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  1. Thought you guys would enjoy this.
  2. It's really coming down here in ashville!!! Snow that is!!
  3. Asheville looks like it's sitting right on the pivot foot. Looking at around 8" or so!!
  4. Snow has been pretty steady here in Asheville. Looks to be around 7 I guess and wind is really gusty at times.
  5. Where is ground zero for the nc people??
  6. Max wet bulb temps... looks as if cad is setting in!!
  7. I agree Lookout... Im not sure that the cad sig will not shift a little to the southeast to catch more the anderson/hartwell/ to gainesville. This reasoning is all based off history here.
  8. To my untrained eye... it looks as if the axis of moister over the last few runs of GFS are moving farther east and north>?