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  1. Got over 2 inches of rain in about 30 minutes this evening and a flooded basement.
  2. Maybe try growing rice in the garden next year?
  3. Even though MBY went through a dry stretch there were still storms in the area. Sans just a few days, there has been at least the threat of rain everyday throughout the entire summer.
  4. Holy cow, I had no idea there were storms in the area until I looked at the radar at about 10:30 am (I took the pictures at 6:51 am). The power of storms is always fascinating to see but the damage sucks. Have since had some light rain here but nothing like what you had.
  5. Was nice to finally get a tiny bit of rain yesterday which contributed to the inversion valley fog this morning. Attached a few pictures from a sunrise bicycle ride on the Parkway this morning:
  6. Same here, had lightning within 1/4 mile of the house but no more than a few drops of rain.
  7. Looking at the GFS it appears the next cool down is courtesy of air getting funneled down here from Hudson Bay, unbelievable on the ways air from the north ends up IMBY this spring.
  8. I believe this is what Met1985 was alluding to in is comment about the Euro 10 days ago. The models have accurately sniffed out the cut-off lows well in advance in recent months.
  9. I had wanted to do some back country camping now that the USFS is allowing it in many places but ain't going in the rain. Looks like the 2.5 months of March we had has also resulted in an extended monsoon season.
  10. Mother nature has issued a stay inside order
  11. A mere 1.8" IMBY at the moment with light rain.
  12. I love it when WintersNotComing is coming to where winterwillnotgoaway. You and Eyewall have a great trip and have fun! I will be sitting this one out by the wood-stove this evening.
  13. This spring we are getting 2.5 months of March and last fall we got 2.5 months of August; these transition seasons have been failing on the transition part.
  14. Luckily got very little of that last night but the Upstate can't catch a break. We will see if a cell hits this afternoon; HRR indicates some potential:
  15. From the looks of the GFS you have more to look forward to this month.