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Central PA Winter 2022/2023

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21 minutes ago, MAG5035 said:

That tropical tidbits map that includes sleet with the snowfall makes the 3k NAM look halfway competent with this event. It was showing less than 1.5” south of I-80 in almost all of central PA on model sites that separate that out as recently as 6z this morning. The 12z run still didn’t even pick up on any Sus Valley snowfall, even in Harrisburg. 

IMO, during events such as this, where you're flirting within a few degrees of freezing and have a WAA push, it can be helpful to look at the tropical tidbits snowfall that "includes sleet" because that shows the potential for a slushy mix occurring if things work out on the front end. I was a little surprised that WGAL had removed the "coating to 1 inch" contour from southern Lancaster and SE York counties last night. 

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Thought snow had ended up here in Harrisburg but it has just started again, looks to be the last hurrah.  Buddy and I were being absolutely pelted in the face with blowing snow on the walk back from lunch.  I would guess 2 inches up here but have no way of verifying that.  Looking like the over/under of one inch for back home will be pretty darn close, just hope there's some left by the time I get there ~5pm. 

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either the storm had way less precip with it like I hinted at earlier or maybe it wasnt as strong to pull in more moisture? it was said to last till 3pm with snow then heavy ish rain for tonight?

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Down here in the western Philly burbs of Chester County we briefly went to a mix of sleet and rain but now back to mostly snow. Here in East Nantmeal I have recorded 0.8" of snow today...this represents our "biggest" snow event of the season which brings our monthly total up to 1.3" which is 7.2" below normal for January to date. For the winter season we now stand at 2.1" which is 12.6" below our normal snow of 14.7" for the season to date for Chester County PA.

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10 minutes ago, mahantango#1 said:

About an inch of snow here. On to the next threat of 1in of accumulated snowfall, when ever that will be.

Interesting as that is yet another late nod to the last 12-24 hour Rgem for the LSV at least.  Had lesser amount for you than the south LSV where many got 2-3".   The Kuch was way too low...10-1 was a better indicator despite the questionable temps.     A meso picking up a meso level event across part of south PA. 



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5 minutes ago, Bubbler86 said:

Mother nature shoveled for me.  LOL.  Still a little slush but staying near or above freezing tonight so no issue there. 

Ended up with about an inch and a half but it's basically gone now. January 25th and haven't gotten the snow shovels out of the shed or the snow blower yet this season


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2 minutes ago, Chris78 said:

Ended up with about an inch and a half but it's basically gone now. January 25th and haven't gotten the snow shovels out of the shed or the snow blower yet this season


You and I had a very similar experience.  I am going with 2" here but that is a close estimate.  The rain and mid 30's have washed it away.   Seems like we were on the wrong side of South Mountain for this one. 

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Only 1" near Pine Grove Furnace is the one that sticks out here.  Maybe their report was in too early to get the final count. 


NOUS41 KCTP 252124

Public Information Statement
National Weather Service State College PA
419 PM EST Wed Jan 25 2023


Location                     Amount    Time/Date       Lat/Lon


...Adams County...
1 SW Cashtown                4.7 in    0100 PM 01/25   39.87N/77.36W
1 E Arendtsville             4.1 in    0113 PM 01/25   39.93N/77.28W
1 W Cashtown                 3.5 in    1130 AM 01/25   39.88N/77.35W
1 N Carroll Valley           2.5 in    0301 PM 01/25   39.76N/77.38W

...Bedford County...
3 WSW Schellsburg            2.8 in    0215 PM 01/25   40.04N/78.71W

...Blair County...
Hollidaysburg                4.8 in    1230 PM 01/25   40.43N/78.39W
3 N Ski Gap                  4.2 in    1246 PM 01/25   40.36N/78.52W
Duncansville                 3.5 in    1200 PM 01/25   40.43N/78.43W
1 SSW Tyrone                 3.5 in    0110 PM 01/25   40.66N/78.25W
Altoona                      3.0 in    1148 AM 01/25   40.51N/78.40W

...Cambria County...
Johnstown                    0.3 in    0851 AM 01/25   40.33N/78.91W

...Centre County...
3 NE State College           3.0 in    1205 PM 01/25   40.83N/77.82W
1 E State College            3.0 in    1248 PM 01/25   40.79N/77.84W
Pleasant Gap                 2.8 in    1254 PM 01/25   40.87N/77.74W
1 NW State College           2.8 in    0102 PM 01/25   40.80N/77.87W
1 SSW State College          2.8 in    0115 PM 01/25   40.77N/77.86W
2 ENE State College          2.6 in    1250 PM 01/25   40.80N/77.82W
3 NNE State College          2.6 in    1252 PM 01/25   40.83N/77.85W
1 W Bellefonte               2.5 in    0115 PM 01/25   40.91N/77.78W
3 ENE Port Matilda           2.0 in    1045 AM 01/25   40.81N/78.00W
1 ENE Boalsburg              1.5 in    1115 AM 01/25   40.78N/77.77W

...Columbia County...
2 NNE Benton                 1.6 in    0248 PM 01/25   41.23N/76.36W

...Cumberland County...
Wertzville                   4.3 in    1243 PM 01/25   40.27N/77.03W
Carlisle                     2.7 in    0415 PM 01/25   40.20N/77.20W
4 N Pine Grove Furnace       1.0 in    1103 AM 01/25   40.11N/77.28W

...Dauphin County...
2 NNE Rockville              2.0 in    1234 PM 01/25   40.34N/76.89W
1 S Rockville                1.5 in    1243 PM 01/25   40.30N/76.90W
1 W Colonial Park            1.0 in    1142 AM 01/25   40.30N/76.82W

...Franklin County...
1 S Greencastle              4.3 in    1230 PM 01/25   39.78N/77.73W
4 ESE Mercersburg            4.1 in    0206 PM 01/25   39.81N/77.82W
2 NE Marion                  2.8 in    1200 PM 01/25   39.88N/77.64W
1 WSW Greencastle            2.3 in    1050 AM 01/25   39.79N/77.74W

...Lancaster County...
1 E Elizabethtown            2.3 in    0220 PM 01/25   40.15N/76.59W
Elizabethtown                2.0 in    1139 AM 01/25   40.16N/76.60W
2 SW Manheim                 1.9 in    1259 PM 01/25   40.14N/76.42W
Millersville                 0.9 in    0135 PM 01/25   40.00N/76.35W
2 N New Holland              0.9 in    0204 PM 01/25   40.13N/76.09W

...Lebanon County...
Lebanon                      2.0 in    1205 PM 01/25   40.34N/76.42W
1 WSW Lebanon                2.0 in    1242 PM 01/25   40.33N/76.45W
Mount Gretna                 2.0 in    1249 PM 01/25   40.25N/76.47W
2 ENE Palmyra                1.9 in    0311 PM 01/25   40.32N/76.56W

...Northumberland County...
1 NNE Montandon              1.5 in    0110 PM 01/25   40.98N/76.85W

...Perry County...
New Bloomfield               4.0 in    0151 PM 01/25   40.42N/77.19W
New Bloomfield               2.6 in    1219 PM 01/25   40.42N/77.19W
New Bloomfield               1.2 in    1110 AM 01/25   40.42N/77.19W

...Schuylkill County...
1 N Auburn                   3.2 in    0250 PM 01/25   40.61N/76.10W
Auburn                       3.0 in    0314 PM 01/25   40.60N/76.10W
3 NE Tremont                 3.0 in    0414 PM 01/25   40.65N/76.35W
2 W Hometown                 2.2 in    0406 PM 01/25   40.82N/76.03W
3 E Summit Station           2.0 in    0226 PM 01/25   40.58N/76.16W

...Somerset County...
Hooversville                 2.5 in    1058 AM 01/25   40.15N/78.91W
2 ENE Somerset               1.4 in    0934 AM 01/25   40.01N/79.03W
1 NE Salisbury               1.3 in    0941 AM 01/25   39.76N/79.07W
1 ENE Somerset               1.0 in    0909 AM 01/25   40.01N/79.05W
2 NE Somerset                0.5 in    0825 AM 01/25   40.02N/79.05W

...York County...
2 ESE Siddonsburg            3.5 in    0237 PM 01/25   40.13N/76.92W
Valley Green                 3.2 in    0246 PM 01/25   40.16N/76.79W
Valley Green                 2.7 in    1219 PM 01/25   40.16N/76.79W
3 SE Siddonsburg             2.0 in    1130 AM 01/25   40.12N/76.92W
Loganville                   1.0 in    0118 PM 01/25   39.86N/76.71W
1 SE New Salem               1.0 in    0245 PM 01/25   39.89N/76.78W
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