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September Discussion Thread: Bring the frost; kill the bugs.


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7 hours ago, tamarack said:

Hope this year isn't like 1983 in Fort Kent - got nearly 2 weeks into Sept without going below 40 then pow! 25° on 9/14.  (Forecast had been u30s.)  Could've played bocce with the green tomatoes.  (Then had measurable snow in 8 different months, my 61" snow stake was overtopped and had 5,715 SDDs, more than 1,300 above 2nd place.)

And we don’t want that because…??? :weenie:

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you’re likely putting up +10 total diurnals with that ridge next week. Even if the skies gunk the DPs are keeping a minimum (pun) of two nights excessively warm relative to climo.  It could be +15 in that aspect. The abv average days actually end up correcting the tot diurnals down. And if it’s sunnier even with it less rad the wick still sends it you can add the 10s

Nocturnal temps have really controlled the SDs and that’s still going on. I guess that can be the case any time of the year but it seems it would be less likely if the transition season were really underway. 

Again I don’t think we can say the summers over until the 582 stops rebounding back north of our latitude- imo 

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