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  1. I'll take my chances with a moderate nina. 2007/2008 was not a great year (a few small events). But we've had some blockbuster/memorable years as well: 1999/2000 had our Carolina Crusher storm and 2010/2011 had the Christmas storm. Even 1998/1999 had a Christmas eve ice storm.
  2. CPC just updated their seasonal outlook. As noted on the image, you would have to think they're assuming more app/lake lows this winter.
  3. I was in Justice Hall my first semester. We actually went over to the practice football field and sled down that big hill. Right next to it was suicide hill; which I never got the nerve to go down.
  4. Many of beer drank at Macados (way)back in my college days....
  5. 6z GFS says the day 8/9 time period. Dewpoints at hour 210:
  6. With JB, CPC, and now the Old Farmers Almanac saying warmer than normal temps and below normal snow; we're going to have some blockbuster winter storms. But seriously, it's impossible to say the SE is going to be above or below dealing with snow. Maybe for temps, where enso tends to be more reliable. As other always state, it just take one good storm to get many to average or above. Look at the last post I have above. There are some really good years for winter storms during la nina. Granted there are also some bad years, but how can you forecast which will predominate.
  7. The last couple of weeks has provided a predominant ridge in the east. As long as this pattern holds we'll have tropical systems taking aim. I read somewhere that this fall was predicted to be warmer than normal (ridging). That could extend our chances farther than normal.
  8. There has been some good winter storms during la nina years: http://climate.ncsu.edu/climate/winter_wx/database.php?location_county=&StartYear=1969&StartMonth=01&StartDay=1&EndYear=2015&EndMonth=08&EndDay=1&Submit=Submit&page=1
  9. I'm with WidreMann; we just need a winter that can produce winter storms. The overall la nina pattern should give folks along the northern tear of the US colder temps. All we have to do is pull a couple of CAD cards out of our hat and we should have sufficient cold air to do some business.
  10. With the depicted pattern (eastern ridge) it's keeping the door wide open for any storm that moves towards the SE.
  11. I miss the days he was a big part of this forum. Really good met..
  12. That map is confusing. It looks like the categories are based on region. Tennessee is classified as cold/snowy and Kentucky is mild/wet. You would assume Kentucky will have more wintery precip overall than Tennessee; but I guess Tennessee will get more per average.
  13. That one storm in December hurt because I was too far west. (so for me) It was not a horrible winter, but not good as well. http://climate.ncsu.edu/climate/winter_wx/database.php?location_county=&StartYear=1969&StartMonth=01&StartDay=1&EndYear=2015&EndMonth=08&EndDay=1&Submit=Submit&page=1
  14. I think the thing we really need to be focusing on is if this winter will be conducive to winter storms. From memory, a la nina does average out warmer but there are more ups and downs (warm/cold) with the pattern. If we can get down periods (blocking-eastern thoroughness) winter storms will threaten.
  15. These models (..NAM) are depicting this storm like a yo yo. Each run will drive you mad.