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  1. What is this possible pivot you guys are talking about? Is it something similar to a hurricane wobble? This pivot is suppose to help snow out east? Thanks for any clarification
  2. It’s been 779 days since the last flake fell in myrtle beach. HRRR looks like I’m gonna be up with the kids hoping to see some flakes falling around 5am. Would be their first time seeing snow that they are old enough to remember, even if it doesn’t stick
  3. It also has the snow hole on Myrtle beach but snows in Georgetown. Mark it on the calendars, it’s legit.
  4. Yeah, I’m as amateur as they come when it comes to knowing what I’m talking about but we would be heavily relying on wetbulb I think. Need some heavy rates of precip to cool off the surface
  5. 00z Canadian not on shore yet with the Monday system but it made a leap west
  6. i see it creeping to the coast, but temps don’t seem low enough. Down my way in Myrtle beach they appear to be 40ish but even toward the outer banks is mid-upper 30s. Any reason to believe if this trends closer, the temps will play along?
  7. My fv3 maps aren’t out that far yet. Does the snow make it to the coast?
  8. But not bad for everyone. I’d take that here in Myrtle beach
  9. Even gets some snow and ice to the Myrtle beach area. Not expecting anything, but still encouraging to see.
  10. Hi 90 low 70 tomorrow here in Myrtle beach. That’s disgusting for October lol. May as well hit up a restaurant on the beach for dinner and attempt to enjoy it I suppose
  11. Looks like she’s down to a tropical storm. Probably not for long, but will probably result in the next models being a little more southwest
  12. Mostly a D because of the horribly blown forecast. Every met here was even now casting as the storm was in progress saying 4-6 inches. The trace was mostly just sleet. So yeah, the only reason I didn’t say F because of the potential was we did have a good stretch of really cold weather which was nice.
  13. And on that note, Myrtle beach will take its D for the winter ( trace snow and good cold ) and call it a season. On to the severe weather!
  14. Back to the drawing board after that bust. A dusting to a half inch they said. Get the sleds out they said. Looks like I’m just eating normal ice cream today
  15. Myrtle beach is forecast for light snow and possibly a dusting at best atm. Would a low forming there make it more difficult for the cold to come in?
  16. I had a forecast of 3-5 inches like the folks around me got. Guess where I live
  17. Sadly not everyone east of 95 got snow. I’m in that very small area saying a dusting and we didn’t even get that. Just a dusting of sleet.
  18. Can’t believe Myrtle beach busted. We were always suppose to start mixed but transition to snow and was Mets said we were in a great spot. Busted with just some sleet. Oh well, that just means our 1 inch every five years is still on the table lol
  19. My local met here in Myrtle beach, ed piatrowski, is very conservative. At 2pm today he released his map and said 3-5 inches of snow. All we got is a handful of sleet pellets. What a bust so far. Maybe we can squeak out an inch if it changes over eventually
  20. Myrtle beach Went from 3-5 inches at 2pm to 1-2 inches at 6pm and it’s still just sleet.
  21. Finally got our first flurries in Myrtle beach