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  1. That is my recollection as well, albeit my memory is highly questionable LOL. Seemed liked 10 plus years ago NWFS was far more regularly reaching AVL than it has been over the past 10 years. Not sure how you would find data on this.
  2. Don't remember specifically about consecutive weekends but winter of 09/10 was epically snowy.
  3. NWS did a significant revision to the AVL forecast, less snow more of a mix.
  4. The NWS wind forecast for Asheville; certainly strong enough to be concerning:
  5. Nice scene on top of Sugar Mountain right now with lower cloud deck raking the top: http://www.skisugar.com/cams/
  6. 4 to 6 inches is what I think of as ideal, I would rather not lose power and trees with more than that. I had a great time during the blizzard of 93 but I was renting back then LOL.
  7. Jason: "Nothing to see here" Thinking of the scene in Naked Gun when the missile hits the fireworks store.
  8. Congrats!! Get a real winter then a lovely break from winter for you and the Mrs.
  9. Woke up this morning took a look at this and thought it was generated for somewhere other than KAVL:
  10. Sounds like your average January in most of North Carolina
  11. Merry Christmas to all of you mountain folks As for the weather; fire up the grill or have fond memories of last year; Christmas eve 2020:
  12. 24 F IMBY this AM, went out and enjoyed the early morning by seeing a few meteors from the Geminids meteor shower.
  13. Might want to wait to buy in until you see it on your yardstick.
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