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  1. The ideal solution which is not expensive is to place 4 or 5 automated stations within a 10 mile radius of airport observations, and include their observations in a probabilistic model to come up with a 95% probability interval of actual temperatures within that radius which can expand outward based upon confidence in reporting stations for a larger square mile radius. But hell if I know how to communicate that with a public that doesn’t know mean or median. I can’t imagine an instant where any branch of government actually had the forward looking perspective and discipline to plan putting all weather stations in UHI due to my time working in what is arguably the most important government function, revenue. Incompetence is the rule that seems to be golden. .
  2. I suspect things explode as line comes off mountain .
  3. I have looked into how they determine model errors vs actual forecasts vs observed and god help you if you don’t have a strong background in statistics. I sorta understand it, and maybe could explain it when I have time to review my notes, but it is not intuitive. I suspect it’s more correct doing it how they do it, but I was hoping to find more localized analysis and that seems not possible unless you posses a login for noaa to access certain information .
  4. Do you know anywhere that has a dataset of Max dew point for each day? I know I can pull hourly observations but I have no clue how far back that goes and even so I don’t know enough coding to use Python to do it in any kind of efficient manner. 262,000 lines of observation isn’t handled well in excel or google sheets. You need store such data in a .txt file realistically and call it within python or Matlab or upload it to a different google service and use API to call it to run the statistics using python or some less well known languages. .
  5. Maybe on its on but you had ida interacting with a strong frontal boundary with a high thermal gradient that created conditions where she was deepening just as she hit the mid Atlantic .
  6. My friend up near shermansdale has 3.6” since yesterday evening including 1.04” in 14 min .
  7. Man it just let loose for 5 min here with rain. Those little cells mean business .
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