cold air to work with, it snowed 6 inches with about .75 ice on top of it. Jan 22-23 2003: There have been plenty of bigger snows that have fallen in my location over the years but the meso-scale setup that created the surprise event will always make this one of the more notable events of my lifetime. Dec 19th, 2009 Snowstorm: This storm kicked off what turned out to be a blockbuster winter season (2009-10) across the Western Carolinas. Widespread totals of 12+ inches in the mountains/foothills. Honorable Mention: April 4-5 1987: Abnormally late snow for the lower elevations right along the Blue Ridge laid down 4-6 inches here in McDowell and much higher in the mountains. Jan 1988: The synoptic setup was perfect for widespread heavy snow. I know folks will question me for not putting this in the Top 5 but my specific location was on the northern edge of the heavier totals. During the 1980's we would get at least one of these overrunning events each winter so it really didn't stick out in my mind.
  3. Ah...I will never forget this one. It was the night that me, you and Robert were doing a play-by-play on the old Wright Weather Bulletin Boards. McDowell County was on the western edge of the heaviest snowfall as the meso low setup was perfect. I still remember how that all went down...we clouded over in a matter of 30 minutes and what I thought would be nothing more than a good snow shower breaking containment set in about 11 pm and dumped about 8 inches of snow in less than 6 hours.
  4. What's up fellow peeps on the SE trying to scare anyone but here's my last mug shot which was taken back in the late Spring...
  5. Hey, I've been a long time follower of AmericanWx but in recent times I have been largely absent on the Southeast forums. One of the reasons is that I have been working a lot with a non-profit group based in Western North Carolina who does weather coverage on social media. This past week has been a true milestone for our weather group and all the hard work. I would like to introduce everyone to the Foothills Weather Network. We cover a total of 9 counties in North Carolina Foothills and Western Piedmont (McDowell, Burke, Caldwell, Cleveland, Lincoln, Gaston ,Catawba) with Rutherford and Wilkes officially added today. A good number of these counties lie in the fringes of some bigger (top 25-40) DMA's and that's always been a driving force behind our organization...and that's to give a localized and detailed account of the weather that traditional media does not provide. For the past couple years our coverage has been exclusive to Facebook and Twitter but that has now changed in a big way. Now to go along with our short range analysis and weather info on Facebook, we have a web page and phone App that features the forecast for all 9 counties, updated daily... The entire crew, about a dozen of us, are really proud of the strides that have been made. For me personally I have always had a love for weather and with this organization that love has grown even more. But I can never dismiss how much places like this forum have also influenced me over the years. Prior to the big social media boom, this was the #1 weather forum out with that I thank everyone here and for the folks in the market area I am now covering, I would love to invite each and every one of you to join our group...I'll post links below for those interested...
  6. This pattern across the Southeast US is just horrible right now...either a ridge sets up overhead or it slides just far enough west to send winds screaming from the northwest...which is another drying wind just east of the Apps... Now, Eastern Carolina tends to be ok in that type of northwest flow because the compression is negated by the time you get that far to the east. The "only" saving grace would be if an extremely well organized series of MCS could gather themselves as the ridge retrogrades...but otherwise its a lot of nothing for many west of 77 in NC and SC...
  7. GFS Ensemble data showing 3 straight days of 98-99 degree heat starting next weekend...and even the Euro ENS are spitting out 95-96 degree heat in the same time frame... Given model consensus and GFS bias, I could see a 3 day run of 95-98 for the North Carolina Foothills, Western Piedmont, Upstate SC being bookended by days of 93-96... Biggest difference I see synoptic is that the GFS builds a pretty good 594dm ridge overhead the interior Carolinas while the Euro centers a skinny heat ridge along and south of I-20 from SC to AL/MS... The Euro solution would allow the potential for west to east MCS activity...and an earlier break in the heat.
  8. I don't know for sure but two separate bolts would be my assumption as well... The building in the background is actually non-residential, it is a tax service and insurance dealer inside of that building. Wonder if their electronics took a hit?
  9. McDowell County got rocked pretty hard about 4:30 this afternoon...plenty of hail and wind reports in Marion around that time...
  10. I was one of the lucky ones today...
  11. I'm with ya in regards to the clown maps...but just the fact that a 597dm ridge has been showing up for 2 straight runs and 850's ranging anywhere from +24 to +27, that's enough of a signal to be on the lookout...
  12. 12z Euro once again showing a 597dm death ridge, +27 850's stretching across North Carolina next Wednesday...triple digit heat for all locations outside of the mountains. Even Asheville reaches 96. Charlotte 107, RDU 108
  13. I know this is in the long range...but tonight's GFS Ensembles look nasty even right along the Blue Ridge...
  14. East TX, OK and the Ozarks are probably in trouble with regards to what is coming from the Western GOM. The long and deep fetch of moisture will allow totals to really ramp up, especially if any bands were to train post-landfall... then the next big question will be, how quick will our death ridge try to break down on the north and western edges? Maybe we can get a Gulf feature to do a sharp slingshot across the Southeast...