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April Pattern/obs thread.


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Well ... it's a specter that's been looming in the models for over week and here we are.   Good call by the models I guess.   Warm to NYS rolls underneath us and never gets in here.  

I didn't see a BD front really go by.  Like I said all along, we materialized this air mass around us as a warm front approached, which will ultimately fail.   I guess 6-a dozen but whatever. 

Leave NE  late March, ..come back some time in May.  It's the only solution - if you one has the wherewithal.   Everyone else, lies about how 'pleasant' it can still be while we wish bad shit befalls on them for attempting to take us down their bargaining psychosis rabbit hole. 


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4 hours ago, CoastalWx said:

I nice sunny 52F day. :lol: 


4 hours ago, Damage In Tolland said:

All the complaining and whining . So it’s 55-60 and sunny. 

I loved in this series of posts one after another it was shown to be low 50s by Will and Scooter and somehow those obs got ingested by the KFS and came out 55-60F :lol:.

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