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  1. I believe this is the first time I seen a band from Superior make it here. 21" total from everything going back to last Wed. Thus the two slop fest storms and lake effect.
  2. They have 2-4 here and looking at the radar I am not seeing it.
  3. How does anyone live there? I would never leave the house!
  4. And deep moisture to boot! Grr even mentioned the potential for a i96/I94 band getting going as the flow to the north is wnw to nw and south of there is wsw wrapping in the cold.
  5. Well for a short bit I felt like I was back east with the heavy snow and big fat flakes.. Hope to score on some fatty's tomorrow/tomorrow evening before the very cold stuff arrives and kills the flake size tomorrow night.. Surprised there is not more talk about the lake effect because it's supposed to go till Sunday at least ( per GRR ) with the winds etc we should see cross state bands that should reach the Detroit area..
  6. Now to wait for the backside and lake effect..
  7. This might be the strangest storm I have seen out this way. Too see Chicago with rain while to the east the rain/snow line has been nudging south ( Near Ft. Wayne ) and a slp nearly over Chicago? At worst it looks like the so called dry slot will be paying a visit here later on.
  8. Have had about 3" so far with some heavy stuff about to move in.
  9. It has but was as well with last system which as we know ended up a bit se of gfs track.. That's our hope anyways. Shouldn't be worrying about to far NW with a damn Nino as is... Ugh. Climate change for you..
  10. I just know with past experiences that with a nino the trend tended to be se close in vs Nina and the nw trend. And with this type of system I want the slp at least 100 or more miles to my south and east. Just not east of Toledo/Detroit.. But that's me of course.
  11. Wish I could add better insight but there has been not much to follow since the model upgrades other then the last system and I am not betting anything on one system. Just hope that is the case with this.
  12. Good seeing you! Hope all has been well! Time for me to raise the shields to keep this thing se of Ft. Wayne and Jackson! Time for that crap nw of there to end! Keep the mixed/rain crap east of here!
  13. If I see the track east of here/Jackson I'll feel better about that. The saving grace here with the further west track is that the lake effect gets going quicker.
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