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  1. Canderson, from Monday till today you may not have a rain deficit anymore . Pro
  2. It’s spreading south east now, and I mean spreading, because it just seems like the back edge just keeps back building. . Pro
  3. Where did all this heavy heavy rain come from? It’s barely moving on radar. . Pro
  4. That 5.89” reading in western pa about 10 miles from a 1.8” reading and all alone must be a fun story . Pro
  5. Holy heavy rain I just got woken up to. Must be closing in on 2”. Street in camp hill is now 6” of fast moving water. . Pro
  6. The irony of what was posted below makes me laugh. It’s all in the mins . Pro
  7. It’s great having a savanna and tropical rainforest within 10 miles of one another . Pro
  8. God help us if we get tropical this year. I know where I’m going to bet seeing 5”+ . Pro
  9. I got .77” in camp hill. Canderson is less than 4 miles from me but has about 65% of rain I have had on yearly. Eventually I feel this will correct in a big way. But at this point when it does he’s going to be directed boats from his roof. . Pro
  10. This screams rain. And lots of it . Pro
  11. My impression is That most major drought years are the result of major regional droughts compared to being the result of statistical anomaly. It seems this year kmdt drought is just that with areas all around getting demolished one time or another. Like with baseball, things tend to even out in most circumstances . Pro
  12. Way better radar than we have seen in awhile. Somehow I don’t think kmdt finishes this month in top 10 driest . Pro
  13. I’m going to bed mdt seed 1”+ tomorrow and your station is . Pro
  14. Someone needs to buy a big plot of land near Bradford and invite 3/4 our user base to homestead on it. Seems like that would cause a lot of weather happiness but divorce sadness . Pro
  15. Those lightning strikes had to all be close to you . Pro
  16. I’m laughing because almost to the minute this was published these storms blew up hard from nothing. I’m outside right n camp hill enjoying the light show, some drizzle and distant thunder. . Pro
  17. It was the gentle, soothing, soil absorbing variety. I know you got hosed a bunch this year, which was why I was told you about late night. . Pro
  18. There might be some storms that form over us from about 11-2 . Pro
  19. Pouring in camp hill. Don’t give up yet . Pro
  20. I’ll predict you get more rain between 10-2 . Pro
  21. This has to be the radar you’ve dreamt about for months. You need to be sitting on a porch drinking a nice cocktail . Pro
  22. Amazing how fast grass can come back . Pro
  23. Also as far as average time between events I believe this area is over due for an Isabelle type tropical system that brings with it a scary night of winds. September and October will be interesting . Pro
  24. Tonight might be that over proformer that tops off the best 7 day precipitation total for you all summer to date . Pro
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