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  1. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Well, not exactly..... If the AO and NAO do fall to the levels indicated by modeling, it could set up a pattern that's cold from coast to coast. Not often, but it can happen. That would favor storms that enter southern California and exit the east coast of GA. Also, there are indicators that show this -NAO might be more west-based.
  2. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    ...another one's gone and another one's gone, another one bites the dust....... Phil would probably appreciate my musical humor with this one.
  3. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Nope, just another cutter I'm afraid...... I will say, that fantasy storm went downhill rather quickly.
  4. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Well, I have had my average snowfall for the winter (9 inches total in 2 events). We have had lower single-digit lows. One icing event (0.20") and it's only the first week of Feb. Granted the LR looks bad right now, but it will come around. Climo says I will get another chance before all is said and done. I'll give this winter a B- as it stands right now.
  5. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Zonal flow with a death ridge over Florida and the gulf coast. I wouldn't exactly call that an awesome pattern. Unless of course, you would like an early Spring.
  6. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    It's only Feb 5th.... There will be another event to track you can count on it. Yesterday's event was just enough to get me back in the winter mood. Stayed below freezing for the entire event. The LR indices look good this morning for the second half of Feb. Look for those fantasy storms to start showing back up.
  7. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Wow, this thread got quiet...... (crickets). Not to worry it will get active shortly.
  8. Super Bowl Sunday Slippery Suprise Storm Obs

    Same here.... just now made it above freezing, but the precip is over. Trees and power-lines are covered with a lot more ice than I was expecting. GSP said less than a tenth of an inch. Pretty sure we passed that by a good margin.
  9. Super Bowl Sunday Slippery Suprise Storm Obs

    Moderate freezing rain and 30 degrees. Everything is glazed.
  10. Super Bowl Sunday Slippery Suprise Storm Obs

    32/12. That's a wet-bulb of 26 degrees. Better hope that doesn't happen..... If it does, I might be in the dark for the game.
  11. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Wow..... I see the ban-hammer coming for you.
  12. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    The GFS is trending in the right direction. Track of the low is further south on this run. That's due to the pressures being higher in the great lakes as shown above. If this trend continues, it will be a big hit for a lot of folks.
  13. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    This one may have legs. It's coming in at the right time. There is cold air already established. With the low passing to our south, it will lock in the residual CAD. Most of the forecasts, have us in the 40's by afternoon, but if the precip comes in early in the morning and continues throughout the day, there may be more frozen/freezing precip than what the models show currently. Also, the temps will struggle to rise much at all. No way we see mid 40's with that set-up.
  14. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    I learned that the hard way about 10 years ago when DT himself chastised me for posting a long rang pattern change on a 300hr+ map from the GFS. I never did that again, without some reasoning as to why I believed a certain pattern would verify. This is a long range discussion thread. However; you should provide some insight as to why it may or may not happen as shown.