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  1. Awesome! Glad you got the chance to meet him.
  2. Yes, I am east side also not far from the Asheville Mall. The variability in accumulation over such a small area is amazing.
  3. Heard a transformer blow this morning and saw the line crew working and chainsaws running not far away. I kept power but clearly others did not and we only had 3 inches. Hope you get your power back soon.
  4. I would say 3 inches max IMBY; did hear a transformer blow this morning but have power here.
  5. Wow, it should pick up in the east side of town before long but very light so far.
  6. Nothing but a dusting in this neck of the woods so far; we will see...
  7. I have been thinking warm nose the entire time; per HT the gulf has nothing to do with the warm nose so I certainly have much to learn about the origin of the warmth of the warm nose. To be honest I don't mind the sleet because those snow totals were giving me falling tree anxiety.
  8. Feel free to post all tree stand observations here
  9. The one nagging doubt I have is the gulf hasn't had much time for a winter cool down; I just can't help but think there is a warm nose sneaking up behind me despite the CAD in front of me.
  10. Just ran a meteogram for Asheville and it is showing a model average of 4.5 inches (it was showing over 8 inches yesterday); don't know if it is out to lunch or really what to make of it (link below): [sleet-freezing rain cutting totals along with lower QPF?] http://www.meteor.iastate.edu/~ckarsten/bufkit/image_loader.phtml?site=kavl&nam=on&nam_mos=on&namm=on&gfs_mos=on&gfs=on&gfsm_mos=on&gfsm=on&nws=on&rap=on&obs=on&nam4km=on&con=on&ratio=11&max_t=on&cobb=on&compaction=on&mean_mt=on&max_mt=on&mean=on
  11. Any knowledge of what happened to the ASU webcams; used like checking out the snow on the Sanford Mall cam?
  12. Got my Ingle's run in this morning, wasn't very crowded. Hopefully it won't be too bad for you this evening if the jinx doesn't put the brakes on your shopping. Since there were a few flakes in town (I mean snow flakes) it may spread the bread and milk panic.
  13. Moonhowl

    Southeast Sanitarium - A Place to Vent

    You gotta make that epic drive to Roxboro on the far side of the magic snow line.
  14. Ugh, totally forgot about grocery shopping
  15. Jason just showed a map indicating 18" in Asheville. Surprised to see this after he wasn't on board with the last two significant snowfalls. Maybe he is slapping the jinx on it.