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  1. We also haven’t had a true burner of a summer in awhile. All the those hottest month records we’ve had have been on the back of super high min temperatures. You look at some of the years with lots of 90’s, 100+ as highs and they were dry but with huge spreads between high and low temperatures .
  2. This area used to get some heinous draughts if you go back into the climate record. Officially at least I can honk we’ve only had a couple years in the last 30 that were bad. We’ve been getting wetter and wetter overall it seems .
  3. I feel like something else might be going on here has I don’t feel the drought was that severe. Especially after having something like 10 out of the previous 11 years being above normal before the drought. .
  4. I only enjoy these in June. Once a year a enjoy 4 or 5 days of temps staying about 60-65 day and night with drizzle and fog .
  5. Regarding stats, PA is going on 23 years since it’s last significant tornado outbreak. Probably a bit overdue. .
  6. If you have not seen this video of the Newman tornado at night, please do. The most insane aspect of it is the amount of lightning. It blew my mind. .
  7. Anything below 1” and I assume KMDT will list T .
  8. If life is harder, it’s harder in the way choosing a which amazing meal is to eat at a 5 star buffet. I say this speaking to society on average regarding material items. I do see life being harder in specific areas, especially when you get out on the margins, but like everything in life there are trade offs to benefits. Take example having no flu this year. One issue they are going to have a problem with is targeting the varient that will dominated next year so vaccines next year have a greater chance of missing the mark. Take into effect the lesser immunity our population may have and there is a defiantly a small probability increase for a really bad flu season next year. Life if all about trade offs. .
  9. Let’s do gamification of each option through phone apps while listing the contest in a prediction market where we can all wager the stimulus money on the results and allow the greatest minds of Vegas/finance to properly price options so different hedging strategies can include it as a non correlated assets and soon banks will find ways to securitize it, sell it and eventually all pension plans will own it, followed by companies, which all the indexes will have to buy stock in, which means almost all retirement money will be invested in. If we do anything great it’s make whole economies out of fiction that keeps the world moving .
  10. It appears We wouldn’t have an economy if it wasn’t for mindless consumption. On the bright side, watching their older children use a mall video game retailer to topple a few hedge funds and create endless reams of print of such professionals jockeying for least self aware person of the year has at least been a brief hiatus in the year of our “@wokeness” where humor and satire were allowed to crawl out from hiding for a brief, but sorely needed moment. .
  11. There are people out there who wait to burn stuff until we have conditions like we had yesterday just because they get annoyed when fires are a pain to get going and don’t do job fast enough .
  12. We should only be so lucky if they stick to caring to just plants instead of having 4.1 kids. .
  13. To reach these people they need to have a random day 5 to 7 days in the future show “flurries” and a parka coat on each extended forecast through the 2nd week of April at least .