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  1. Holy chit backedge! That’s a buttload of snow.... oooooohhhhh baaaaasket!
  2. Anyone get a chance to glimpse the Aurora last night or early this morning? Damn clouds....
  3. It didn’t stop snowing all day in the Burlington area. Sure, some was light as can be but at times it was coming down pretty good. I certainly like the feel of the first few days of meteorological winter in spite of the warm departures we had for the month of November.
  4. Where and what time
  5. Eyewall, buck-o, neighbor, fellow Vermonter... There are many variables that affect road conditions. A few include: ambient air temperature; traffic compaction of fallen snow/ice, wind, wind direction, consistency of snow/moisture content of snow, traffic limiting plowed truck maneuverability, rate of temperature drop/rise, ground temperature, brine (road salt + moisture) freezing temperature, solar radiation, future temperature trends, sand/salt availability etc etc etc Had to jump in to defend the state of the roads, it’s the second comment recently about plowing that I’ve read questioning the work that’s being done around the greater Burlington area.. There is So Much More To It than driving in circles on a route with your Plow down and your Salter spreading salt behind you. Keep the faith, let the temp get above 10 or so, and things with start to improve.
  6. Jack Frost: Member since 2010 yet it seems 96% of posts have occurred in the last ~2 months with rabid voracity about one subject in particular. Personally, I'm having a hard time associating your posts with any sort of credibility in any capacity. In the above QUOTATION you are requesting Mods to go after another posters actions for not using your exact words but instead substituting those words' perceived meaning as your own without providing a proper paraphrase or direct quotation. OK, fair enough- but his perception is not far off from what I also distilled from these, your very own, words: "...As to green energy...maybe someday it will have a useful place in the world energy supply. It's just not there yet..." So, now that I have properly paraphrased your very own quotation of your very own words, would you agree that the following complete sentence is not without the bounds of logical interpretation: "Green energy doesn't have a useful place in the world yet." Forgive me for my own look of incredulity... Furthermore, you then you turn around and quote your own words and distill your own implied meaning out of them after the fact: "...I stand by this, meaning solar in particular...can presently substitute for the energy delivered by more conventional sources..." Nowhere in your own quoted post did you say you meant solar, out of all the green energy systems available, in particular, could at present, replace any conventional means of energy production. But yet you think it is OK to rework your statements after the fact to tell us what you really meant. Now where have I seen this tactic recently deployed before? The hypocrisy on display here is shameful. Russiagate? What does throwing that out there add to the conversation- or have anything to do with anything here? This is such a sad attempt at trolling politics in to discussion and a clear distraction. Hopefully the Mods WILL step in here.
  7. Awesome power and carnage captured in your shots. Shards of wood, whole logs, a torn-asunder Wallingford sign- all on the backdrop of a deluge- neat. All the different textures and structures the water takes on in those shots is really cool, also. One of my favorite spots during flooding was going to the river walk next to the Cascades and looking across towards the Chase Mill. The tier-like descent of the river there made for some turbid and tumultuous waters, too.
  8. Cool shots eyewall, it reminds me of watching the aftermath of Irene from that spot in the early morning hours after hearing the roar from my apartment downstream 1/8 mile or so from there. Anyone manning the debris clearing machine?
  9. Radar and a report from a friend in Colchester says barely anything falling from the sky in the Burlington area... and yet the WWA just flipped to a WSW calling for 4-8" through tomorrow night. What gives?
  10. Got home a little while ago from a few long days of salting, plowing glop, and shoveling. Having lived in and around the Burlington, VT area for the past 11 years it has amazed me how different weatherwise consecutive years (particularly winters) could be. The old adage- "It's Vermont, give it 15 minutes and the weather will change"- really rings true on all levels. Anecdotally, it had seemed that each winter from year to year had it's own tale to tell. Going into each winter was for the most part an unknown. Yes, it's Vermont- we will see snow, it will be cold. We could expect to see something not too far from average, with an anomalous year here and there- no rhyme or reason to the layman. Would it be cold or warm? Would it be above average snow or below? Some were shetty and boring. And some were absolutely beautiful, the quintessential picture of a Vermont winter that you have in your head. I still find that to be true, for the most part. It just seems like the year to year variability has now turned in to a year to year "variable trend." Whereas the winters 2 and 3 years ago had brutal cold and, from my recollection, above average snowfall. Last year and this year (although it is not over yet), however, really seems as though the switch got flipped. WARM and below average snowfall. Just wanted to share my thoughts. I also wanted to share my appreciation of this board and this thread in particular. It is of great value, entertainment, and education to me. Eyewall, some day you will notice the cleanest, most ice free 2 block-length stretch of sidewalk in the city of Winooski, and you will know that Grambo has been there. Hah!
  11. +1... I remember voicing my concern near the end of last winter about the lack of snowpack and Lake Champlain's water level going forward throughout the recreation season. Last year did seem to have a consistent low lake level. When I was out on Lake Champlain this past boating season, as well as when I was observing my own shoreline, I remember thinking to myself that "if this keeps up, I wonder if we have a lake level that begins with 8 next year." I hope that the watershed upstream will be juiced enough to mitigate some our drought at this point. While it isn't unlike the CPV to be bare and no big snowfalls on the horizon at this point in meteorological winters' game- I pray that this is not a long term trend (sustained drought) that transitions from year to year. I often think now that, if it happens in California, why couldn't it happen here?"
  12. Yes I remember waking up to go plowing around the BTV area and 30" out of those 35" had fallen in the 6 or 7 hours I had slept. The main difference between the current system and that event is that temps were much much lower (teens if I recall correctly) and the snow ratios were insanely high- I was able to easily walk through all 35" of that fluff...
  13. I'd argue that I'm seeing the hardest snow of the season right now. It's kinda crazy outside.
  14. Funny, I had the same thoughts yesterday. With the lack of snow pack to charge, in particular, Lake Champlain, I wonder how lake levels will be going forward through the year.