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  1. Yea the field in front of me and as far a can see south to up to Klinesville Rd still snow. The southern exposure always melts my yard faster in full sun.
  2. The hill behind me and most of my yard that has southern exposure is bare. Was 53 now 51.
  3. It may have been more. I measured when I realized it was sleeting so it may have compacted some.
  4. Had 4.3" before the brief change over to Sleet. Really compacting now.
  5. Ever since I have been here some go nuts 4 days out or more. It is more like the day before models get it down. Thought by now that would have got better but that is weather.
  6. Just curious but if you are loaded and then canceled say power out at destination on last load do you have to dump the water. I assume you would if below freezing or a certain temp.
  7. Had a high of 36 for a while now, down to 33. Hope the ZR is limited until the warm up. At least the temps today warmed some objects up a little and it is foggy here also.
  8. Your really close to me. I am at the top of Chickies hill back a lane off Klinesville Rd.
  9. That is odd I have not seen a peak of sun yet.
  10. Very light wind and I have a open field in front of my house. Even if it was it is 32 degrees so snow on the ground is heavy now.
  11. I measure around 10" so she is pretty good. LOL
  12. Yea ABC27 finally updated totals at noon. They were stuck on 4-8. WGAL 8 has been saying 8-12 for days.
  13. I never had much faith in the Harrisburg stations forecast.
  14. The sleet compressed it to around 4 overnight but picked around 2 in last hour or so thump.
  15. WGAL 8 still has 8-12, WHTM 27 still with 4-8. WHTM is usually on the low side.
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