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  1. I’d kill for this blocking and system come January . Pro
  2. I kept reading over and over again last night posters warning that they knew people down I’m coral and ft Myers and how it was staggering how many planned to stay. No body was saying they knew people down there and they planned on evacuation. Usually you also at least get a small mix saying that which is comforting because then you know a lot more were evacuating just silent. Throw in a large elderly population % and a storm trying to imitate Michael and you have this. . Pro
  3. Cuba’s entire power grid failed. Entire island is dark tonight. . Pro
  4. Canderson, from Monday till today you may not have a rain deficit anymore . Pro
  5. It’s spreading south east now, and I mean spreading, because it just seems like the back edge just keeps back building. . Pro
  6. Where did all this heavy heavy rain come from? It’s barely moving on radar. . Pro
  7. That 5.89” reading in western pa about 10 miles from a 1.8” reading and all alone must be a fun story . Pro
  8. Holy heavy rain I just got woken up to. Must be closing in on 2”. Street in camp hill is now 6” of fast moving water. . Pro
  9. The irony of what was posted below makes me laugh. It’s all in the mins . Pro
  10. It’s great having a savanna and tropical rainforest within 10 miles of one another . Pro
  11. God help us if we get tropical this year. I know where I’m going to bet seeing 5”+ . Pro
  12. I got .77” in camp hill. Canderson is less than 4 miles from me but has about 65% of rain I have had on yearly. Eventually I feel this will correct in a big way. But at this point when it does he’s going to be directed boats from his roof. . Pro
  13. This screams rain. And lots of it . Pro
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