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  1. It's not over yet. We've been lucky and have had at least one good storm the last few years. Not looking good right now but we still have time for things to change. Maybe mid February into the first week of March we'll get that storm.
  2. You need to be posting this at koreawx.com/banter.
  3. Nice thing is we don't have to be perfect this time of year. But I've always said (and I think everybody agrees) the PNA is crucial for us SE folks. When it goes negative we usually have no chance (even if the EPO is negative). **again usually...
  4. RAH is also looking at Saturdays potential. But they say it shouldn't amount to much (if anything): "The high pressure system will be centered over eastern Quebec on Saturday morning and extend southward into the western Carolinas. At the same time, a surface low pressure system will organize across the Missouri Valley on Saturday morning and then lift into northern New England by Sunday morning. High level moisture will spread into central NC Friday night and a developing/lifting warm front will extend an area of light precipitation from the mountains east toward the Piedmont late Friday night and Saturday morning. There is a chance that the developing band of precipitation may start off as some wet snow or mixed rain or snow, mainly across locations near and north of Interstate-85. Still a lot of details to be resolved and the timing of this system has shifted a great deal but at this point it appears that any snow that falls will be associated with the lifting warm front, conversational in nature and short lived." Dealing with next weeks potential, I like the setup shown on last nights Canadian at day 10:
  5. It definitely looks like well flip to a colder pattern during the next two weeks. Big questions then are how long is the cold pattern and then of course do we get the big storm. But, as we've discussed in the past, even a great pattern doesn't always provide the storm. Or there is a storm and somebody is left out. Example, there could be a big coastal storm and folks in western sections are left out (some ensemble runs show this --> or the opposite, or south and not north, etc.). Point is we need the cold and we need a pattern shift that will give us multiple chances to increase the odds that more on this board can score a storm. Refocusing away from the big storm, we could see our friend the clipper(s) start to show in the medium range. Just need to get a deep enough eastern trough to get some of those northern disturbance south into our region. Many times we'll not see these solutions in the LR modeling so it could be something that pops inside 5 days.
  6. There's cold up in western Canada. I think we'll get our chances in February. Indices don't look good going out two weeks. PNA will be strongly negative, AO and NAO positive. Again you would expect/hope that they then start to swing in the right direct afterwards (...three weeks?).
  7. From what all the mets have said and what the LR models show, it does look like most of January is toast. Of course we'll get a few cold fronts to come through and some locations in the mountains may see some light events (like yesterday); but it's going to be a warm pattern for at least a couple of weeks. Now a little positive attitude, I still think we have at least a 50/50 chance of getting into a better (if not great) pattern. Fab February could be coming. Couple of points: 1) All the indices are bad, but as said before what comes up must come down (question is when). 2) We've got locked into a stable pattern. Once we get into February/March (usually) the global stable winter patterns begin to fluctuate with smaller troughs and ridges. No guarantees, but at least we can get (quick) eastern troughs again. 3) The northern hemisphere has had cold. It's been locked up in western Canada. If/when we get a flip, it should not take long (days) to get us very cold. So basically it could end up being the worse winter ever, Or it could end up being a great winter, or something in between.
  8. Got right down to 32 degrees this morning. Sad, but that's what I'm down to in looking for freezing morning temps. Almost like I'm in north Florida now.
  9. 12z GFS is showing a quicker return of cold in the LR. The below image is for the 15th. It shows the cold (2m temps) pouring in; but what I like is it also shows the effects of the mountains (always slows our low level cold).
  10. Got down to freezing at the house this morning. **next couple of weeks may not see many days this cold.....
  11. I would put my location (right on the Granville/Wake line) at or greater than 5 feet from 2010 until now. I've been lucky and received big storms whereas folks in south Wake have missed out.
  12. Man, January is not looking good. Most LR models / indices give us little hope through mid month. I hate having access to the CFS model on the Pivotal site. It would indicate all of January is toast; and if you extrapolated, at least the first week of February is lost. But I (we) should know it'll show a different solution within the next few runs (hopefully). https://www.pivotalweather.com/model.php?m=cfs&p=prateptype_cat&rh=2020010106&fh=6&r=conus&dpdt=&mc=
  13. You really don't want to look at the CFS. But, if you do (day 24 2m temp anomaly): https://www.pivotalweather.com/model.php?m=cfs&p=sfct_anom&rh=2019123112&fh=564&r=na&dpdt=&mc=
  14. I keep thinking what goes up must come down (and vice versa). So with all the indices current in an unfavorable state, you would think a strong reversal is in order at the end of this month. Also, I've read that in cold winters there is usually a mid winter thaw (a relaxing of the predominate pattern). This also applies to warm winters where a mid winter cold period usually occurs. If I'm correct, I think 2000 was an overall warm winter and we ended up getting this (at mid winter):
  15. Yeah, we've seen many years where our first storm comes at the end of January; and then many more where (Fab)February saves us. I wasn't worried going up to Christmas (December usually doesn't produce anyways), but I would be lying by saying I wasn't worried about losing most of January.
  16. The indices today still look terrible. PNA - Still looks to go negative AO/NAO - Stays strongly positive EPO - Stays positive https://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/precip/CWlink/daily_ao_index/teleconnections.shtml Hopefully things turn around at the end of this month.
  17. It's good to have you back! You still in Apex?
  18. Yep, we had a Halloween storm (..at least I did) and then the cold first 2/3 of November. It flipped warm in December and now is having a hard time flipping back cold. Sometimes Fab February can save us, but no guarantees.....
  19. Of course I'm hoping for the 12z model runs to show an epic SE snowstorm. But, I'm actually thinking they'll show warmer solutions in the LR. Looking at the indices, it doesn't look good. PNA looks to go strongly negative **I've always considered this the most crucial EPO looks to get down to neutral **it was showing negative NAO looks to be positive **as always.
  20. Merry Christmas everybody!! I hope you all have happiness and good health for the new year. And we all score a big dog storm......
  21. It has happened before. As a kid, back in the 70s, I remember Orlando getting snow. I was living near Cape Canaveral and I was jealous seeing kids playing in the snow. All we got were a few flurries (..that I didn't see). Someday it will happen again....
  22. We'll be ok. At least cold is showing up. As many on here say, we got to get the cold first; then worry about moisture.
  23. 12z GFS and Canadian have cooled (..backdoor cold front) for highs on Christmas day. Lots of low/mid 50s for highs. But they're still not close to the NAMs 30s/40s for central NC. At this point I would lean towards 50s for highs (goes with RAH thoughts). But it will be interesting to see if the models show cooler temps in the next few runs.
  24. RAH talked about he possibility in their overnight discussion. But they stated if the backdoor cold front pushed through, temps would be closer to normal for highs (more like the euro).
  25. ^^The up state of SC would have highs in the upper 50s while Myrtle Beach stays in the 40s.