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  1. Intensity has waned, but flake size is shifting in & out of being puffballs.
  2. Heavy stuff blowing hard around here. Dog is napping so I’m trying to get pics without opening doors.
  3. Radar saying it should be snowing here, but dry air continues to win out currently.
  4. I’m currently at home in Poplar Grove, a little less than 10 miles east of I-39. If/when it starts ripping later, I’ll see what kind of pics I can grab.
  5. It hasn’t been in the same area every time. But GFS has been spinning up something fierce for the 18th in the last few runs (not counting 12z currently). EDIT: Basically neutered on the 12z. I shouldn’t have said anything.
  6. Top: February 16, 2021 Bottom: February 24th, 2021 40 degree days do work.
  7. A few days late & a dollar short, but after leaving my phone in an Uber on Monday evening (got it back today), I couldn’t post a handful more pictures that my family sent me from Monday & Tuesday.
  8. Near O’Hare Airport right now. Quite low visibility.
  9. Inside & warming up. Here’s a couple more pictures after I got into Elmwood Park:
  10. Update: Other people got on the bus. But can you see out the bus’ windshield? Because I can’t!
  11. I’m currently alone on a Harlem bus at 1:20 in the afternoon. Snow is heavy, visibility is terrible. My mask was frozen, as was the front of the hoodie beneath my open coat. The combo of low temps & heavy snow make this the worst conditions I’ve ever personally encountered.
  12. That’s been the most unbelievable thing to me. Normally, we get the big storm & the cold follows. Or we get the stretch of bitter cold temps that moderate to the 20s/30s ahead of a big storm. Having this level of cold & storms simultaneously is a life I’m not used to.
  13. Just realized that the tweet says “by Tuesday AM” and not “storm total.” Holy smokes.