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  1. There was a great view of the storm rolling into Asheville on Hunter's/AshevilleWx Grimes Teich Anderson webcam (https://www.ashevillewx.com/gtadowntownashevillecam):
  2. Certainly not much snow this past winter. However, I have seen snow in Asheville in years past on Halloween and went cross country skiing on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Mt Pisgah in May. There is at least a shot at winter weather for over six months of the year in WNC. That's a long winter We will not discuss what happens between the cold snaps and time between snow falls.
  3. Power was out for a little over 4 hours, just came on
  4. LOL, this is why mountain folks should never be led down the primrose path to spring fever during February Bottomed out at 22.6 F IMBY; normal low down here in the valley for mid-January is 26 F.
  5. I am starting to think February and March temps are inversely correlated Latest on the NAO
  6. Ski resorts should have bought you tickets to Portland in February
  7. Average high for Asheville the first half of January is 47 F; IMBY 35 F at 2 PM on March 14. Been off and on flurries most of the day around here.
  8. March and April nowadays are about the only months of the year that can produce persistently below normal temperatures. However, the normal high for March 13 is 58 F; so you really can't expect February style warmth in March Happy 30th anniversary to the Blizzard of 93
  9. This is just about as sure an occurrence in the month of March as the Spring equinox:
  10. Great photos! My wife and I should be down that way soon. Getting spring fever in Feb is tough in mountains. We know how it typically shakes out. Teleconnections finally go cold sometime in March followed by a series of east coast troughs with chilly 20 to 40 mph winds blowing regularly into May. Buckethead will be posting photos of snow he is getting in May. That said it is all worth it to not have that Charleston type summer heat.
  11. NWS forecast for Asheville that I am looking at is almost all rain which I think is correct. Good luck to the mountain peeps with elevation!
  12. Seems we have seen that most springs, teleconnections go cold, lock in the east coast trough sometime in March and largely stay that way until mid-May. Today is a prime example of a beautiful 50 degree January day that you would never get in the spring because 20 to 30 mph winds always accompany the cooler temps that time of year. Enjoy today folks!
  13. Wow, five feet plus of snow; that would be 60.95 more inches than the model average for my area.
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