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  1. Nice man If you found this to be an argument I apologize. It’s sharing Words matter. Reply to me directly
  2. Are you aware of nonlinear warfare? For every link you can provide that say masks help, I can provide one that says they do not. And that goes for pretty much any “news” at this point. We are in deep and that much we can all recognize. You have a source, I have a source, and your neighbor has a source. Why is this? You and I could meet at a bar and I bet you could convince me to wear a mask if the conversation was sincere. I love my fellow man So why does the news, internet, tv, and science (CIG and Nature magazine 1984 Silvertooth sidebar as breadcrumbs), pin me against you when we are sharing the same experience and reacting differently? I consider the possibility that mask wearers and non mask wearers are very much alike and seeking the same resolution....a life free of fear. The source of the fear, IMO, is up for debate and where that conversation in the bar would naturally go. We pick up the tab at the end of the night and agree no matter what to help each other when the time comes.
  3. I don’t need to reassess my life, though I constantly do, that’s growth. But if you’re ever in need I won’t turn you away. Thanks for the thoughts
  4. I’ll address this only once cause I love this forum But I do not share your trust in government and I question the intent of the implementation of television 322 and 846 are numbers that have meaning and I’ll leave it at that.
  5. And none of what you and I say matters. Live with it. Pick your lane and find happiness brother
  6. As always we can only control ourselves, and that’s a beautiful thing. I respect your decisions and approach to this virus. But be nice to your fellow man. Nothing from Jonger has shown me he’s anything other than a normal dude passionate about weather. He’s neither uneducated nor dumb. He has an opinion that differs from yours. That’s what makes it all turn
  7. I get that and it’s a fair point. But I think you touched on the disconnect. To some it is a massive infringement. It takes all sorts to make the world go round and keep things in check And again, I think all this talk is too late. No matter which lane you picked we are about to run out of road. Tough times ahead
  8. Don’t paint with such a broad brush. Some think politics is a farce all together.I care as much about who someone votes for as I do about the type of gum they chew. I personally abstain tho it should matter none. People would think my reasons for not wearing a mask are as crazy as I think their reasons for wearing a mask But that’s the thing, I don’t care why people wear a mask. And they shouldn’t care why I don’t. No judgement from me We need each other for reasons that stretch far beyond the virus and politics Let’s say the virus is very real AND the economy collapsing is very real. There is going to be a point in time soon when we won’t care about any of this, it’ll matter how compassionate and prepared you are. It’s good we disagree, it’s necessary Be good to your neighbors, even the ones breathing that fresh air
  9. 88/67 and we’ve had sun most of the day. Would be cool if we get something poppin down this way tonight
  10. An impossible ask, especially in the age of nonlinear warfare. A source can be found for every stance, and that’s intentional. “Masks work” ... “Masks don’t work” The game being played goes beyond a virus, which should be clear to all, regardless how one handles the virus I’m totally fine with someone wearing a mask, I wouldn’t do it but I understand the choice others have made Just got to pick your lane and live in it.
  11. It’s an interesting dynamic for sure. The need for control is pretty fascinating to me.
  12. That’s life, enjoy it in your own way brother
  13. I know I’m a little south here in IKK but the sun and humidity is unrelenting. Hottest feel to the day this summer for me. [email protected] is clouded in, the sun and humidity is not far from you brother
  14. To a novice like me these pics are really cool and informative. Especially when I sit here wondering “where” it’s at. Thank you