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  1. Can’t get on board with that. But that’s okay. We are free to go our own ways. Be tolerant
  2. It appears a good majority of us have simply continued on with life. We are not special. Find love in your heart my man. We are all free to roam this earth as we choose. Different view points and all
  3. Preaching to the choir on that one my man
  4. Become as self sufficient as possible. Stop participating in the consumption
  5. Didn’t take long for everything to flood again in the backyard. Sun is back out
  6. Hang in there man, looks like a big one coming
  7. Warm and muggy. Sweat through the ball cap in no time. It’s going to pour later. You’re welcome for da pic
  8. Filtered sun here in IKK. Feels like the best start to a stormy day in awhile
  9. 4 days in a row, it’s been brutal. Laughed to myself this morning realizing it’s almost June. May was really a waste. A few beautiful days but mostly remember it as rainy and cool
  10. Another day of clouds. 4 in a row. Tough stuff mentally 14 of the last 16 months have been below average sunshine according to Skilling
  11. Day 3 of heavy cloud cover down this way
  12. Absolutely mobbed out. Looks like my area threw in the towel
  13. The Navy flood map that has made the rounds over the internet the last decade doesn’t seem so wild
  14. Looks like we can avoid most of the sprinkles today judging by the radar