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  1. Someone needs to buy a big plot of land near Bradford and invite 3/4 our user base to homestead on it. Seems like that would cause a lot of weather happiness but divorce sadness . Pro
  2. Those lightning strikes had to all be close to you . Pro
  3. I’m laughing because almost to the minute this was published these storms blew up hard from nothing. I’m outside right n camp hill enjoying the light show, some drizzle and distant thunder. . Pro
  4. It was the gentle, soothing, soil absorbing variety. I know you got hosed a bunch this year, which was why I was told you about late night. . Pro
  5. There might be some storms that form over us from about 11-2 . Pro
  6. Pouring in camp hill. Don’t give up yet . Pro
  7. I’ll predict you get more rain between 10-2 . Pro
  8. This has to be the radar you’ve dreamt about for months. You need to be sitting on a porch drinking a nice cocktail . Pro
  9. Amazing how fast grass can come back . Pro
  10. Also as far as average time between events I believe this area is over due for an Isabelle type tropical system that brings with it a scary night of winds. September and October will be interesting . Pro
  11. Tonight might be that over proformer that tops off the best 7 day precipitation total for you all summer to date . Pro
  12. It has been misting and light rain all day for 0.12”. I received more rain last night in 15 minutes . Pro
  13. Never walk by a sushi place on trash day when it is stagnant swamp air outside . Pro
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