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  1. October 1892 - 0.15” 1930 - 0.11” 1963 - 0.04” 1924 - 0.02” . Pro
  2. Looking back historically there have been several times where September/October combined rain totals were less than 1.00”. We just went through probably the wettest 2 year period in recorded observations at KMDT. We have had I believe on 1 year in the last 15 where we were >1” below normal for the year. So we are either going to have to get some dry years soon or turn into a rain forest. . Pro
  3. This mid to upper 80’s, no rain from now till October is disgusting . Pro
  4. Out near Hamburg on 78 and storms are blowing out up every where. Looks like someone’s town is about to get whacked. . Pro
  5. Well...,this storm certainly made up for the lack of rain last night in Downtown Harrisburg . Pro
  6. Talk about weak steering currents today. Storms just popping up, meandering every which way, then dying. . Pro
  7. The storms pop right overhead. We get 0.02” of rain. 10 miles to the southeast they see 2”+ . Pro
  8. Tomorrow high of 91 and low of 72 is giving flashbacks to the July of humidity . Pro
  9. Speaking personally I had the distinct pleasure of working outside for 12 hours and Saturday all while cooking over charcoal for a good portion. My friend owns a pig roast catering business and someone had the bright idea to have an outdoor wedding in July. It was four of us. The one person who worked with us used to be in the Marine recon I believe it and the other person has been doing this for 30 years and both of them said it was single-handedly one of the worst conditions they’ve ever worked. I managed to go through six shirts drink 8 pounds of liquid and still end up 5 pounds later afterwords. . Pro
  10. I’m trying to figure out where I saw it but there was a study done recently that clearly demonstrated that a big difference in the last 20 to 30 years has been the increasing to do points which have helped bring nighttime lows higher as well . Pro
  11. KMDT is at 3.08” for the month. Looking at extended forecast only 1 decent chance of rain left for the month. Good chance they break the streak of consecutive months of above normal precipitation at 9. Average high for the MTD has been 90.5 and low had been 71.8 for an average of 81.2. Normal values are 85.6, 66.3, 76.0. There have only been 5 July’s with mean high temperatures at 90 and above with 2011 being the most recent. And all that talk of 1999 being unbearable was warranted as they hold the top spot at 93.5. . Pro
  12. Storms and lighting on all sides of me. All moving away. Haha . Pro