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  1. I have a feel we bake in August, like legit bake. I’m going with 95+ for 13 days .
  2. We are so going to pay for this with endless 80’s in October .
  3. Is that calling for highs not to reach the 60’s in late June? .
  4. Not a 90 in the forecast through June 29th .
  5. I catered a wedding at the base of a mountain, surrounded by corn fields, it was 104 with a HI of 122, and not a lick of wind. Out of 5, I literal had to carry 2 into Er with heat stoke, other 2 had heat exhaustion pretty bad. My trick, I went to patient first saying I was dehydrated and got 3 bags of saline right before the event. They all thought I was joking when I said I was going to do that because I know how easy I sweat. During the event I had 50 flexible ice packs in a color and basically rigged a vest out of straps and changed up the ice packs every 15-20 mins. I remember dumping an ice bath on my head and within minutes all the wet was warm/hot. I clicked 27,450 steps that day. Drank over 200oz in addition to 3 saline IV bags and weight in at nights end 6 lbs less than morning. I had horrible cramps that night. I was paid very very well for that event as in thousands of dollars for 10 hours work but in hindsight The Who thing was just pure stupidity .
  6. 1889-2020 131 years It Hit 100 31 years (4.22 years avg) 57 times 1988-4 1991-5 1999-6 6 times since 2000 in 5 years .
  7. A lot is dependent on Precipitation. That summer of record never ending rainfall was so insane because we managed to fall below normal fir highs but the lows were so ridiculously high due to the moisture we finished like top 5 warmest ever and you could just see people’s brains break when they heard that. Not to get off topic but that seems like one of the biggest challenges in dealing with public. People see warmest ever and all they think is how hot it got each day. Even though monthly records were always kept this way it might be easier to create a new category than change ingrained perception and bias which almost seems to backfire more as of likely. End of rant. I would love to see evidence of a below average rain summer and high minimum temps. .
  8. Once the DP climbs above 68 or so, which is much more common now than ever (we shattered every record heat month in the back of our minimum temps) I hate life. There isn’t a damn difference between here and central Florida for probably 1/2 the summer .
  9. Breaks in clouds. Forecast high is 85 .
  10. It’s 82 out already with a DP of 74 .
  11. Maybe if the storms all pop up over everyone and decide not to move for a few hours .