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March 3-4 Potential Winter Storm


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1 minute ago, Malacka11 said:

The HRRR is bumping north slowly too if anyone cares

at this point wake up in the morning and watch the radar, my friend. It should be a beautiful presentation. As Joe Strummer once sang it's going to be "Death or Glory." 


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3 minutes ago, Owensnow said:

Looks like a rainer for DTX and DTW and myself


Will see what happens

It isn't a rainer for dtw and definitely not dtx. It will be a lot lower ratio but the temps don't go above 34. Yes I would love no last second shift but this storm has done nothing but shift.

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1 minute ago, Owensnow said:

I meant to say Detroit City or DET I guess, looking more rainy now

It's not rain tho, this is literally how far north the rain snow line gets


It shows lighter returns, my guess is it's struggling where the banding will set up. But it isnt rain.

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