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  1. Yep, and when it starts it will continue up until verification time. Question is.... how far will it get?
  2. 32 degrees here and drizzle with a stiff breeze.
  3. Yeah, I think I will just wait until the Hrrr gets into range and go from there. Right now it's a coin toss.
  4. What do you mean? Are you leaving the forum? Or do you mean you are striking out for the season?
  5. Same here north of Lincolnton.2 inches ....but melting some now.
  6. GSP better update their graphics. Already have 1.5 inches just north of Lincolnton.
  7. Got over an inch now.....Still ripping.
  8. Roads caved..... Still ripping fatties.
  9. Rain and snow mix north of Lincolnton NC
  10. Very low hanging bowl shaped clouds.... no precip yet.
  11. Just wait..... you might not be saying that in a while.
  12. Game of chicken.... Who's going to blink first? HRRR standing its' ground. Wow. that can't really happen... can it?
  13. That gets me in the bull's eye here in Maiden. I will eat a piece of my shoe if I get that much snow tonight.
  14. Speaking of wet-bulb temps...... This is probably why BradP is so negative.