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  1. Can’t buy a soaking here in IKK. Crazy how dry it’s been
  2. Feels like today is going to over perform temp wise here in EC IL. That sun it hot and it’s very humid out.
  3. Worst stretch of weather for our area that I can remember. Started a couple weeks before April 1st as well. I had two weeks off between jobs in late March and it was miserable then too. I remember being bummed having time off and the weather being so trash. Close to 8 weeks straight of cold rain and raw weather
  4. Crazy we didn’t get a spring this year at all
  5. Real soupy feeling real quick here once the rain ended in the IKK
  6. Fwiw that’s how I see it as well. Winter to summer happens all at once lately and same with summer to winter. Two seasons, winter and summer, both last about 6 months now
  7. Supposed to be 68 today here in the IKK. Currently feels like 55
  8. 5 straight weeks of trash weather. Quite an impressive run
  9. One of the worst two week stretches of weather I can remember. March is winter.
  10. Heard you got a DAB when everything went SE. Wrong orientation.
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