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Total Solar Eclipse, April 8, 2024


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Got into Portland from Phoenix late Saturday night. Original plans were for southern TX but I pulled the plug on those Thursday/Friday. The departing storm was still spitting out snow from around 7k feet all the way down to around 900ft in PWM area where it changed to rain showers the rest of the descent. A pretty big difference from the 70s and 80s we've been getting in AZ. The snowcover is melting rapidly, already down to patches, hard to believe 18" fell a few days ago.

Starting from Harrison tomorrow morning and am thinking Norton, Canaan, Colebrook, Pittsburg or maybe Newport. Eustis to QC border area is a possibility too.


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93 looks fine in both directions a few miles north of the 89 split at least from my window here.  Heading up 93 to 91 per Waze with 2 hours and 20 minutes.  Plenty of time-should be hitting the road in an hour.  Skies should not obscure the show!

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5 minutes ago, ice1972 said:

Happy chasing everyone…..halfway to Dallas now…..cutting it close…..trying to get to park about half an hour outside DFW…..had to move flight to next one out of LaGuardia

I have no idea how my flight tomorrow is going to take off given the severe weather expected!

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Traffic was very heavy on I-89 for my commute this morning.  Mostly Mass and Ct plates with a other states including green plates mixed in.  Easily the heaviest I have seen traffic on 89 except right near Burlington at the height of "rush hour."  I got off at Montpelier and came back roads as I assume Stowe is already a mess.  Sadly the VT cameras on NE511 are not updating.

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1 hour ago, CT Rain said:

My parents are driving up to St. J this morning. I told them to get on 91 as soon as it’s over. Hopefully they don’t get stuck forever coming back to CT!

Only issue with 91 is that it has one lane closed southbound just north of Fairlee due to a rockslide.  I don't know if they will have both lanes open today but it has just been the one lane for the past month.  It could become a bottleneck point later if it is not fully open.

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6 minutes ago, CT Rain said:

I have no idea how my flight tomorrow is going to take off given the severe weather expected!

Oof - we’re scheduled to fly out 10:30 tonight to Reno…..hopefully we get good eyes on eclipse…..

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9 minutes ago, WhiteLawns said:

Can anyone smarter than me give an update on what the clouds may be like?

From BTV discussion:


As of 707 AM EDT Monday...Forecast is on track for high clouds
overspreading the forecast area throughout the day, potentially
with mid-level, thicker clouds arriving shortly behind. It will
be a close one in regards to eclipse viewing. What we know:
Highest sky cover appears to be in northern New York counties
while lowest sky cover (clearer skies) will be in the Northeast
Kingdom. There`s the potential for the clouds to slow as they
approach and run up against the ridge, leaving more time for
clearer viewing this afternoon. Also, fog is not going to
materialize at all this morning. Previous discussion below:

Previous discussion...
Unfortunately, model guidance continues to inch the sheet of high
clouds faster as it progresses southwest to northeast across the
forecast area.

Based on the current speed of the high clouds that are currently
across western New York/Pennsylvania, these will arrive around 12-4
PM, depending on your location across the forecast area. The
Northeast Kingdom, being farthest northeast in our forecast
area, looks most likely to be the clearest spot at 2 PM today.
Even with more sky cover than hoped, we are anticipating an
unseasonably warm day today with highs in the mid- to upper 50s
in the mountains to lower 60s for the wider valleys, and winds
will be somewhat light out of the west/northwest. We`ll likely
have a 4-6 degree drop during totality, which could limit
temperatures getting higher than the low 60s despite 925mb
temperatures potentially in the 6-8 C range.
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