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  1. Burger sighting!...... Glad you're still alive and well. I have to agree here. I am skeptical of the lee-side snow-hole with the trajectory of the precip that's coming in.
  2. Had a low of 25 this morning and an afternoon high of 37.
  3. 06Z OP run doesn't agree with the ensembles.... it's probably a blip.
  4. Currently 38 degrees here..... Happy New Year and a happy new decade.
  5. Get a grip man..... you know the mountains will get their share. Heck, there are two more NWFS events already on the models behind Monday's event.
  6. You are only saying "mood flakes" this winter in Asheville? That's a bold statement.
  7. We're still here. Just waiting on our next threat.
  8. Just stopping by to say that some of us down in the Southeast forum often lurk in the Mid Atlantic thread just to read your thoughts. There will always be some good and bad posters in every area, but don't let a few bad ones ruin it for everybody. Back to lurking....
  9. I don't know about that map..... You can't have a ridge in the west as the predominant pattern and have a warm east coast all winter. It just doesn't work like that..... Someone will have a below average winter. My call this winter, for NC, is for a normal winter when everything is averaged out at the end of the season. That will feel real nice compared to what we have had to deal with the last several winters. The ski resorts should have a decent winter.
  10. Ended up with 0.38" here. I will take anything I can get.