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  1. 38 per car thermo in Blue Ridge GA, getting rain/sleet mix now. May have intentionally scheduled client meetings up here today. Lol
  2. Ended up with about 2.5” in Woodstock GA, now melting rapidly. This is from just a bit further north in Canton/Ball Ground near the Cherokee county airport at 11am.
  3. 15 minutes after it started for real
  4. Flurries just started in Woodstock GA!
  5. Flurries in Cobb County this morning and now in norcross in the ATL area!
  6. I’m visiting home just NW of Chapel Hill proper, watching closely
  7. Just so you know we can actually see how much these maps show for Orangeburg. We don't need you to post every time
  8. The next time I do this I need to get an airbnb with some elevation. I was at the red roof inn off the interstate and ended up with maybe 12” on grass, a lot of which was sleet. Saturday afternoon while nothing was sticking in town I drove up to a GPS indicated 2700’ and the ground/roads were white.
  9. We flipped to sleet in Hendersonville around 4am and are still sleeting, would love to at least end as some snow
  10. About to get some sleep. Big flakes still. No idea how much snow we have, maybe 7" at this point? Pics were taken about 40 mins ago or 11:30pm. Size 11 boot print in grass for depth reference.
  11. Really wish I had brought a ruler or something but guessing at least 4" on cars and grassy surfaces in Hendersonville right now. Wind is picking up, temps dropping, rates cranking.
  12. I really miss snow at Furman. And Furman in general. Anyway snowing in Hendersonville