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  1. Moonhowl

    2019 Mountains and Foothills Spring/Summer thread

    So much for breaking up the silence, the only thing I project is more activity when snow is showing up on the short range models. Until then, enjoy the rest of the Summer, Fall...maybe anther late Fall snow this year, we will see.
  2. Moonhowl

    2019 Mountains and Foothills Spring/Summer thread

    I may be in the minority here but I love summer; now if I lived in the Piedmont probably not so much.
  3. Moonhowl

    2019 Mountains and Foothills Spring/Summer thread

    Turned out my basement was flooding about the time I was posting the frowny face about your house flooding. Ended up with about 5.3" IMBY. Still made it out to take a few pictures of the $850,000 soccer field project:
  4. Moonhowl

    2019 Mountains and Foothills Spring/Summer thread

    Now 4 inches of water dumped IMBY and still pouring. More inches of rain than I had snow for the December 18 storm. City of Asheville was in the middle of spending big bucks on soccer fields that I am sure are or will be under water yet again: https://wlos.com/news/local/asheville-city-to-pay-875k-to-help-repair-soccer-complex-at-azalea-park I plan to get out a take some photos once this lets up.
  5. Moonhowl

    2019 Mountains and Foothills Spring/Summer thread

    ~2.6 inches and rising IMBY and does not look to be ending anytime soon.
  6. Moonhowl

    2019 Mountains and Foothills Spring/Summer thread

    Last year the AO and NAO went negative and IIRC a +PNA at the beginning of March and stayed that way through April. All I remember was wall to wall below normal temperatures in April of last year. I started to look at the data and the following were the temps the first 3 days of April 2018 at KAVL: 4/1 – 75 F 4/2 – 78 F 4/3 – 76 F Goes to show I shouldn’t trust my memory. Not a fan of cold in April but since snow is so rare lately I wouldn’t mind seeing some in April as long as there is no deep freeze.
  7. Some light snow falling at the Cataloochee ski area at the moment; linky dink for your convenience: http://www.resortcams.com/webcams/cataloochee/ Looks a little more impressive on the lift cam: http://www.resortcams.com/webcams/cataloochee-liftcam/
  8. Went skiing at Sugar on Thursday, March 7 and they said it will be the last day they would operate the snow guns.
  9. Moonhowl

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    As of yesterday; Asheville is 2.5" of rain ahead of last year which was the wettest on record. I've heard old timers speak of dry spells with stuff called dust that comes from mud.
  10. Moonhowl

    March 2019 Observations

    23 F IMBY; also congrats on getting snow in March in SE NC! Don't see that everyday.
  11. Beautiful photo. Noticed the other day Wolf Ridge had ended to their ski season.
  12. March always brings in second winter and it seems to be more often lately after February spring softens us up; the question is, will April be a winter or spring month.
  13. Per WLOS just now; new record set for 3 second gust at 124 mph.
  14. A bit breezy eh; going for a new record perhaps.
  15. Teleconnections not looking like they will take a dive like March of last year. Chances for any significant snow looking grim but sure we will see a few more flakes before spring sets in.