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  1. Look forward to hopefully seeing some snow flakes in December; for now I like seeing this thing of beauty:
  2. There are some snow blowers running at the top of Cataloochee right now.
  3. I may have posted at least one of these inversion photos before. You can barely see it but the first photo shows what I believe is a bit of an energetic heat plume from the Skyland plant breaking through the inversion layer. The second photo, seems to include moisture from the French Broad River:
  4. That would be far superior to getting the flip to cold at the beginning of April like this past one.
  5. Glad Zeta from where I am sitting was not remotely as bad as Ivan or Opal and despite the very active season the mountains in general have not had the horrible tropical season that was in 2004. Hopefully done with the tropics but not counting on it (something brewing out there now); looking forward to seeing some snow. Happy Halloween
  6. Just had the strongest gust so far; still think it was below 40 mph
  7. So far max at KAVL has been 33 mph.
  8. Holy cow! I still don't think I have topped 30 mph IMBY and hope it stays that way.
  9. So far the wind has not been bad down here in the valley (famous last words); fortunately the rain is starting to slack off. About 3.3" IMBY.
  10. I don't like the sound of that (yes, bad humor)
  11. I am guessing gusts around 25 mph so not looking good for the power when it increases. Per Duke Energy there is an outage relatively close to me which I am sure is related to the power blinking I was experiencing.
  12. Power blinking and about 2" of rain so far including yesterday. Hope the trees stay off of everyone's homes.