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  1. Storm of the year down by me. Hit just before 4:20. Fun way to start the day.
  2. Lol - Right around the time the rich stop buying coastal property I’m sure
  3. Yep, getting a little more difficult to pop up out of bed lately. Chilly dark mornings at 430. Like you said, makes the bed feel good
  4. Indica. My job is full of confrontation so coming home and melting into the lawn chair while some towers go up out west is my ideal evening.
  5. Half day at work. Stopping at the dispensary and then grabbing a sub sandwich for later. Ready to watch something fun roll in
  6. Ready for a Friday night banger, don’t get timing like this often in the summer
  7. Wild looking morning. Like a red filter over everything. Smoke, fog, storms making for a pretty surreal view
  8. I’m kind of enjoying the dystopian vibe today
  9. Check out NBC, the TV is telling us it’s from storms
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