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  1. CAD_Wedge_NC

    General Severe Weather

    If that's true, why have the past several winters been so benign?
  2. CAD_Wedge_NC

    July 2019 OBS

    Wait, ... what are you talking about?
  3. CAD_Wedge_NC

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    Climo says we start the cool-down process mid-August. Slowly at first, and then it picks up steam in September. I am done with Summer and ready to move on to Fall.
  4. CAD_Wedge_NC

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    If only we had the technology on a global scale to convert this additional OHC into usable energy. I am sure some think-tank is already working on it.
  5. CAD_Wedge_NC

    General Severe Weather

    At around 2:30, you can see large debris being lofted. This is clearly a large tornado, and that descending motion is real. Horizontal vortexes are not uncommon with well developed tornadoes.
  6. CAD_Wedge_NC

    Beyond climate tipping points

    That just about sums it up .... Kudos to the ones that took the time to create this. I am old enough to remember that "global cooling" scare.
  7. CAD_Wedge_NC

    2019 Banter Thread

    Welcome back home man. We have missed ya.
  8. CAD_Wedge_NC

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    It's not only the energy from the state change, it's also the reflected energy that we are losing. Open water will suck up all the sun's energy. It does't look good for any recovery that we all hoped would happen. September better hurry up and get here.
  9. CAD_Wedge_NC

    June 2019 OBS

    Had some pretty good storms roll through here around 2 am. Heavy rain and plenty of CTG lightning.
  10. CAD_Wedge_NC

    June 2019 OBS

    Yep, I really noticed the humidity, when I stepped outside this morning.
  11. CAD_Wedge_NC

    June 2019 OBS

    49 degrees here this morning as well....
  12. CAD_Wedge_NC

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    Wow, I didn't know there was a daily forecast that goes all the way to Labor Day. That's September..... I know, you meant Memorial Day
  13. CAD_Wedge_NC

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    I would like to bottle some of this weather today and open it up on a 95 degree day in July.
  14. CAD_Wedge_NC

    2019 Tropical Weather Discussion

    This is a little early for tropical weather. It's going to be a long summer.
  15. CAD_Wedge_NC

    2019 Mountains and Foothills Spring/Summer thread

    We chased to Beech Mtn. on Saturday. Not nearly that amount. Only about an inch. It was enough to get my last "snow-fix" for the season.