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  1. Yes, we are passed due for our annual killing freeze; you would think the plants would know by now that it happens every year
  2. Guess winter will end up being November and April
  3. Maybe the teleconnections will keep us from hitting 90 F before the end of April. Took a bicycle ride on he Parkway yesterday; it was packed. Came down the mountain through downtown Asheville; compared to a normal Saturday it was a ghost town. Seeing that really drove home the economic impact of all this. Back at you and everyone with the well wishes.
  4. My faulty memory recalls quite a few years where the teleconnections get ripe for cold and snow around the beginning of March, of course missing the heart of winter, but at least shots of NWFS continuing to mid-April. Teleconnections are not favorable this year but yes, April is always in play for at least a brief cold shot with some snow. Don't forget Mt. Pisgah in May of 1992
  5. Glad you found some snow. Did some cycling on a closed section of the Parkway near Asheville, no snow at all on the road; a little snow in the woods on the north facing slopes.
  6. Can't really expect winter until March and April in this neck of the woods
  7. Hope everyone enjoyed the snow; below is a photo I took while the wife and I were hiking yesterday.
  8. I saw that; looks really bad.
  9. Fun fact, Monterey is about the same latitude as Asheville (per Google Monterey is 0.005 deg North of Asheville).
  10. Just exceeded 4 inches storm total IMBY. It would be nice to see some snow flakes instead of rain.
  11. Duke Energy Outage Map (we will see if this paste works):
  12. Sunny and 64 F on Monday is positive or at least if we can't get snow, I'll take it
  13. It had pretty decent amount of air time; they looped your video 2 or 3 times but yes, they did not give it the peaceful silence it called for
  14. Always nice to see some flurries at the epicenter of malfunction junction.