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  1. Came here to see if anyone mentioned how awful the forecasting was for this one
  2. LOT sounds fairly concerned about the severe potential in their overnight AFD - south of the city
  3. You and I are due for something to roll through. Were you able to at least see the light show to the north last night?
  4. Picked up a breeze around 3pm - it’s wonderful. Humidity is gone
  5. Warning just hit my phone 1252 central time
  6. RC, talked to the neighbor and he said he thought it was a funnel, past just north of 4000n rd near Grant Park To me it looked like something was on the ground. Powerline was bent at county line and 8000. Might be worth checking out
  7. Wildest weather I’ve ever seen. Trees and power lines down everywhere near Grant Park IL. The clouds were on the freaking ground! You could see them roaring across the field. Never seen anything like the skies I just saw Power is out. Wild stuff. Clouds were literally on the ground. No rain.
  8. Drinking coffee and radar watching, it really did, sorry man. Looks impressive out in other parts of IA. Wondering if that line is going to get going west of Rockford to Mount Carroll
  9. Heavy heavy downpour and wind here in Momence IL. Nothing on radar Wild weather -edit; small blip showing on radar now. Much much more impressive than what radar shows If that small blip is any indication, it’s going to rain HARD when it does rain
  10. After a beautiful start to the day, back into the 60s and cloudy. As is tradition
  11. Just a novice but it's looking like a lot of rain is coming for north of 80 as well based on the radar
  12. Corn is growing fast. Maybe other members will chime in but there are a few fields that look like they might make it knee high by the 4th.