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  1. The -NAO seems to be the most consistent in the spring. Last year per Mountain Thread records; I think the last high elevation snow was on or about May 9.
  2. Just got down to about 40 F IMBY down in the valley, warmer than I was expecting. Guess the wind shut down any valley inversion.
  3. The spring/summer thread has arrived. Must mean snow is on the way!
  4. Seems like we get a cold snap every year at the beginning of April then again my memory is not so reliable. But we are due for our annual March or April flip to -NAO:
  5. I recall that winter there were several blown calls on snow storms that didn't materialize; people were joking that it was a plot by Ingle's. Back in those days no internet at home and I really wasn't buying into the Super Storm hype which much to my surprise wasn't hype at all. I recall a little snow that Friday afternoon (March 12th) then it quit for awhile then a lovely gentle snowfall Friday night (28 years ago on the exact same days of the week). Woke up to the wind and massive amount of snow on Saturday. Lost power and decided to walk to a friends house that had a wood-stove. He met me half way with a thermos containing hot chocolate and rum. I wore a motorcycle helmet for that walk straight up Merrimon Ave in Asheville; a guy walked up to me and said, "you have the right head gear for this storm!" IIRC, I measured 21 inches of snow (may have been 23 inches); and I believe they had measured a 78 mph wind gust at the National Climatic Data Center in downtown Asheville. I have some recollection of a little bit of lightning and thunder as well if I am not getting my storms confused. What a great adventure it was 28 years ago today
  6. Nice; I just happened to be parking by the gate when the ranger opened it to the Craggy Gardens Visitor Center yesterday. I ended up being the first car up there after opening the gate; the second car arrived about a minute after me. Numerous times my wife and I hiking or myself on the bicycle have been on a closed section of the Parkway and they opened it. I was always amazed at how quickly the cars followed. This time it was me LOL.
  7. A toasty 38 F IMBY. Airport reporting 40 F with dewpoint of 22 F
  8. Famous last words but I would be suprised if some of these high totals verify; we will see...
  9. As I recall you lost a tree to an ice storm a few years ago. Let's hope it doesn't get too bad.
  10. I went to grad school at VT. Really enjoyed my time living in Blacksburg. Welcome to the mountain thread.
  11. I am with you on that; nothing I dislike more than winter in April and beyond... As I have said before I still have PTSD from getting denied a spring last year; I did go back and look at the "spring" summer thread 2020 and saw folks report seeing flakes flying on May 9 . I have a less than stellar memory but it seems over the past 10 years or so the teleconnections more often that not set up for cold trough in the east and ridge out west normally in early March (as I recall late March or beginning of April of last year). We have had some pretty warm periods in February. Not that this has anything to do with the future but having a cold February this year maybe we get a spring pattern in March or April. I dream this year of sitting out on the deck on a warm April evening hearing the birds and perhaps some spring peepers but still fear the cold winter wind sending me inside for shelter. Cheers to hoping for a warm spring
  12. April?, as I recall you were still getting snow in May!
  13. Black ice is the worst; hope everyone stays safe. KAVL meteogram courtesy of ISU:
  14. GFS looking nice for the 13th and 14th but the chances of that actually happening...
  15. Yes and I am still suffering from PTSD from that cold "spring" wind continuing until mid-May last year.