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  1. Whenever I want to be aggravated, I can’t help but think of the meteorologists that have been put in these situations way too often this winter. It’s tough for them to be put in a winning situation. On one hand, headlines can be issued too hastily. On the other, should a 10+ inch snowstorm shown at 48hrs actually pan out & they wait until closer to the event to issue headlines, there will be those people complaining that a proper “heads up” wasn’t given. With all that being said, the model volatility for events beyond 24hrs this season has been nothing like I can remember. Hopefully this season is just an anomaly & not the start of a “new normal” for winter seasons.
  2. I used that since ratios are supposed to be worse than 10:1. The 10:1 maps paint 14.6 for both ORD & downtown Chicago.
  3. I haven’t been paying attention to the other model runs regarding the duration, but this run has it snowing from 12z Tuesday until 00z-03z Thursday.
  4. Hmm, good call Hoosier. EDIT: ORD nets a foot of snow on this NAM run.
  5. Alek’s area hits the over on his 5.5” call and ORD gets at least 6 inches on this run.
  6. The low placement is actually decently west of where it was on 18z, but the precip up until 36hrs just kinda died.
  7. Low placement is identical to 18z at 27hrs, but is weaker.
  8. With the 0z runs about to kick off with the NAM, this seems appropriate for most of us right now.
  9. 18z Euro is at 6pm central, I think? Anywho, another new LOT graphic:
  10. Alek still sitting golden at the moment. May change by 0z, though.
  11. Love that the thread has a new reply every couple minutes! Getting interesting!